Master of the End Times - Chapter 397

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Chapter 397: 397

Chapter 397: Talking About Working Together Again

Nevertheless, Gao Yukang choosing to work with Qin Feng was a stroke of brilliance!

Not only that, a group consisting of forty D-tier aptitude users was a rare sight in Longchuan!

Beside the huge lake, trees had been toppled, the grass and flowers trampled . Gao Yukang and the others were still fighting the Water Drakon Emperor in the mess of things .

Three hours passed in the blink of an eye!


The Water Drakon Emperor let out a long, drawn out roar as it unwillingly collapsed to the ground .


With such a huge body crashing down onto the ground, the impact would still give those around it a little scare .

Gao Yukang’s mercenary troop burst into smiles at the same time . While there had been no cheering, their joy was beyond words .

It had been a thrilling experience and the end result was a good one .

They took down a beast emperor level beast .

At this time, Gao Yukang was already out of energy . By now, his internal force was depleted and he even used a lot of pills to support himself . The battle was finally over!

“Split the materials and get ready to fall back!”

Gao Yukang waved his hand, then sat down cross-legged as he tried to revert his internal force to its original state .

Qin Feng also gave an order, telling his gunners to spread out and guard the perimeter to prevent ultra beasts from coming in to harass them .

Thanks to the tears from the tear flower, no ultra beast approached them .

It was going very smoothly .

After half an hour, Gao Yukang and his team had already broken down the materials of the beast emperor .

“Qin Feng, do you plan to get money or some beast materials?” Gao Yukang asked .

“100 billion power credits and 50 billions worth of materials . I want Dragon Blood!”

Water Drakon blood was still Dragon Blood . It was usually expensive material but since it was difficult to maintain the Drakon Blood’s effect so it was not as expensive . Gao Yukang also gave him some meat and a dragon scale that could probably be made into inner armor .

Qin Feng was naturally satisfied .

Both parties had benefited together .

The Fengli Mercenary Troop began to retreat . In this battle, most people on the team had received money instead of materials . For them, some of these materials were no longer useful for them!

Qin Feng gave them 1 billion each, which definitely counted as a lot of money!

“It’s nice following a strong leader, I feel like I didn’t do anything!”

“Yeah! I thought we were going to fight Leitang!”

“Huh, I wonder if it would be called a fight? The boss killed Xue Jinkuang after all!”

Everyone was obviously satisfied with the current situation . The shadows that originally hung over the heads of these mutants had been mostly dispelled because of this mission .

Success always brought laughter .

After wading through rivers and crossing mountains for three days, everyone finally reached the frontline’s fortress, which was close to the guard post on the Longchuan Mountains’ front line . The closest place to them would be Longchuan’s third colony .

It was not very big, definitely not as big as Fengli and was smaller than Han Town when Qin Feng first encountered it .

While there were not many people here, these people were all elites .

Inadvertently, even a B-tier aptitude user could be seen .

Naturally, with these people around, it meant that there was a large number of service staff, so the place was not deserted .

When Qin Feng and the others arrived on the main road near the fortress, they got into their hover copters and went to a hotel . For the past few days, there was not a place to take a bath in and the stench of blood was still on their bodies which was definitely not good .

Once they were cleaned up, everyone began to relax .

Those who wanted a drink were ordering from the top shelf, some just crawled under a bed and slept like logs .

However, Qin Feng was studying a map!

The environment of the Longchuan Mountains was quite complicated, but it had a large amount of ultra beasts hidden within it!

He could effortlessly challenge beast kings, all he needed to do was find them .

The combined efforts of Bai Li and Qin Feng made it easy for them to fight D-tier beast kings but it also made some people green with envy .

He could not just kill his competitors in the wild either . Otherwise, the Human Alliance would try to investigate it .

Lei Ying did such a thing everytime, but he never killed anyone . Just horribly injured them .

Qin Feng thought about it for a while before picking up his communicator, dialing Gao Yukang’s number .

“Governor! Let’s talk about the next time we’ll be working together!” Qin Feng said in a brisk manner .

Gao Yukang was lying in bed, feeling very tired . This kind of battle exhausted a lot of his energy, just this one fight and he might need to rest for a week!

Upon hearing Qin Feng’s words, he was taken aback!

“Next time? I’m not even ready right now, I think I need a break . Besides, a more suitable beast emperor is probably already gone!”

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There were some beast emperors that had a whole brood of children!

That was the kind of horror that should not be provoked and Gao Yukang did not plan to do anything about them .

But, he definitely misunderstood what Qin Feng meant .

“What I meant was, I’ll be the main force this time . I hope that you could be the one to help out and scare off competitors, Governor Gao!”

Gao Yukang suddenly had a shocked expression .

“Qin Feng, if you slay beast kings, I don’t think you’d be able to even pay for me appearing!”

“What? Kill beast kings? I can take on those kinds of monsters without anyone’s help!”

Gao Yukang was speechless for a moment, even as a C-tier, a D-tier beast king strength meant that they were not something that he could take down alone but when Qin Feng said it with such a casual manner, it made it seem easy .

What Gao Yukang thought was incredible was Qin Feng’s answer .

“You want to kill beast emperors?”


“What’s the goal?”

“How about the Ivory Crown Emperor?”*

Gao Yukang almost laughed at Qin Feng .

“You’re kidding right?”

“Do I look like I’m joking?”

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Gao Yukang helplessly furrowed his brow . “I need to think about it . I’ll give an answer later, not to mention, even if I wanted to kill the Ivory Crown Emperor, I need a whole week to recover!”

“No problem!”

Qin Feng replied before both their communicators hung up .

A few days later, Gao Yukang still had not replied to Qin Feng’s invitation . Qin Feng was not in a hurry, taking his mercenary troop into the mountains to fight ultra beasts every day .

Compared to the other D-tiers in Longchuan Colony Three, the Fengli Mercenary Troop was a bit too diligent!

Continuous, highly intense fights at the start of every day and coming back with large amounts of materials every time . People found it incredible!

Although these materials might just be from standard D-tier ultra beasts, a small amount would accumulate into more and more . The speed of which the group was making money was astounding .

Of course, if the other groups tried, they definitely would not be able to do it!

The members of the Fengli Mercenary Troop had no concerns about their situation . They came from the frontline of Shadong Town, a place where a crisis could occur at any moment . They were all people who fought desperately to defend it when it was in danger . Even if they did not leave the town, ultra beasts would come knocking at their door and force them to fight .

The current intensity of combat was nothing to them .

In just a week, the wealth of each individual Fengli Mercenary Troop member had increased to several hundred millions .

“Governor Gao, have you made your decision about my invitation to work together again?” Qin Feng once again communicated face to face with Gao Yukang .

Gao Yukang furrowed his brow and in the end, he shook his head and said, “This Ivory Crown Emperor business, I think it’s impossible! I cannot agree!”

Translator’s Note: ‘Ivory Crown Emperor’ in the original text refers to an elephant-like ultra beast .