Master of the End Times - Chapter 386

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Chapter 386: 386

Chapter 386: Returning to Shadong Town

Without energy remaining and after being burned into black coal, the dead Snake Wood immediately broke apart .

A crystal object appeared from within .

This crystal object was oval-shaped and half a meter in length . Its widest section was close to thirty centimeters in diameter . Half-transparent, it looked like a large gemstone .

This was the Snake Wood’s tree core .

Its value was comparable to that of a beast emperor’s crystal core .

Among all mutated plants, this was the most precious item .

Qin Feng proceeded to store the item in his spatial rune equipment .

Meanwhile, Qin Feng kept the remaining fifty spatial beast leather bags in a combat backpack .

When he did so, the Dawn Town citizens who had backed away immediately felt envious . They wished these objects belonged to them!

However, despite such thoughts, none of them dared to take one step closer .

Had Qin Feng not killed enough people already?

Those people he killed were all infamous Dark Coalition groups who normally robbed aptitude users around Neil Forest . Whoever had bumped into them could only consider themselves unlucky .

However, now, Qin Feng killed all of them .

“These are not the aptitude users I know . From what I saw, they are like primary school students who had just entered the academy . ”

“Oh God, they couldn’t even fight back!”

“Who is this person?”

None of the surviving individuals knew about Qin Feng’s identity .

However, they might never find out in the future!

Qin Feng was only here to look for the tear flower . Now that he had everything he needed, and had even surprisingly obtained a beast emperor mutated plant, he would naturally not linger around .

Since time immemorial, people who succumbed to their own greed would end up in a horrible state .

After a night’s rushed journey, Qin Feng made it back to Dawn Town .

Coincidentally, he passed by the gathering grounds and saw a large field of tear flowers .

Without giving it a second thought, he activated his dark runes and shrouded the entire field of tear flowers .

The guards patrolling on the guard tower did not notice anything odd at all .

Hence, Qin Feng decided to harvest all the tear flowers without them knowing .

Of course, he left Dawn Town several thousand saplings behind .

Thereafter, Qin Feng sneaked into Dawn Town and very quickly located Kaelin .

Right then, Kaelin was still fast asleep in the giant C-tier plant .

Qin Feng used his dark runes to shroud himself and successfully sneaked into the room .

He then placed a Snake Wood seed on the cabinet next to Kaelin’s bed, as well as five cubic meters of power credits . After surrounding them with conscious energy, he placed them next to Kaelin’s bed without making a sound .

After it was all done, Qin Feng activated his Battlegod Token directly without even stepping out of the room .

Right then, Kaelin seemed to have sensed something odd around him despite being fast asleep . After all, a D-tier aptitude user’s senses were not all that bad .

It was only because Qin Fend had intentionally hidden his presence earlier .

Suddenly waking from his sleep, Kaelin could see a dim light in the dark bedroom . Thereafter, he was nearly blinded by what he saw .

Power credits!

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Five cubic meters of power credits which amounted to 50 billion!

“What the heck happened? Is God raining down money now?”

However, Kaelin was drawn to the aura of another object . After all, aptitude users were very sensitive to objects which emanated energy .

When he turned his head around, he immediately saw the Snake Wood seed .

At that moment, Kaelin became wide awake .

He directly turned on his communicator to check the plantation site’s surveillance footage after unlocking the permission to do so .

Kaelin seemed horrified by the sight of the empty plantation site .

“Qin Feng, you did this!”


Right then, Qin Feng naturally did not know how upset Kaelin was . Since he had already made his payment and gotten the stuff he wanted to buy, Qin Feng was very satisfied .

To be honest, Qin Feng did this as a form of preventative strategy .

Knowing how greedy people were, Qin Feng was worried that Dawn Town’s C-tier aptitude users might come after him once they realized that he had obtained the seed of a beast emperor mutated plant as well as the tree core .

Although Qin Feng was not exactly afraid of such opponents, he might not have been able to accomplish this tear flower deal .

Therefore, Qin Feng decided to strike the deal on his own to make things easier .

As for the money involved, Qin Feng had always kept to his promises . For someone like him who had once achieved A-tier, 50 billion was not a significant amount of money to him .

Qin Feng would not violate his own principles for such a small amount of money .

After returning to the Battlegod Tomb with the Battlegod Token, Qin Feng activated another spatial passage .

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Since the Battlegod Tomb was a secret territory, and was part of the special space, Qin Feng could return to any place he visited in the past as long as the spatial waymark had been recorded .

Of course, the only fixed spatial passage Qin Feng had activated now was the one to Fengli Colony .

After all, the most advanced talents produced by the Battlegod Tomb would only be at the E-tier . Even in Shadong Town, activating the spatial passage was not necessary .

The aptitude users in Shadong Town would usually only be at the D-tier .

Although Qin Feng had only been away from Shadong Town for three to four days, a lot had changed in the town .

Where Qin Feng appeared, it was a location above a small hill in Shadong Town . Since there was nobody else around, Qin Feng released the Sky Dweller to take him back to Shadong Town .

However, as soon as he took to the air in Shadong Town, the Sky Dweller’s searching radar began beeping wildly .

“Beep, beep, beep! Please be informed that a D3-tier beast general is 1100 meters away from your current position!”

“Beep, beep, beep!…”

The frontlines were always the busiest spots during war .

Meanwhile, Qin Feng continued to steer the Sky Dweller forward in the sky .

From afar, he could see a group of creatures approaching Shadong Town .

It was a group of Desert Wolves!

Right then, the watch tower in the front had already begun shooting out flames .

Bam, bam, bam!

Boom! Boom!

The normal members of the Desert Wolves were at the D-tier and E-tier . However, the flames were clearly not enough to hold them back .

In fact, the beast general Desert Wolves, which were five-meters long and three-meters tall, were even more unbelievably powerful .

The flames would only slow these beings down .

Zap, zap!

The Sky Dweller emitted two energy beams to eliminate two creatures which had gotten close to a defensive tower .

Very soon, several combat planes flew out from Shadong Town .

Naturally, the pilots in the combat planes noticed the Sky Dweller in the air .

“Eh? Has General Qin returned?”

Suddenly, everyone felt motivated .

However, Qin Feng did not get out of his plane . Instead, he casually fired at the ultra beasts which had crossed the line on the battlefield .

The others realized what Qin Feng wanted to do after pondering for a moment .

“Could General Qin be testing out our current combat power?”

“I wonder if we are too late in arriving at the scene!”

“Let’s go . Stop talking!”

One could say that Shadong Town’s D-tier aptitude users had experienced a significant change in their attitude ever since Qin Feng became the general .

In the past, although Hu Liang was also capable, he did not have a strong enough presence . Most D-tier aptitude users would do their best to extract benefits from the Human Alliance without contributing too much . After all, why should they risk their lives for Hu Liang?

However, now that Qin Feng had become Shadong Town’s chief general, and was promoted as the Human Alliance’s D-tier general, there were naturally many benefits for the army .

At least, Qin Feng was a very capable individual .