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Chapter 38

“What made you think of organizing a class reunion?” quizzed Qin Feng .

 “Everyone will be dispersing to different places soon . It’s a good time for us to gather and have some fun . And I also heard someone in our class had her special ability awakened . It’s Zhao Yuanyuan!”

 1Qin Feng frowned . Of course, he knew that Zhao Yuanyuan was now an ability user . Due to her lack of talent, she became a plant-type ability user . That meant no one would field her in the battlefield . At most, she could only become a manager at a plantation .

 3“Will Zhao Yuanyuan be paying for our meal?”

 “I don’t think so . Are you worried about going Dutch? The meal is not going to cost much, anyway . I can cover your share!”

 Qin Feng felt that somehow, something didn’t seem right .

 “There’s no need for that . Just give me the time and location . I will be there tomorrow!”

 “The reunion party will be held at Zhengyuan Hotel, right beside our school! Room 109! Time is at 8pm . Don’t be late!”

 After that, Chen Ming hung up the call casually . After giving it some thought, Qin Feng turned on his communicator . As his class had created a chat group, he discovered that some of them had received their awakening potions, and they were about to serve in other places . Once they became an ability user or an Ancient Warrior, they could either hunt ultra beasts in the wilderness or join the mercenary team .

 As for those who did not awaken as an ability user, they would have to stay put at the colony and fear for their lives every single day .

 Opening the chat group, Qin Feng keyed in Chen Ming’s name and found that he had become extra active a week ago . He was continually asking about who had their ability awakened . He even went the extra mile by joining other groups to ask the question .

 1“Could it be that the experimental group is on the move again?”

 Even since Qin Feng was reborn, he did not let the group capture him again . He was wondering if they had caught some other ability users . No matter what, Qin Feng would not let them get what they wanted .

 After a quick packing, Qin Feng got into his car and returned to the city with Xiaobai . Soon after that, he received Zhou Hao’s call .

 “Qin Feng, have you heard about the reunion party?”

 “Yes . I know about it!”

 “Hmph! Chen Ming is doing pretty well . He now has an Ancient Warrior’s disposition has joined a mercenary team . I heard that he has earned a handsome amount of money . I think his inner force is at least at E-tier now . ”

 11Clearly, Zhou Hao didn’t sound too happy . The three of them used to be close friends, where Qin Feng shared a good relationship with two of them . However, Zhou Hao had never liked Chen Ming, who in turn, could do nothing about it . Truth to be told, Chen Ming behaved like a hypocrite .

 After the space rift incident, Zhou Hao knew that Chen Ming was no longer on good terms with Qin Feng . The two of them did not argue about it because they were too busy after they were awakened .

 “Let’s not talk about him . You should be awakened as well, right?”

 With the G-tier enhancing potions and Talent Fruit that Qin Feng gave him, Zhou Hao should have been awakened by now .

 “Hmph, I’m just not happy that he is acting so arrogantly . He must be thinking that he’s the most powerful one among us! I could have hunted in the wilderness if I hadn’t enrolled in the advanced academy!” said Zhou Hao, obviously agitated .

 “Let’s not think about him . I will go and pick you up tomorrow, and we will go to the hotel together!”

 “Whoa! Qin Feng, you’re going to drive your hovercar to pick me up? What do you say about letting me have a go in it?”

 1“Do as you wish!”

 After chatting for a while, they eventually hung up the call . 25 days had passed since the beginning of the month, but it seemed like Zhou Hao had not awakened yet . If that was indeed the case, Qin Feng would have to make Zhou Hao enroll in the martial art academy . Though the martial arts academy was actually a school, the students were actually given the freedom to arrange their own classes . They could even take the test early if they wanted to . After all, everyone progressed at different rates .

 There was a caveat to all of that . There was no such thing as retaking the exam in the academy . Once Qin Feng passed the first semester’s test, could he start to think of how he was going to fully utilize his time .

 … . .

 It was the next morning . Qin Feng woke up, seeing Xiaobai still soundly asleep on the pillow . He now wondered if he should get his own personal home . Although it was true that a motel was a convenient place to stay, it was simply too small . It was getting harder for Xiaobai to move around freely . Besides, each motel he checked in to had their own set of characteristics . Suddenly, he felt like a gypsy… or perhaps a nomad .

 After spending the entire morning training, he looked at his watch, realizing it was time for him to pick up Zhou Hao .

 “Xiaobai, let’s go!”‘

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 Qin Feng then opened up his backpack, and the very excited Xiaobai jumped into it . When he was done checking out from the motel, he drove over to Wanzong Equipment Shop . Little Sun was waiting for him outside . The moment he saw Qin Feng, he quickly approached the hovercar .

 “Mr . Qin, you are finally here . Your order is ready! Please follow me!”

 “Hold on . There’s no need to rush . Before that, I’d like to sell something!”

 Immediately, Qin Feng took out the energy cores that he collected .

 A single energy core was the size of a fingernail . With 300 of them in one bunch, they looked like an impressive collection of rare marbles . Little Sun’s jaw dropped at the sight of the precious relics . For the second time, he had struck another big deal!

 “Hold on, please . Let me help you count them!”

 There was no way that he could do it alone . There was another middle-aged woman in the shop, but Little Sun avoided bothering her as she was the store manager . Thankfully for him, another employee was available the moment he was done serving another customer .

 “Come here and help me! I will give you 10% of whatever I earn!”


 No one said no to money . Immediately, Little Sun and his colleague produced some tools to assist in counting the energy cores .

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 “Psst! This is nothing!”

 The store manager saw that the two of them were sweating as they counted the energy cores . She seemed to be completely calm and unbothered, but in actual fact, her heart started to grow green with jealousy . To make matters worse, Little Sun didn’t even blink twice at her . Half an hour later, they were done counting the energy cores .

 1“Mr . Qin, the total we can give you for 300 energy cores is 4 . 13 million yuan! Please confirm it!”

 Qin Feng took a quick look at it and signed his signature approving the count . The shop could either sell the cores or even turn them into something else after buying them from Qin Feng . No matter what, this was still a great yield to them, credits to Little Sun, of course, who made the deal possible .

 “You can deduct the remaining cost of my equipment from here!” Qin Feng proposed .

 “Okay . I will give you 1 . 43 million yuan then! Please examine the equipment and inform me if there’s anything you’re not happy about!”

 The two of them then entered a private room where Little Sun took out a box that contained Qin Feng’s equipment . Qin Feng took a good look at it, discovering a shirt made of runes, a wrist guard, and one saber .

 Both the shirt and wrist guard were in a cool jet black . This was not the original color of the giant rat’s skin . It had been dyed black during the crafting process . However, there was an irremovable silver glaze on top of it .