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Master of the End Times - Chapter 380

Published at 26th of October 2020 02:55:12 AM

Chapter 380

Chapter 380: Pyric Drake

He just had a beautiful woman try to poison him just now, he was not taking any chances with another one .

Qin Feng could not be bothered with it .

What was more, Qin Feng had a mild heart down to the core . Lust was not one of his driving forces .

The bars in Dawn Town were quite lively, just like the hot springs in Shadong Town!

The frontline was a place where death could be around the corner at any moment, people learned that it was important to have fun when life could leave at anytime .

Qin Feng found himself being approached by an attractive woman in a bikini who led him to his table, strutting along the way .

“Alright buddy, since I can’t beat you with my fists, how about we have ourselves a good ol’ drinking competition? This is Dawn Town’s speciality beer, made from a benign mutant barley!”

Of course, the beer being presented was not something that ordinary people would be able to handle .

When it came to drinking competitions, Qin Feng’s internal force allowed him to have a stronger resolve, one better than many others!

“That’s not necessary!” Qin Feng gave a small smile .

“Still trying to egg me, boy?” Kaelin seemed like someone who was a sore loser .

Qin Feng said, “How about this? Let’s make a bet . Whoever loses has to do what the winner tells him to do!”

“Sure! If you lose, you have to strip naked and do a sprint around town!”

“Hmph, I came here for business . So, if you lose, General, then you’ll have to sell all of the teardrop flowers in Dawn Town to me!”

Kaelin heard the word sell and did not think too much about it, after all, he would still profit!

Since there was not any pressure, Kaelin burst out laughing .

“Okay! There’s an idea!”

Kaelin was still thinking that this customer was someone with buying power . If he could get them drunk enough, then Qin Feng could pay for the drinks!



The huge mugs were lifted into the air before they were downed . Qin Feng maintained his composure, taking down large gulps as he drained the entire mug .

Soon, his stomach felt like it was on fire and the effects of the alcohol rushed up to his head .

Qin Feng chuckled, using his internal force to shake the drunkenness away before it began .

This beer was not cheap, and it was made with real materials . The energy from the materials were naturally absorbed, which meant that the alcoholic effect was dispelled!


“Another one!”

Another round of beer, neither of them seemed to have changed in composure but Kaelin’s face was starting to turn red .

This did not have low levels of alcohol content!

After downing seven mugs in one go, Kaelin was not looking very good .

The mugs they were holding were about the size of pitchers . The amount of alcohol they held was downed like they were just water, straight into the holder’s stomachs!

What shocked Kaelin and the others who decided to watch this scene was that Qin Feng did not even seem drunk at all! His face was not even red!

“Another round” Qin Feng suggested .

Kaelin really wanted to call for another but he put his hand onto his stomach and cried out, “Bathroom! Let me deal with this first!”


The entire bar burst out into boisterous laughter .

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There was no distinction between superiority and those below them here . Even if someone was D-tier, if it was funny, people were going to openly laugh .

More than that, a group of attractive women began to approach Qin Feng, finding interest in the foreigner .

“Wanna have a good time, sir?”

Qin Feng pulled out a small black bag and said, “You can start by leaving me alone and making sure nobody else bothers me . ”

The woman arched a brow and looked into the bag . Under the light, one cubic meter of power credits was revealed, causing the peering eyes to widen .

“No problem, leave it to me!”

The woman went around the bar, handing cash over to some intimidating looking fellows to sit closer to Qin Feng’s table, surrounding him and preventing other people from approaching .

After a while, Kaelin stumbled back and tried to continue drinking with Qin Feng, but he was turned down!

“You’ve lost, General . Don’t forget our agreement!”

“Don’t worry! I’ll take you there tomorrow!”

Qin Feng nodded with satisfaction . “Alright, I’m leaving!”

He then took out the communicator of the person he killed earlier and copied down Kaelin’s number . It would be easier to find the general that way .

When he left the bar, it was already late . He eventually found a decent hotel to stay in!

He did not have much to do, so he meditated .

He sat cross-legged on his bed, closing his eyes as he rested .

Floating in front of him was an upside down jade pyramid, being held up by his consciousness .

Nowadays, Qin Feng’s consciousness improvement depended entirely on the Godwill Atlas, he spent most of his time cultivating using it .

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As his consciousness moved through the Atlas, branching out and retracting, it allowed him to train precise control of his consciousness .

“Huff . ”

When he opened his eyes, he decided to put the Godwill Atlas away .

His consciousness was increasing very quickly . He had even killed many D-tier beast kings this time, now all he needed was the crystal core of a beast king with ability . That would greatly increase his consciousness’ capabilities .

And the Godwill Atlas would allow him to fine tune his control over said consciousness .

It was at this time, Qin Feng’s consciousness picked up the presence of a creature .

Then, a siren sounded throughout Dawn Town .

“Beep! D-Tier Beast King sighted . All civilians seek shelter . Repeat, all civilians seek shelter!”

People were roused from their sleep as they made a dash for a safe place to hide in .

Qin Feng was on the sixth floor . When he looked out the window, he could see a fiery red shape appear in the horizon .

Even if Qin Feng did not have the ability to see in the dark, he could still clearly see such a creature .

It was a Pyric Drake .

It looked like those Western dragons, the ones looking like large lizards with a pair of wings .

Everyone held their breaths, hoping that this drake was only just passing by .

Things did not go as they had hoped . This drake noticed the towering trees in Dawn Town and decided that it would be a good place to perch and take a break in .

However, the energy shield around the town blocked this drake from entering .

Since it was this close, everyone could see how terrifying this monster was . It was fifty meters long and twenty meters tall . When standing up, the thing could have been six storeys tall . It blocked out the sky as it soared over Dawn Town!

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It let out an earth-shattering roar, causing the energy shield to vibrate and still-exposed civilians to cover their ears as blood began to seep from their damaged ears .


What was even more horrifying was what followed .

It decided that the energy shield was a good enough perch .

With how heavy the dragon was, the energy shield would be crushed by it!

“The Behemoth Beam Cannons are ready!”




It took awhile for the beam cannons to align themselves, but they were all eventually fired .

The beams were locked onto the drake, firing with extreme accuracy .

“Vyoooom . ”

Several rays of light struck the drake and exploded .


The Pyric Drake was obviously in pain from such an attack, but when the fire dissipated, it only looked like the dragon had been lightly smeared with soot . There was no significant physical damage .