Master of the End Times - Chapter 396

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Chapter 396

Chapter 396: Lei Ying Retreats


Boom boom boom!

Great scores of artillery shells began to fall, due to the difference in numbers, Qin Feng’s Fengli Mercenary Troop had the ultimate upper-hand!

However when the opponent suddenly rushed forward, things would naturally not be good .

Qin Feng sneered and waved a hand!

“Hell Magma!”

A menacing wave of fire runes erupted outward .

The surrounding temperature rose quickly, the ground gradually turned red and the trees caught fire . The most terrifying thing was that the ground had turned into a flowing liquid .

The ground between the Fengli Mercenary Troop and the Leitang Organization was covered in magma .

The trees gradually sank and crashed into the magma .

It was a very big pool of magma . If they wanted to get close, they had to pass through it .

“You think you can stop me?”

Lei Ying was obviously furious, surrounding himself with the Thunder Shield and using consciousness to make him levitate before he rushed toward Qin Feng .

Qin Feng did not try to stop him .

The other members of the Leitang Organization looked at one another, nodded their heads and quickened their pace to rush toward Qin Feng .

With ancient martial arts, one stepped through the air and soared at him!

At this time, Qin Feng let out another frosty laugh .

“Magma Impact!”

As soon as his voice rang out, a huge pillar of magma rose into the sky .


The magma pillar instantly enveloped the person who had unleashed their ancient martial arts .

The person had been wrapped around by internal force, but when the magma pillar hit him the internal force around him instantly shattered!


Letting out a pained yell, the D-tier aptitude user frantically retreated as his body was scoured by magma .

Since this D-tier aptitude user was full of vitality earlier, the damage would not kill him .

Just because he did not move on, he survived . If he kept going, Qin Feng would have let him join the magma as a new pile of ash .

At this time, the other ancient warriors were all shocked .


Lei Ying’s face was contorted with rage, but he did not stop moving and only thought about killing Qin Feng . Even if a few of his own people died in the attempt, succeeding would be a great relief!

So, he kept moving forward .

Suddenly, he felt a consciousness lock onto him!

In the next moment, a powerful consciousness crashed into him .

Lei Ying was using his consciousness to fly and the moment the opponent disrupted him, it immediately destabilized him .

Hell Magma was beneath him, he did not dare drop down!

“Lightning Sparks!”

Thunder ability runes surrounded him and Lei Ying rushed forward again .

It was at this time that there was a silver light that had appeared in the space in front of Lei Ying .

Then, a series of spatial rifts appeared .


There was the sound of a whip cracking, Lei Ying did not know what was going on as a series of slender cracks began to approach where he was .

Lei Ying was shocked! Being a well-informed man, he naturally knew what this was!

Spatial rift!

No, more like a spatial ability!

This ability was like a shadow, constantly chasing after him as he retreated .

“Look out!”

A warning came from behind .

Lei Ying felt like something just made his heart skip a beat . When he retreated, he shifted his direction but in that moment he brushed past a long and narrow spatial rift .

This rift swallowed a portion of his left arm, it was more cruel than immediately cutting it off as the arm got removed by the space and the other part spiraled down into the magma below .


Lei Ying let out a scream .

When he looked up, the rift had already closed but more than ten centimeters of his arm had been taken away by this rift and put into a spatial pocket!

He did not have time to be angry, only feeling a chill down his spine .

If he had not moved, what if the rift did not get his arm and instead got his heart?

Absolutely terrifying .

With that in mind, he no longer had the intention of pressing forward and quickly began to retreat!

Bai Li did not give chase!

Qin Feng stood in the center of his hellish magma carpet, the distortion in the air given off by the waves of heat made it hard to discern his facial expressions at the moment but his consciousness was locked onto everyone around him .

People knew that if they tried to approach, he would try to kill them .

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All of a sudden, the roars of ultra beasts could be heard as they quickly approached .

“Boom… boom… boom… boom… hroaar!”

The massive footfalls gave off a resonating boom as the beasts approached, their movements shaking the ground beneath them .

Then, a herd of elephantine-ultra beasts that were no longer hidden by the trees started to appear and stared at the Leitang members with burning red eyes .

Obviously they had been attracted by the beast lure powder .

Seeing that the road ahead was blocked and the road behind them was about to be blocked, everyone was starting to panic .

“President, are we…”

Are we still going to attack now?

If they really were to attack, a whole bunch of people would die! Nobody was guaranteed that it would not be them who would survive .

Suddenly, these people wanted to retreat out of self-preservation, but they could only wait for Lei Ying’s decision!

Lei Ying gritted his teeth so hard that he almost cracked some . He stared at Qin Feng, eyes full of hatred .

He just could not deal with Qin Feng!


After giving the order, he began to turn and run .

Everyone naturally quickly followed after him . Nobody dared to stay back!

At this time, the herd was already approaching . Although Lei Ying had taken most of it away, Qin Feng’s confrontation with him had also stained his own hand with beast lure powder and five of those elephant beasts were charging his way .

These ultra beasts only approached a few steps forward before they were drenched in magma and turned into ash .

After killing the herd, the surrounding ultra beasts began to move again .

“What’s going on? If there’s a Beast Emperor here there wouldn’t be any competing ultra beasts nearby!” Chen Xiang exclaimed, preparing for combat at any possible moment!

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“It’s fine, the people from Leitang wanted to use the beast lure powder to harm me, but they’re reaping what they sowed!” Qin Feng explained .

After these words, the other’s expression fell .

“Beast lure powder? Shameless thugs!”

“But Mr . Qin said they were reaping what they sowed, does that mean they themselves were affected by the powder? Explains why they fled so quickly with so many ultra beasts behind them!”

“The ultra beasts are now aggravated, based on their aura, I’m afraid they’ll be a great threat to us!”

The combined strength of Qin Feng and the others meant that killing incoming ultra beasts would not be an issue, but there were going to be even more problems .

Who knows what terrifying ultra beasts were going to be passing through here?

Qin Feng had already prepared himself .

He took out a crystalline bottle, poured out a few drops of clear fragrant liquid and smeared it on his hand!

This of course was not any old perfume . It was the king-level tear flower’s teardrop!

It would be easy to dissuade even D-tier ultra beasts .

Sure enough, after picking up the scent, the ultra beasts calmed down or avoided the smell .

At this time, the hunting of the beast emperor also progressed smoothly .

At a distance where Qin Feng’s consciousness could not reach, several organizations were monitoring this entire situation with stealth drones!

And they were sorely disappointed!

“The two didn’t even fight!”

“I was waiting for Leitang to beat up Gao Yukang and then collect the spoils!”

“This is so boring . ”

Longchuan definitely was not a battlefield for Leitang and Gao Yukang . There were just too many people here!