Master of the End Times - Chapter 392

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Chapter 392

Chapter 392: Departure

“Hahaha, good job, young heroes, I have underestimated both of you before this!”

Perhaps, Bai Li was the one being underestimated!

“Lady Bai, a toast to you!” Gao Yukang raised his glass .

Bai Li shook her head and replied, “Enjoy yourself, I prefer not to drink!”

Qin Feng clinked his glass with Gao Yukang’s and answered, “Bai Li does not enjoy drinking; I’ll take it for her!”

“I did not expect that…”

Gao Yukang did not feel that Bai Li was being disrespectful, but on the contrary, it was just her own personality .

Obviously, those who had great capabilities would often be driven by their own personality traits .

Gao Yukang was an ancient warrior, and Lei Ying was an ability user, hence, it had surprised him to see someone that could go up against Lei Ying in a conscious energy challenge .

The meet up was worth the effort indeed!

Everyone had enjoyed it!

On the second day, the Fengli mercenary had gathered around Gao Yukang’s Heng Yu mercenary, and the joint forces left Long Chuan City for the frontline stronghold .

Lei Ying was being informed of the movement, and his sinister expression was immediately revealed .

Lei Ying’s hand was no longer injured!

Any top-tier aptitude user would be able to recover from their minor injuries and heal within a short period of time .

However, Lei Ying felt that it was a shameful moment for him .

He had been injured by a female junior that came out of nowhere .

Lei Ying was enraged by the provocation toward his majestic status .

“Have you found out who they are? Lei Ying asked with a deep voice .

A D-tier aide who stood behind him answered carefully, “Yes, one of them is Qin Feng, while another is Bai Li, currently, they are the general and deputy general of Shadong Town!”

Lei Ying instantly frowned .

“Shadong Town?”

“Yes, according to our findings, he was the one who had purchased the beast emperor core from Cheng Dacheng earlier!”

Lei Ying was livid!

The D-tier aptitude user carefully assessed the reaction from Lei Ying’s back and continued with his sentence .

“Also, he was the one who killed Lei Chang!”


Lei Ying immediately crushed the wine glass that he was holding in his hand!


The D-tier aptitude user was afraid to add on further .

Things had not been smooth for the Leitang Organization, they had recently lost two D-tiers, besides Lei Tang, Lei Chen had also died in Shadong Town, and nobody knew that it was also Qin Feng that had killed Lei Chen .

Nonetheless, Lei Ying had already planned to get revenge on Qin Feng .

“We shall also depart now!”

It was obvious that Lei Ying did not want to be left out from partaking in the situation .

The conscious energy battle did not mean anything, and for him, Qin Feng and Bai Li were too young to be able to accumulate more than his rune collections, which meant that their ability would not be as powerful as his .

With that being said, it was still unknown who would be the ultimate winner of the upcoming battle!

Lei Ying had decided to reclaim his dignity .

He would not stop until he had killed Qin Feng!


The joint forces of Qin Feng and Gao Yukang had added up to more than sixty people; upon their arrival at the stronghold, they spent another day to settle down before they continued to go further into the Long Chuan mountain ranges .

Humankind was too weak to be in such an environment, and the scent released from their body was a clear signal to reveal themselves to the predators around; and as soon as they had entered into the forest, they were immediately spotted by forest wolves .

However, the wolves were all E-tiers, and they were unaware of the D-tier badge that was on Qin Feng’s chest, and all of them began to pounce toward the humans .


“Clean up immediately, or else, the blood smell will spread further away!”

“There are quite a lot of them!”

Countless numbers of giant wolves appeared and roamed around the bushes, they were about three meters in height, similar to the height of a human adult .

Despite being a D-tier aptitude user, it would still be taxing to face the pack of ultra beasts .

Surprisingly, there were about three hundred forest wolves around .

Qin Feng assessed the situation and was aware that the blood smell would draw unnecessary attention within the Long Chuan mountain ranges .

“Let me take care of this!”

Qin Feng suggested with his cold voice, while an instant conscious energy erupted from him .

“Hellfire Carpet!”

Immediately, the entire area within the radius of a hundred meter was engulfed in flames .

The entire pack of wolves that were pouncing forward was shrouded and trapped within a sea of fire .

Furs were charred, fleshes were burnt, it was impossible for the pack of wolves to withstand the torture from Qin Feng’s ability .

“Awuu!” The pack of wolves howled and intended to escape; however, they were instantly devoured by the flames .

Hundreds of forest wolves were killed .

Of course, Qin Feng did not spare any of his mercy, all of the wolves had turned into ashes, and they were only left with their fangs and claws .

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Everyone that was led by Gao Yukang was in shock, and all of them were marveling at Qin Feng’s impressive skills!

As agreed by Gao Yukang, Qin Feng would have one third share as his reward, meaning that Gao Yukang’s aide would be rewarded much less than they should have .

They were definitely dissatisfied about that!

Although they were outnumbered by Qin Feng’s massive team, one tenth as his reward would be good enough to compensate him .

Finally, they now understood that the reward was not meant for the entire team, and it was only for Qin Feng .

A powerful and capable aptitude user had the absolute right to demand for such a massive amount of reward .

“Move on!”

Qin Feng commanded and took the lead .

Chen Xiang, Gao Li and the others followed behind Qin Feng .

The combined mercenary was travelling at a very high speed .

If it were not because of Qin Feng’s refusal to reveal his true ability, he would have been able to travel at a much higher speed .

Despite their high travel speed, it had still taken them three days to complete their journey, and some of the aptitude users were even injured . Fortunately, there were doctors within the team that had allowed them to sustain their energy to carry on with the battle .

Finally, they had arrived at the peak of a mountain and there was a lake before them .

The scene was like a paradise in the human world .

“Amazing view!”

Bai Li exclaimed .

Dark green water in the lake was reflected from the surface, and it was like a picture that was being displayed .

Blue skies were accompanied by fresh green water, while bird chirpings echoed around the fragrant florals .

It was at that moment, gleaming reflections began to ripple from the surface of the lake, in the next moment, a gigantic skull emerged from the surface of the water, and a pair of spotlight-sized pupils were targeted toward the direction of the crowd .

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Although it was at least a thousand meters away from the surface of the lake, everyone was shocked and terrified as soon as the creature raised its head up from the lake surface .

They were being targeted!

It was the best way to describe the situation .

At that moment, Qin Feng had also focused his eyes onto the D-tier beast emperor .

Soon, Qin Feng noticed that the capability of the beast emperor was way above average, it was a D9-tier!

Meaning, it was just one step away from achieving C-tier!

“Is, is it coming over?!” Chen Xiang’s voice began to tremble .

Until now, he had yet to meet with any beast emperor ultra beast!

As a freeman, Chen Xiang would not purposely hunt for such terrifying creatures, and it was only after he had followed Qin Feng, his encounter with beast kings became more often .

Or else, any beast general would be capable of giving him a hard time, not to mention those that were above his rank .

“Machine setup!”

“Prepare the ammunition!”

“During the battle later, three ancient warriors remain to protect the gunners . ”

“Zheng Xi, Yang San, follow me!”

Gao Yukang coordinated the team in a regular and thorough manner, while the others began to carry out their tasks and enter into battle mode .

At the center of the lake, the gigantic dragon had locked its vision onto the crowd, and it howled continuously, as if it was trying to declare war with the humans .

Any unwanted intruders would definitely be killed without any mercy!