Master of the End Times - Chapter 383

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Chapter 383

Chapter 383: Snake Wood

The next morning, Kaelin got in touch with his own boss, Bruno, who was the mayor of Dawn Town!

“Do you mean to tell me that this Easterner is capable of getting rid of a D-tier beast king on his own?” Bruno asked .

Naturally, Bruno was not in Dawn Town . Therefore, Kaelin had to contact him using the communicator .

“Yes . In fact, by the looks of it, he could do it very easily!” Kaelin answered .

“Hmm . Well then, send this video to him . Ask him if he is interested . If he can get us the mutated plant’s seed, I will sell him 100,000 pots!” Bruno said after much thought .

Very soon, Bruno sent a video over to Kaelin .

As soon as Kaelin had received the video, he nodded in agreement after being stunned momentarily .

When Qin Feng and Kaelin met, Qin Feng received the same video .

Since the video was taken from afar, the graphics were not very clear .

However, Qin Feng could tell that the creature in the video was huge!

Although this giant tree was not as big as the tree in Dawn Town, it was certainly large .

The trunk itself was forty meters in height, while the diameter was over thirty meters . With its twisted branches spreading outward, it did not have any leaves . However, there were countless vines dangling from the branches .

The vines were like its hair . However, each vine was at least ten centimeters in length and were full of thorns .

Wherever the vines touched on the ground near the roots of the tree, there would be carcasses of large mutant creatures .

Meanwhile, there was a large tear flower below this mutated plant .

The tear flower was massive .

The flower’s diameter was at least ten meters, which took up at least a quarter of the tree . Its large body faced the sun like a sunflower in a pot . However, the openings on its surface continuously secreted tears .

The land around these two mutated plants had already turned into a swamp .

Tear flowers usually grew alongside other plants . Qin Feng wondered how long these two creatures had been together . From the time they were seedlings and now as fully grown beasts, the tear flower’s tears had also changed .

It now created a scent that could lure animals rather than repel them .

“What do you think? My boss said that if you can get its seed, he will sell you 100,000 pots of tear flowers!” Kaelin said .

Qin Feng chuckled before putting his hand down .

“The seed of a Snake Wood isn’t easy to acquire . Moreover, it’s this kind . Based on its size, it would at least be of a beast king grade!”

“Oh? You recognize it . To be honest, I don’t even know what it is . When I saw it, I was really surprised . However, the name Snake Wood sounds appropriate! Do you really plan on killing this beast? If it were me, I’d say it’s too dangerous!” Kaelin said .

However, Dawn Town’s mayor had indeed latched onto Qin Feng’s weak spot .

Although Qin Feng was not bothered by the Snake Wood, he was tempted by the beast king tear flower .

“Tell the mayor to provide me with the exact location . I will try it out . However, you must protect my tear flower . It must not be damaged in the slightest bit!” Qin Feng said .

“Naturally!” Kaelin thumped his own chest and promised .

Very soon, Qin Feng received the exact location and left Dawn Town on the same day .


In Neil Forest, with the looming darkness of the night, there were sounds of birds and bugs . At a closer look, one could even see nocturnal predators on the hunt .

After walking for an entire day, Qin Feng finally arrived at the location Dawn Town’s mayor had given him .

This was the inner section of Neil Forest . There was still a great distance before one would get to the deepest area .

However, due to the king-level Snake Wood’s presence, not many beasts dared to roam in this area .

In the dark, a huge bird flew over Qin Feng in the air .

It was a D-tier Pterodactyl . From afar, he could sense that it was a beast general .

After all, even the weak Dragon Blood would help the opponent greatly on its growth .

The Pterodactyl was merely passing by . However, it could smell a delicious scent . Therefore, it chose to lower its altitude while flying as if it were trying to hunt after a prey .

Right then, the Snake Wood began to act .

The vines swayed from side to side . Anyone who saw how it moved would tremble with fear .

It was a horrifying scene .

In the blink of an eye, the Pterodactyl had been trapped .


As soon as the Pterodactyl cried out loudly during its struggle to free itself, its voice travelled for miles in the quiet night . Some smaller ultra beasts were frightened by its sound and ran far away .

From afar, Qin Feng stood above a tall, unmutated tree . He frowned at the sight of this Pterodactyl being trapped by the Snake Wood . Within ten minutes, the Pterodactyl had likely become part of the nutritious fertilizer beneath the Snake Wood’s roots .

Since the Snake Wood covered a large area, coupled with the fact that its vines could extend out to hundreds of meters, it was nearly impossible to steal its seeds .

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Moreover, the seeds were fruit-like objects attached to its roots instead of the branches . These seeds were the size of quail eggs .

Not only that, the fruits were attached to the roots with conscious energy and were impossible to remove with brute force .

It would only be possible to remove the seeds once the Snake Wood was dead .

Thereafter, the seeds could produce new Snake Woods .

Also, there was the tear flower .

As Qin Feng thought of this, he turned on the communicator to record the spatial waymark before sending it to Bai Li .

Fortunately, the communicator could still be connected to the battle net . Since Qin Feng could not contact Bai Li from the Western Hemisphere, he could only contact her in such a way .

Very soon, a bright silver light appeared next to Qin Feng .

A spatial passage had formed!

Bai Li soon walked out from the bright light .

“Why did you summon me? Do you miss me?” Bai Li asked in a matter-of-fact manner .

Qin Feng thought it was funny . After rubbing Bai Li’s long, silky hair, he pulled her close and pecked her on the cheek .

“I miss you, Baby!” He said .

Bai Li’s face turned red instantly .

“Hey, we are under broad daylight . How can you do that?” Bai Li retorted .

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Qin Feng chuckled out loud .

“It’s dark here!” He said .

When Bai Li looked up at the sky, it was indeed dark .

“It’s still inappropriate!” She said .

“Alright, alright . Whatever you say!” Qin Feng bantered with Bai Li for a while . Although they were only apart from each other for two days, they still enjoyed some playful bickering .

“Alright, stop messing around . I have something for you to do!” Qin Feng said .

“What? Fight against that big fellow?”

“No!” Qin Feng shook his head . If it were the Snake Wood, Qin Feng would have done it himself long ago .

“Use spatial manipulation to take the tear flower away!” He said .

After Qin Feng pointed at the tear flower’s location, Bai Li too noticed the huge flower . Although she did not know what it was used for, she was aware that Qin Feng had kept quite a number of them in the Battlegod Tomb .

“Easy!” She said .

Bai Li channeled her conscious energy as she wiggled her finger .

At that moment, the Tear Flower’s location was surrounded by a large silver box .