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Master of the End Times - Chapter 400

Published at 3rd of November 2020 02:55:08 PM

Chapter 400

Chapter 400: Lei Ying was Caught by Surprise

The Ivory Crown Emperor’s howl quaked the land .

In the dark, several giant figures lumped together as they were rushing toward the same direction—where Qin Feng was at .

This was because Bai Li had reappeared beside Qin Feng with a spirit herb two times the size of bamboo shoots in her hand . She munched the herb instinctively .


Energy immediately emanated around Bai Li . Qin Feng managed to benefit from the released energy even by just standing beside her .

“It’s crispy and nice . ” Bai Li handed over the herb to Qin Feng . Qin Feng chewed on it but his teeth were met by great resistance .

Fortunately, Qin Feng’s had all his body parts strengthened and his teeth were exceptionally tough . He tightened his jaw further and eventually bit through the moon-tempered cress .

Energy soon gushed into his limbs and triggered Asteroid Assimilation . The energy influx was absorbed directly by his body and turned into a liquefied inner power that sank deep into his dantian .

‘This is awesome!’

But this was not the time to take another bite .


The elephant herd was right in front of their eyes now .

“Let’s move!”

Silver radiance embodied Bai Li and Qin Feng and teleported them a thousand miles away .

Chomp! Chomp!

It was bewildering that Bai Li could still find the time to take another two quick bites . The herb’s energy would slowly diminish once it was bitten so it was best to finish it off quickly .

The Ivory Crown Emperor located them instantly and once again charged at them furiously .

Their humongous bodies shattered the rocks in their path effortlessly and stormed forward intimidatingly .

Boom! Boom!

Plants were blown apart where the Ivory Crown Emperor passed through . One step of the giant elephant was equivalent to a few hundred miles . They caught up to Qin Feng and Bai Li in roughly ten steps .

More horrifyingly, the Ivory Crown Emperor was followed by an enormous herd of “angry mobs” .

Bai Li teleported again . She skipped through three hills in the blink of an eye .

As the silver flash faded, Qin Feng and Bai Li arrived at the front of a group of soldiers hovering in the air on an electronic glider inside a canyon .

“Here they come!”

“Get ready!”

The emperor soon arrived, with its entire tribe followed closely .

Qin Feng backed in further into the canyon .

The Ivory Crown Emperor did the same and blocked the entire narrow entryway with its gigantic figure .

“Stall it, let the herd come closer . ”


Bai Li swung her Spatial Whip and elicited multiple silver explosions . The space-time distortion generated by the explosion lacerated the beast, who was marching forward steadily .


The Ivory Crown Emperor unleashed its force and repelled the space rift .

On the other side, Qin Feng concentrated his consciousness .

“Fire Dragon Style!”

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A giant fire dragon ascended to the sky . It was a scene not seen by many of the Fengli mercenaries .

This was because Qin Feng had never showcased it before to hide his true ability .

The fire dragon dove and pounded on the Ivory Crown Emperor . Upon impact, even the humongous elephant was being forced back . The remaining hairs on its body were completely burned off by the fire .

The Ivory Crown Emperor was infuriated and swung his trunk toward Qin Feng’s direction . Its action stirred up a strong air current that blew Qin Feng, who tried to withstand it with his inner strength, miles away .

But Qin Feng got what he was aiming for . The delay had allowed the herd to catch up to their emperor .

The entire canyon was now crowded by the elephant herd .

Several thousand elephants rushed into the canyon chasing after the scent of the moon-tempered cress .

Qin Feng and Bai Li levitated to a higher altitude .

“Blow it!”

Under his command, one of his mercenaries pushed the button . Tremendous explosive waves soon erupted inside the canyon .

It was a horrible scene to behold .

The two peaks beside the canyon were brought down by the giant explosion . Sliding rocks from the hills served as the second wave of attack .

Such a loud bang in the middle of the night sent terror to everyone within the vicinity .

Those residing nearby could either hear or feel the terrifying existence .

“What’s happening?”

“Someone is hunting the beast emperor!”

“The elephants?!”

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The news broke out and immediately caused an uproar .

“Who is daring enough to provoke the almighty Ivory Crown Emperor? Not only that but it seems they are close to pulling this off?!”

At least, the scale of the explosion was breathtaking .

The entire canyon was shrouded by a dust cloud .

The explosives installed by Qin Feng were all plasma bombs . The large area explosion had surely taken out most of the elephants .

Though the Ivory Crown Emperor was not heavily injured, it was still stuck in a tight spot being pressed by boulders .

Qin Feng made no delay and unleashed his powerful ability .

“Dark Pillar!”

Instantly, a dark cloud emerged out of thin air . Then, a dark light beamed down from the cloud and showered directly on the Ivory Crown Emperor’s body .

This skill is a modified version of Decaying Rain used by Wraith Devil, a monster Qin Feng encountered in Pingyun before .

The pillar gradually increased in diameter until it had completely covered the elephant emperor .

Qin Feng could feel that his Absorption ability had started running rapidly to draw the energy from the Ivory Crown Emperor into his body .

The Ivory Crown Emperor was weakened gradually . This signified that the beast was losing its power .

Qin Feng might be unable to handle the Ivory Crown Emperor at its peak but it was a different story now .

On the other hand, a weakened Ivory Crown Emperor would be no match to Bai Li, who was a C-tier beast emperor .

The Ivory Crown Emperor could only growl grudgingly in the face of two mighty opponents .

Those from the Fengli Mercenary Troop waited for the dust to settle and returned into the canyon .

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They swiftly put down any elephant remaining alive after the explosion like a wolf pack eating into a herd of sheep .

Simultaneously, the news continued to spread through the Human Alliance network .


Lei Ying was thirsty to kill after he was being woken up in the middle of the night .

“Marvelous! Stay in the colony . I will be going by myself this time . ”

Lei Ying departed from Colony Three but it was already too late for him to stop Qin Feng from killing the Ivory Crown Emperor .

That was not his plan anyway . This time, he planned to finish off Qin Feng for good .

Though he said that he would be heading there alone, he had secretly communicated with four other C-tier users .

The five of them could still earn 100 billion per person after they had robbed the Ivory Crown Emperor from Qin Feng’s hand .

Not many could resist such a good opportunity .

They were not the only ones that had received the news . Gao Yukang was equally shocked by the news that Qin Feng had taken up the challenge without his knowledge . Not only that but Qin Feng had chosen to fight during the night that was full of uncertainty .

But if he could indeed pull this off, then picking the night seemed wise in hindsight .

The others probably would not dare to come recklessly during the night, where dangers were lurking everywhere .

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Qin Feng’s communicator was ringing but he did not have the time to answer it . He was still focusing on the battle .

Four hours later, the sky brightened up and the gigantic Ivory Crown Emperor had finally succumbed to Qin Feng . The emperor plunged and leaned on the side of the hill . Its body was too huge to lie down on the canyon .

The battle had come to its end .

The most valuable items on the Ivory Crown Emperor were its ivory, skin to be used medicinally, and finally its power core .

‘What a rewarding night!’