Master of the End Times - Chapter 387

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Chapter 387: 387

Chapter 387: Transfiguration of the North Sea Desert

What does it mean by having a powerful leader?

When the leader is so powerful that killing a beast is just as effortless as chopping onion, his/her underlings would no longer need to put their lives on the line all the time .

Hu Liang was no doubt a powerful fighter . However, there was still a limit to his capability and he was often reluctant to get involved in a battle .

For the past three days, aptitude users from Shadong Town got to witness the next level prowess .

Before the chopper declined, a lady had jumped out of it first and descended graciously . The silver whip in her hand slid freely in the air as she landed at the frontline in the blink of an eye .

She lashed out the whip and her front was soon engulfed by a band of silver radiance, which contorted the entire space-time covered by it . When the blinding radiance vanished, those ferocious D-tier desert wolves of beast general rank had been sliced into pieces by Bai Li’s spatial ability .

Bai Li did not stop there and continued to attack rampantly . None of the desert wolves was able to survive Bai Li’s merciless assault .

Naturally, Bai Li regarded Shadong Town as her turf when she decided to protect this place .

Though she had not unleashed her fearsome aura as a beast emperor, she did leave some of her furs around the perimeter of the town .

To her surprise, there were still some mindless beasts that dared to disturb her colony .

Bai Li annihilated every single one of them without hesitation .

She had been following Qin Feng’s footsteps all this while so Bai Li did what Qin Feng would usually do .

She learned from Qin Feng that there was no room for sympathy when it comes to killing ultra beasts .

Thus, Bai Li’s performance at the frontline was spectacular . Not only that but her action also encouraged the others to be more aggressive . After all, they would not be rewarded if Bai Li was going to kill off all the desert wolves .

The positive energy displayed by the aptitude users from Shadong Town surprised Qin Feng a little .

The battle ended within an hour . Qin Feng’s Sky Dweller landed when the dust of the warzone settled .

“General Qin!”

“General Qin is back!”

“General Qin!”

All the warriors approached and saluted Qin Feng .

“It’s been a hectic battle for everyone . Leave a troop behind to keep watch and others can get back to have a good rest!”


“Goodbye, Sir!”

Bai Li walked to him . They had just met a day before so Bai Li was not looking curiously at Qin Feng like others, who wished to learn where Qin Feng had disappeared to all these times .

Qin Feng returned to the colony in the Sky Dweller and summoned Xue Xingfu immediately once he alighted the chopper .

Xue Xingfu was fully occupied recently but he did hear about the occurrence of the tear flower inside the Battlegod Tomb . He reckoned that must be the reason Qin Feng was gone .

“Mayor, I think it’s about time you enlighten me,” Xue Xingfu said .

“These flowers here are known as tear flowers,” Qin Feng briefly explained the function of tear flowers and more importantly, its market value .

“5000 grand?” Xue Xingfu rounded his eyes as he was baffled by its value .

“Yes . So it’s best not to let others know about its true value, since that might attract unwanted attention . This thing might dictate the development of Shadong Town in the future . Have someone vigilant guard the flowers . ”

“What if they are not being well taken care of? It’s 5000 grand per plant, not 50 cents . I made a quick calculation and figured you have just recklessly invested 50 billion in Shadong Town . When only would you be able to reap the dividend from this forsaken town?”

Xue Xingfu knew Qin Feng was filthy rich now and would never be short of wealth judging by how strong he was . But as a businessman, it was rooted in his mind that one should never throw money into a business that was bound to lose .

It pained him to see the money to go in vain .

“Don’t worry, Shadong Town will completely transfigure once the tear flowers have been planted there . ”

Xue Xingfu could only nod after seeing Qin Feng’s insistence .

“Alright then . I will do as you say . ”


The one hundred thousand pots of tear flowers were planted around Shadong Town under Xue Xingfu’s order .

Shadong Town did not have any plantation plot so the flowers were just being distributed randomly across the town .

Shadong Town has plenty of sunshine and the long day greatly stimulated the flowers’ growth . The resilient tear flowers continuously secreted teardrop which gradually dampened the surrounding desert land .

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Though the land around Shadong Town did not undergo desertification, there was hardly any vegetation seen around the place due to the constant sandstorm . However, after planting tear flowers, greeneries began to emerge around the flowers .

That was certainly a giant leap .

The secretion from the flower did not only repel wild beasts but also promoted the growth of other plants . Better still, it could even cultivate mutated plants .

Xue Xingfu was truly impressed by Qin Feng .

Nonetheless, all the new plants were being mowed and replaced with crops . This was to prevent the growth of undesirable mutated plants .

Qin Feng even had those wood, water, and light-type medics brought over by Gao Yukang take care of the plants . These people knew nothing about the true value of the tear flower and did not understand the point of spending time on nursing the plants .

However, none of them dared to disobey Qin Feng’s order .

Hence, these tear flowers developed vibrantly .

Qin Feng then transplanted the king-tier mutated tear flowers deep into the desert, a location distant to Shadong Town .

That was where monsters that attacked Shadong Town most frequently came from .

Under the bright sunlight, the eyes on the giant king-tier flower blinked rapidly . Tears flowed down abundantly from the flower into a small stream .

The secreted tears released a strong pungent odor .

It might not be pleasing to the human nose but it was very attractive toward the beasts .

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Qin Feng drew the Verdant Emperor Saber and removed one of the flower petals .

The flower quivered in response and emitted lesser tears .

Qin Feng slashed his saber again and again . After the fifth cut, the tears flowing out from the flower turned from pungent into a refreshing aroma .

Those beasts attracted by the earlier odor and pacing at the far side fled once the smell of the tears turned .

Qin Feng nodded satisfyingly and withdrew the saber . The tear flowers knew they had lost the protection from the Snake Wood and could not do anything besides repelling beasts according to Qin Feng’s will .

Unknowingly, Shadong Town became more peaceful by the day . Small scale disturbance disappeared altogether while large scale threats were continuously being fended off by Qin Feng .

Qin Feng’s ambition was not only to protect Shadong Town but to use this deserted town as the starting point of his blueprint . He planned to take over the entire North Sea Desert and make it his territory .

To sustain development was harder than to initiate one . Though Shadong Town could turn into an important food supply hub in the future, it would also become a target that everyone salivated on .

That was when Qin Feng’s supremacy would come into the picture . He would be needed to fend off the greedy parties .

Inside the Battlegod’s Tomb, Qin Feng meditated while absorbing the Snake Wood’s plant core .

Plant cores were technically a type of spirit . It could be directly absorbed by a user and its effect even surpassed that of an energy core .

Simply put, the plant core of the beast-emperor tier was extremely beneficial .

Qin Feng could feel that his body strength and consciousness were being enhanced considerably .