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Master of the End Times - Chapter 382

Published at 26th of October 2020 02:55:09 AM

Chapter 382

Chapter 382: Facilitating Purchases

The Pyric Drake snapped down its jaws, trying to swallow Qin Feng in one bite .

Qin Feng was too fast, soaring away again with the combination of the Fiery Peacock Wings and another fire attack to blast himself horizontally through the air in order to avoid the drake’s attack .

The Drake beat its wings and went after him in hot pursuit .

Qin Feng was taking the lead, focused entirely on getting away .

The Pyric Drake and Qin Feng gradually left Dawn Town!

Within Dawn Town, Kaelin, who had not had the chance to take action, stared ahead with wide eyes . He did not know what to say!

“Oh sh*t, God came down and saved our asses!” One person exclaimed .

They did not expect Qin Feng to be the one to lead the Pyric Drake away all by himself!

“What God? That’s Qin Feng, a strong person from the East . Hurry up and follow him so we know what happens next!” Kaelin commanded loudly .

All the D-tier aptitude users were dispatched . There were more than fifty of them .

Like in Shadong Town, Dawn Town had many aptitude users . However, it was hard to gather them when the drake attacked so suddenly!

Qin Feng had just bought them a lot of precious time!

Meanwhile, he was racing through the night with the Pyric Drake right behind him .

He evaded the planting area and soon reached the vast wilderness .

It was time!

He abruptly stopped . Then, he unleashed his Emperor level aura .

A quick and decisive battle!


Qin Feng’s body flickered and reappeared on the Drake’s neck just as it crashed down on where he was .

He ferociously began to stab at its neck with the Verdant Emperor Saber .

The weapon had been empowered by D-tier beast Emperor material and was made out of star steel alloy . Its sharpness was like no other!

It could easily rake through the drake’s scales .

The problem was that the Pyric Drake was a master at using fire runes, the Burning Sword Glare attack was useless against it .

However, Qin Feng had something else!

“Dark Erosion!”

A terribly thick dark liquid suddenly flowed out of Qin Feng’s hand .

This was a condensed form of Decaying Rain . A move that he had thought of in case of a one-on-one battle after his last fight with Yan Shuo .

In an instant, a powerful corrosive liquid flowed into the wounds of the Pyric Drake .


Like an extremely corrosive sulfuric acid, it could easily melt the skin and flesh of the human body . That was this liquid’s power .


The drake let out a screech of pain .

Ultra high temperature flames began to erupt from its neck . It was trying to use its fire runes to overpower and burn away the dark runes .

“Ability, Consume!”

Qin Feng’s absorption ability was activated and the flames surrounding him were swept away, quickly churning into a whirlwind that was sucked in through Qin Feng’s brow .

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Now, even the fire runes would not do anything!

As a king level beast, the Pyric Drake had intelligence . Now, it knew what fear was .

It frantically beat its wings, shaking its neck to try and knock Qin Feng off but he was stuck fast, his feet remaining as firmly planted on the drake’s neck like they had been planted into the flesh .

By then, the Dark Erosion attack had already shown its results . The flesh and scale had been melted away to reveal thick white bone underneath, these were the drake’s neckbones!

He swung hard with the Verdant Emperor Saber .

“Overcast Dragon!”

“Asteroid Assimilation!”

The power of the secret technique increased sharply and the strength of his internal force doubled .

For a brief moment, Qin Feng had the unmatchable strength that could literally blow off hilltops .

The Verdant Emperor Saber was already swinging downward .


With one swing, the bone was neatly sliced by the blade .

The fierce orbs of light the Pyric Drake had as eyes, which looked like searchlights, were instantly put out .

Its massive head tilted down, twisting unnaturally at a 90 degree angle .

Then it began to fall . Crashing down into the ground!

The Pyric Drake had been slain!

Qin Feng slid off the drake’s body and examined it for a moment .

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“Looks like I don’t need to buy anymore Dragon Blood for the Battlegod Tomb for a while!”

As he thought of this, his consciousness was mobilized .


The dark runes on the Pyric Drake’s neck were taken back, no longer eating away at its body .

He sliced off the rotten parts before sending the whole drake into the Battlegod Tomb .

Its body was almost as tall as a five-storey building and as wide as one too . Fortunately, the first level of the Battlegod Tomb was wide enough or else it would not have fitted at all .

Even then, it gave Wang Chen and the others who were training in the tomb the fright of their lives .

For a moment, they could just stare .

“Oh damn, that’s a beast king?”

“It’s a drake!”

“Quick! Collect the Dragon Blood!”

Everyone in the Battlegod Tomb began to busy themselves and on Qin Feng’s side of things, Kaelin and the others arrived just as the battle ended .

They saw Qin Feng’s battle from a distance, seeing how he had killed the drake with his own strength and how incredible he was in battle .

“Qin Feng, you’re a hell of a godsend you know that? That was insane!” Kaelin exclaimed .

The people around him also added compliments .

“You protected our town!”

“You’re a hero!”

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Qin Feng did not think he was a hero . Heroes had always been used by conquerors to calm the people down as a means of propaganda .

A hero represented salvation .

And Qin Feng believed that he was a conqueror instead .

“Right, you can stop with the flattering . I was just worried that the Pyric Drake might ruin the tear flowers in the plantation . Those are the goods I want to buy!” Qin Feng said .

Kaelin had not expected Qin Feng to still be so persistent about the tear flowers .

“Qin Feng, since you want tear flowers so badly, how much would you like? I’ll get someone to deliver them to you tomorrow morning!”

“I want your entire stock . ”

Kaelin’s jaw dropped so hard that it almost unhinged itself .

“You’re serious!”

“Of course . I’ll buy all of what you have, I’m not worried about the money!”

“But, we have 100 thousand tear flowers in Dawn Town!”

“Then I’ll buy 100 thousand!”

“No no no, I need to ask my boss for advice! You’d understand, the mayor’s words are better . This business is beyond me!”

Kaelin quickly waved his hand . If one hundred thousand plants were sold then the amount would be 50 billion . As a D-tier aptitude user, this kind of transaction where such a large sum of money was used in one go was just absolutely insane!

“Alright, I’ll wait for your reply!”

“Okay! Take a break! I’ll get a message to you by the morning!’

“Mhmm!” Qin Feng was not in a rush, he could spare another day’s time .

Afterward, under Kaelin’s enthusiastic invitation, Qin Feng stepped under the giant woods of Dawn Town . There were treehouses on every branch and the air here was incredibly fresh and the energy here was refreshing, twice the amount of normal places . This was definitely a good place for cultivation .

This kind of giant mutant tree was a treasure . Too bad someone already owned them, or else Qin Feng would have tried to take one and take it to Shadong Town!