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Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Terrorists

In the intermediate academy, thirty students were in the graduating class of sixteen-year-olds . There was a two-tabled private room as well, indicating obvious segregation .

Within the room, Zhao Yuanyuan and Chen Ming were in the limelight, both busy receiving congratulatory praises for having their abilities awakened . One of them already a member of a mercenary team, and was rumored to have earned 50,000 yuan this month alone!

In the eyes of these fresh graduates who had only just stepped out into the world, 50,000 yuan was an unobtainable amount . They were accustomed to being supported by their parents .

To some of the less wealthy students, 50,000 yuan was 5 years worth of their parents’ salary . Cheng Ming had earned the entire sum in all but a month .

Now, who wouldn’t have envied that?

“Zhou Hao, Qin Feng, you’re here!” Chen Ming called out to them, waving, but as his friends drew closer, his brows creased .

Zhou Hao was equipped with a combat suit .

“Zhou Hao! Your combat suit looks real good . Has your ability been awakened?” Chen Ming asked .

“Oh, no . But no worries there . Ancient dispositions are easily awakened . I have been training hard recently, but I haven’t done as well as you have, Chen Ming!” Zhou Hao sighed, unsmiling .

“No, no . I’m doing whatever I’m doing just to get by . You know what it’s like for orphans like us!”

Chen Ming simply smiled . He knew that Zhou Hao’s father worked at the training center . Zhou Hao had also only awakened for a month – he probably still lacked aptitude . There was no need to worry .

Those thoughts put Chen Ming’s mind at ease, and subsequently, his brows relaxed as he turned his attention to Qin Feng .

When he saw that his friend was dressed in the familiar faded jeans and a white T-shirt, his delight and pleasure were apparent .

In school, he had always come second to Qin Feng, and Chen Ming had to pretend to be friendly despite having no intention of doing so . He only did it so he could covertly learn Zhou Hao and Qin Feng’s secrets, hoping to undermine and beat them .

“Qin Feng, what have you been up to? I haven’t seen you around lately . Did you get yourself a job?”

Chen Ming could not help but feel smug as he posed the question .

“A job? Our awakening period hasn’t even come yet . Is this the right time to talk about these things?” Qin Feng answered lightly . “Sometimes, you never know who gets the last laugh!” answered Qin Feng .

“Qin Feng, come over here!” A voice called out .

Chen Ming froze .

Qin Feng turned around and saw that it was Xiao Jing .

She had taken the entire day off so she could attend the reunion . Being a garrison soldier now, she could not simply leave her post, but when she thought of Qin Feng attending the event, she felt the need to come .

Xiao Jing never told anyone about her posting in the garrison .

On the other table in the private room, Chen Ming and Zhao Yuanyuan were laughing and chatting away . Those who sat at the table were all from wealthy families . Even if their abilities or Ancient Disposition were not awakened, they could easily become gunners because of their influence . Of course, these upper-class families were never ‘fans’ of combat and would usually start a business in the colony . Without much trouble too .

Qin Feng followed Xiao Jing to the other table; Zhou Hao went along with them .

“Hey, Qin Feng, since when were you so close to Xiao Jing? But then again, although she’s not the prettiest around, I’m sure she’ll make an excellent wife and mother!”

Qin Feng elbowed Zhou Hao, giving him the eye and indicating him to shut up .

Xiao Jing’s ancient warrior’s abilities were awakened, so she could definitely hear Zhou Hao’s jeering with her improved hearing abilities .

“Zhou Hao, it looks like things have been going well for you . Let’s compare notes when you’re free . My ancient warrior’s abilities have just been awakened, and I’m short on a partner to practice with!” She said it under her breath but just loud enough for Zhou Hao to hear, a scowl visible on her face .

“Aw, is this still the Xiao Jing that I know?” Zhou Hao chuckled . “Have mercy, your highness! Spare me!”

Thankfully, the friendly jibe eased the tension between them .

Soon, the dishes were served, and the classmates chatted amiably with each other . Yet to be burdened by livelihood, everyone in the room was carefree and mostly at ease .

Their utopia, however, was soon to be very rudely disrupted!


A deafening explosion shook the entire hotel, its massive shockwave throwing tables into the air while hurling dishes and food all over the floor .

The chandelier hanging on the ceiling fell and shattered into a million pieces together with the broken crockery .

But that was not the most frightening part yet .

The private room the reunion was held in was on the first floor . So, when the explosion happened, the wall facing the road blew out, crumbling and exposing the room to the streets outside with a gaping hole .


Students were scattered all over, screaming in fear and confusion .

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Unfortunately, their terrified shrieks were met with peals of laughter from unknown assailants, followed by another deafening rattle of machine guns firing .

“Take cover! All of you! Get down on your hands and knees! Hurry!” Xiao Jing shouted as she pulled out the mechanical weapon in her bag .

Even though she did not have an energy gun, the machine should be enough .

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Xiao Jing began to counterattack but was quickly overwhelmed by the enemy .

Qin Feng responded instinctively . Without so much as a thought, he lifted the table made out of solid wood and hurled it towards the massive cavity in the wall .

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The table was perforated with a row of bullet holes .


The people in the room screamed . Thankfully, with the table acting as a barricade, they managed to make a run for it .

The person who was attacking them kicked the table aside in a fury, breaking the wood into tiny pieces .

An Ancient Warrior!

One kick revealed the enemy’s strength .

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It was then that a whole group of them entered the room .

They were all clad in black from head to toe, and the masks they had on their faces had a white spider printed on it .

“Black Spider!”

“The anti-human group!”

Finally, everyone in the room understood the reason behind all the commotion .

“Argh! I don’t want to die! Help me! Help!!!”

Everyone was screaming hysterically . Amid the chaos, a few lucky ones managed to run out of the door .

Those who too far away from the exit could only crouch with their hands over their heads or lie flat on the floor to avoid getting shot .

Some students had already been hit and were screaming as they fell through the stairs .

The gruesome situation turned Qin Feng extremely furious, fists clenched, and digging his nails into his palms!

He took out the scroll holder from behind him and drew his Verdant Emperor Saber!

Xiao Jing, on the other hand, had only just awakened, and shooting was not her strength . The firearm in her hand smashed to pieces .

“How dare you return fire! You even brought a gun? F*ck! What a waste of my time!” growled one of the gunmen .

One of the Black Spider guys looked around and ordered, “Take away all the girls and kill all the boys!”