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Master of the End Times - Chapter 388

Published at 29th of October 2020 04:50:01 AM

Chapter 388: Tier

Chapter 388: D4-Tier

After undergoing the recent battle and the absorption of the plant core, Qin Feng’s power had finally leaped onto the next level .

He had now reached D4-tier emperor-level physicality and consciousness .

Qin Feng’s physical strength evolved yet again in less than half-a-month since the last time he fought Yan Shuo .

He had now stayed in Shadong Town for three months . A lot had changed during this period .

Specifically, Shadong Town was no longer the shaky deserted town at the frontline .

Ever since Qin Feng brought back the tear flowers, Shadong Town had not experienced beast assaults for a very long time .

On the map, the safety score of Shadong Town had increased substantially due to the decrease in the battle count .

D-tier aptitude users from Shadong Town were no longer tasked to stay put and defend the town . Slowly, they began to take the initiative and went out to hunt .

Eventually, the number of beasts around the North Sea Desert also went down drastically .

Aptitude users had no idea what caused the change but they knew that Qin Feng must be the one behind all these .

“When I first arrived, I killed the Sand Lizardfolk Queen . She possessed the spatial ability and had a Spatial Whip . Though it’s a small population, these Lizardfolk often summon powerful beasts!”

“After that, I killed another nine beast kings scattered around the North Sea Desert!”

“The resurgence of Shadong Town also owes a lot to the tear flowers’ effect . ”

“Till this moment, our D-tier users are still busy hunting out there . The overall danger level of the North Sea Desert has come down to a desirable level, thus the increase in safety score . Of course, it’s our best interest that the outsiders are not informed about this . ”

Qin Feng narrated while eyeing the marks on the virtual map . The drones scouted the desert and feedback live updates to the map, showing that the monster numbers and activity zone had shrunk sharply thanks to the continuous efforts from the D-tier aptitude users .

“Mayor, this is insane . You really plan to turn the North Sea Desert into your plantation territory?”

Xue Xingfu was Qin Feng’s confidant . Qin Feng hid nothing from his right-hand man as he needed Xue Xingfu to help accomplish his vision .

Xue Xingfu was actually amazed after he listened to Qin Feng’s seemingly insane plan . Only time would tell whether he was following a genius or a lunatic .

“By the way, Han Nuan relayed a message to me regarding the alliance between the ancient warrior families . ”

Qin Feng sneered .

‘Now only they care to make peace and talk about the alliance? Isn’t it a little too late?’

“Tell them I demand 50% share . Take it or leave it . ”

Qin Feng could not care less about the money . All he wanted was to irritate those scums . He had seen through their real thoughts . Especially during his fight with Yan Shuo . Qin Feng knew well that both the Hou and Tieh families wished to see him dead in that battle .

They blew their chance then and now Qin Feng of course had the right to mark up the demand .

“Are you sure you want to make that kind of offer? Don’t forget, these families have C-tier chiefs backing them . ”

Qin Feng smirked . “Then have their chiefs come after me . I can’t wait to see whether they are going to declare war against us for some petty business . ”

Naturally, they would not .

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Subsequent negotiations went smoothly, which was beyond Xue Xingfu’s imagination . He found it hard to believe when the other side agreed to meet Qin Feng’s exorbitant request with little objection .

Xue Xingfu had not gone to Shadong Town, thus he had no idea how profound Qin Feng’s influence was around this region .


May was no different than a drought season in past years for Shadong Town . But this year, this town was covered in green for the first time .

Such scenery made Shadong Town an oasis in the middle of the vast desert .

These changes took place in less than a month, which made the transformation even more incredible .

The overturn of fate had startled Gao Yukang . He was currently video calling with Qin Feng through the communicator .

“Little brat, so this is your plan all along . Speaking of which, where did you find such a unique plant? This thing probably could help us turn more dangerous territories into safe colonies!” Gao Yukang’s purpose of calling Qin Feng was to ask about the tear flowers .

“Forgive me as I needed to keep this a secret . If anyone needs them, I am more than willing to sell to them . But it would not come cheap, and only will be available after I have successfully bred more . ” Qin Feng said .

In the western hemisphere, the tear flower was not being promoted because the population there was sparse . There was not a need for more colonies so the residents there have never thought about expanding .

However, things were completely different in the eastern hemisphere, where Qin Feng came from . The population here had long reached saturation .

“I have no interest in making links for you . Don’t try to get me involved in your goddamn business . ”

“My bad, Governor Gao . ”

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Gao Yukang just laughed it off as he was not the type that would get offended by such matters .

“The main purpose I made this call is to ask whether you are interested in coming to the Longchuan battlefield . Seeing that Shadong Town’s danger level has gone down considerably, I could foresee that North Sea Desert would soon turn into a safe colony . At that time, it will be a waste of your talent to stay in Shadong Town . ”

Qin Feng’s eyes flickered with excitement .

Longchuan battlefield?

That was exactly where Qin Feng wanted to go next .

Worried that Qin Feng might have his concerns, Gao Yukang reassured him, “Of course, you will still be the de facto general of Shadong Town . I can even have Gao Qin step down and give you his mayor seat . There’s nothing left there for Gao Qin to scoop anyway if the North Sea is no longer a warzone . ”

Plainly speaking, Gao Qin would have plenty of opportunities as long as Gao Yukang was still alive and backing him .

“There’s no need for that . ” Qin Feng rejected the offer . He recalled his past life memory, then said, “Longchuan sounds great . It’s one of the battlefields I wish to attempt one day . ”

“Haha! Great! I will wait for your good news!”

Gao Yukang was very powerful but he rose through the ranks too quickly . That left him with little acquaintances in the troop and he definitely needed help from someone like Qin Feng .

Qin Feng did not plan to work under Gao Yukang .

In his memory, there was a calamity that befell Longchuan around this time .

The incidence wiped out eighteen small colonies and two big cities around Longchuan . The end result was devastating, even to this apocalyptic world .

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In the end, the threat was finally neutralized by A-tier aptitude users .

Even Gao Yukang was killed in that battle .

As a governor, the news on his passing reached every corner of the North Sea and it eventually reached Qin Feng’s ears .

To others, this might be a huge risk . But Qin Feng had always turned the greatest risks into the best opportunities .


The next day, ninety three D-tier aptitude users gathered inside the conference hall, Shadong Town’s highest building .

Qin Feng sat in the front with Bai Li and others by his side .

All the users looked at Qin Feng with great admiration .

At the same time, they knew the meeting was called for a specific purpose and waited anxiously .

“The safety level of Shadong Town is increasing as we speak . Defending and hunting are two entirely different things . ”

“Maybe in another half-year time, the North Sea Desert is going to change completely too!”