Master of the End Times - Chapter 384

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Chapter 384: 384

Chapter 384: Another Tier Advancement

Thereafter, a silver light flashed by and turned everything pitch black .

In the blink of an eye, the spot where the tear flower once was had suddenly become empty . A large hole appeared in the swamp before it was gradually filled up again .

Qin Feng was stunned .

“Where did you take the tear flower?”

“It’s in the Battlegod Tomb . Don’t you like this stuff? I’ve seen a lot of them in the Battlegod Tomb recently . However, this is the largest one by far!”

Qin Feng suddenly understood how Bai Li had always been able to get what she wanted from thousands of miles away so easily, regardless of whether it was now or in the past .

Apart from travelling through space, spatial beasts were probably also good at stealing!

Meanwhile, the Snake Wood had also noticed something odd happening around it . However, as a plant, it had a lot of power but very little intelligence .

With the tear flower gone, the Snake Wood was not particularly affected . After shaking its vines a little, it returned to its original state of calmness .

“How ugly!” Bai Li commented . She found it hard to even look at such creepy things .

“You can head back now . I’ll take care of the rest!”

“Okay! I won’t stay here with you because this place stinks!”

Due to the endless tears from the king-level tear flower, the entire region had become a swamp . On top of that, there were decomposing bodies of creatures around . Therefore, the scent in the air was naturally foul .

After channeling a space, Bai Li left .

Now, Qin Feng was left to deal with the Snake Wood on his own .

When he first saw the video, there was not any aura which indicated the Snake Wood’s true abilities . On top of that, plants could always hide their powers . Qin Feng only found out about the Snake Wood’s ability after seeing how it captured the beast general Pterodactyl .

Clearly, this beast was a beast emperor!

This was the second D-tier beast emperor Qin Feng had encountered .

As for those like Yan Shuo, Qin Feng did not even consider him as a beast emperor .

Meanwhile, this Snake Wood was a complete beast emperor .

Right then, Qin Feng began to channel his conscious energy until it reached its limit .

An emperor-level’s conscious energy!

Countless fire runes began to boil around Qin Feng’s Mutant Planet .

Not only that, the mutant fire runes surrounded Qin Feng’s body with a blue hue .

Soon, a large peacock appeared in the sky .

The peacock was twenty meters in length . With its large size, it could still move in an agile manner like the Blue Flame Peacock Emperor which once lived in the world .

Moreover, this Blue Flame Peacock did not appear as weak as the old beast emperor . Instead, countless flaming feathers emitted a bright blue light from its body .

While Qin Feng continued to channel his conscious energy, the peacock became more condensed .

In the next moment, the peacock had extended its wings and tail before it dived into the distance .

Right then, wherever it flew by, blue flames would fall from the sky like a meteor shower .

As the Blue Flame Peacock continued to move in circles, the flames gradually fell upon the Snake Wood and set the large mutated plant ablaze .

“Regardless of how terrifying a mutated plant is, it would still be afraid of fire . Meanwhile, plants like this are easy targets for humans because they can’t move!”

Even if mutated plants were powerful, most of them were not capable of moving . In its own area, it was the king!

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Therefore, most gunners who have arrived at the D-tier would target these mutated plants which did not contain poison .

As long as the gunners had enough ammunition, they would be able to kill these beasts .

However, it depended on the fact that nobody else was lying in wait to steal the rewards .

Naturally, Qin Feng was not afraid of other beings . Due to his exposed conscious energy which contained an emperor’s aura, most of the ultra beasts in the surrounding environment had already run off . They could sense that he was even more powerful than the Snake Wood .

After the Blue Flame Peacock made a few spins in the air, it finally dove downward and knocked against the Snake Wood’s trunk .


A loud explosion could be heard as energy filled the air . The sky instantly became bright blue as flames rose upward .

The Snake Wood was thoroughly set ablaze!

The skill Qin Feng just used was only available to the emperor-level .

Due to the long time it took to channel the skill, Qin Feng rarely used it during battles .

“Let’s try this one out!”

Qin Feng channeled his conscious energy once more .

Within a second, a large area of flames was formed in a hundred-meter radius . Gradually, the flames condensed into one large flaming dragon .

It was the Fire Dragon Style skill!

This was one of the three main fire abilities Qin Feng had acquired when he made it to the E-tier . As he collected more runes, its combat power became stronger .

In the beginning, Qin Feng could only channel a Fire Dragon which was around twenty meters in length . Now, the dragon of over a hundred-meter was breathtakingly huge .

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After a loud roar, the Fire Dragon charged at the Snake Wood and collided against it on its trunk .

A dark green screen of light appeared . The Snake Wood was defending itself!

Gradually, the blue flames were absorbed by the dark green screen of light . However, before the light screen could fully recover, the Fire Dragon had appeared once more .


This time, the collision was even stronger than the earlier one .

As large waves continued to spread around the tree, flames began burning the vines apart .


The sound of tree branches being burned and, consequently, vines being snapped off into the swamp could be heard . However, the tree was no longer able to reproduce those branches .

Meanwhile, Qin Feng unceasingly conjured his fire abilities as the Snake Wood continued to defend itself . They were in a stalemate .

For such a huge Snake Wood, Qin Feng might need to spend a lot of time to thoroughly burn it down .

If it were a normal ability user, he or she may not even be able to conjure such large flames . Even if they could, they would not be able to use them at such a great distance .

Where Qin Feng stood, it was certainly safe!

After an entire night and part of the following morning had passed, the huge tree was finally burned to the ground .

The tree trunk and its branches were now all completely barren and burned like a huge piece of coal .

The Snake Wood was dead!

Qin Feng could feel his absorption skill being channeled intensely . After a while, a large amount of conscious energy flowed into his body from the huge piece of wood .

In that instant, Qin Feng felt as if he had experienced countless years of learning . He was able to observe all the changes and tragedies of this world .

His conscious energy had skyrocketed!

D3-tier beast emperor’s conscious energy!

Qin Feng was surprised that the king-level mutated plant contained such strong conscious energy .

However, he did not have the time to think about this right now .

After an entire night, and now that it was close to dusk, Qin Feng realized he had not rested for over thirty hours .

After taking a few steps forward, he soon arrived at where the Snake Wood was located .

The swamp on the floor’s surface had completely dried up from the heat . The Snake Wood’s roots were now exposed . With the bright, smooth surface, it seemed like a snake with scales all over its body .

It was terrifying!

Meanwhile, some scattered dark green rocks beneath the roots were the Snake Wood’s seeds .


Qin Feng lifted his hand and proceeded to absorb all the Snake Wood’s seeds .

However, suddenly, a shocking aura appeared from afar .