Master of the End Times - Chapter 394

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Chapter 394: 394

Chapter 394: What Goes Around Comes Around

“Grab some beast lure powder and send it their way!”

Lei Ying said with a dark grin on his face .

Human beings had been fighting ultra beasts for hundreds of years, if there was such a thing as beast repellent powder, there naturally would be something that did the opposite effect .

Beast lure powder had many functions . For example, it could be used to lure out ultra beasts into the open while in the wilderness or it could be poisoned .

When the ultra beast was trying to escape, beast repellent powder would be unnecessary . That was why beast lure powder was a good method of turning things around .

When Qin Feng was in Sea City, the powder had been used before! It could be said that this was a typical Leitang move .

“Who’s going?”

“Knife is!”

“Boss, watch me!”

Thunder Knife of Leitang was not any normal ability user, he was a Dark ability user .

In an instant, his ability was activated and he turned into a shadow before quickly lurking toward the direction of Qin Feng and the others .

Gao Yukang was a C-tier aptitude user but he had weak consciousness .

Due to how the runes were, the dark ability worked as an incredibly strong concealing tool . It was impossible for anyone on the same level to be able to detect Thunder Knife’s presence .

However, they overlooked the fact that there indeed was someone stronger than Knife .

That was Bai Li!

She had been keeping an eye on them for a while, Knife suddenly moving definitely meant that something was up!

“Someone’s trying to sneak up on us!”

Bai Li used her consciousness to deliver the message .

Qin Feng’s expression soured .

Leitang’s people, he had to stop them!

What was more, this was the reason why Gao Yukang was looking for him . He was supposed to prevent other people from trying to take advantage of the opportunity to steal their loot .

With that in mind, he left the heat of the battle .

Using his consciousness to sweep the area, he immediately detected where the dark runes were floating .


Qin Feng quickly dashed through the forest and soon appeared within Thunder Knife’s line of sight .

Knife was surprised! Just from a moment’s glance, he knew that he had encountered Qin Feng .

After all, how could he forget the face of the person who killed Lei Chang!

“There’s a mercenary troop hunting an ultra beast ahead . In order to avoid any misunderstanding, I suggest you stop it!” Qin Feng said in a stern voice .

Thunder Knife frowned .

‘Did he find me?’

‘No, he must be trying to trick me!’

That was what he thought, wanting to move on while he was hidden in the shadows .


Dark Shadow easily allowed Thunder Knife to quickly avoid Qin Feng .

‘He really was trying to trick me! Little bastard!’

Just when Thunder Knife thought that, he suddenly felt a fiery hot aura coming from behind him .

He was shocked!

“Darkness Door!”

In a split second, darkness billowed around him before he was plunged into the inky darkness .

Immediately after, a burning blue light crashed into the place where Thunder Knife stood .

This blue light did not immediately kill Thunder Knife, but it instantly exploded and pierced through a tree in the blink of an eye .


The tree burst from the center!”

“Gaaah!” Thunder Knife let out a pained cry as he was blown out . As an ability user, his body was extremely fragile!

At this time, he had been completely exposed . There were no more places to hide!

“Go to hell!”

Thunder Knife mobilized his consciousness, contorting the surrounding shadows and stretched them toward Qin Feng in an effort to entangle his feet and body .

Then, he pointed a finger at Qin Feng, charging up a bolt of darkness from his hand .

Qin Feng knew what this attack was and was familiar with it . It was a Dark Ray .

Being hit by this ability would sharply decrease his strength and severely weaken him .

Too bad it would not have any real effect on him!

Of course, he would not simply allow Thunder Knife to hit him like that!

Qin Feng’s consciousness had also been activated .

A burst of red light flared from his body, instantly transforming into a large dragon .

The large dragon spun around Qin Feng, instantly snuffing out all the dark runes around him before rushing forward at the sound of a whistle .

“Fire Dragon Technique!” Thunder Knife exclaimed .

This kind of attack was really powerful . Thunder Knife may have been D tier, but he did not have a lot of abilities on hand and the Dark ability did not have a lot of moves to begin with .

Upon seeing the Fire Dragon Technique, Knife knew that he was in trouble and that his opponent was not a small fry!

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“Shadow Absorption!”

He started to make a move and a vortex of darkness blinked in front of him .

The Fire Dragon swooped in and directly slammed into this vortex of darkness .

However, Knife’s forehead was drenched with sweat . Shadow Absorption was a good move, but the stronger the attack, the more consciousness was needed to keep the ability up .

He obviously did not expect Qin Feng’s attack to be so powerful!

The large head of the Fire Dragon had entered the shadowy vortex but just as its body was halfway through the Shadow Absorption ability hit its limit .


The vortex suddenly fell apart .

The remaining half of the dragon instantly blasted into Knife’s body .


The flames knocked Knife directly into a tree and the impact shook him to his core . In the blink of an eye, his combat uniform was damaged, revealing the purple light combat armor that he was wearing to protect himself .

“Cough, cough!”

His abdomen was seriously injured and he was coughing up blood .

Qin Feng stepped forward with the Verdant Emperor Saber in hand, holding the tip of the sword toward Knife .

Knife abruptly jumped up in the next moment .


A cloud of powder rushed toward him in an instant . He took a whiff and immediately knew what he was smelling .

Beast lure powder!

It really was a typical Leitang Organization move .

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Qin Feng unleashed his internal force to prevent the beast lure powder from falling onto his body before moving his feet and chasing after Knife .

“Prepare to die!”

Since they wanted to use this to harm people, there naturally would be consequences .

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Qin Feng chased after him by using Dark Shadow as well!

Thunder Knife did not know, but now there was someone much faster and much stealthier than he was approaching him .

In the next moment, Qin Feng appeared in front of Knife!

His eyes widened, reflecting the motion of Qin Feng slashing forward with his saber .

The Verdant Emperor Saber slashed past .

A head instantly rolled down .


Fresh blood was spilled as a new wound was made on charred flesh . The man was dead .

The battle between Qin Feng and Knife was not concealed, so it didn’t matter if it was the Fengli Mercenary Troop, Gao Yukang’s mercenary group, or the Leitang Organization . Everyone felt it!

The people of the Leitang Organization were all strangely quiet .

Then they all tried to send a message to Knife with their communicators .

Knife obviously would not be able to report back .

He was dead .

Qin Feng decided that he was not going to be bothered with this anymore . He quickly cremated the body with his Fire ability after picking up the fallen’s spatial rune equipment .

The things within were also revealed .

“What goes around… comes around!”