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Master of the End Times - Chapter 401

Published at 3rd of November 2020 02:55:05 PM

Chapter 401: 401

Chapter 401: Switch Target

“Retreat at once!”

Qin Feng did not dissect the mammoth but asked Bai Li to pack the entire body into her space .

The others were not surprised by this as they already knew that Qin Feng owned a capacious Spatial Rune Equipment .

Spatial Rune Equipment was a vital item for D-tiers . If they could not find a large enough Spatial Equipment, they would compensate for the lack of space by simply bringing more storage equipment .

The group retreated from the canyon being protected by Qin Feng’s dark runes .

Monsters would not detect them while Qin Feng would also evade those who might have rushed here to mug them off their rewards . They reached Longchuan’s Colony Three within a day .

They were considered safe once inside the colony .

No matter how powerful Lei Ying was, he would not stir trouble inside a colony .

Lei Ying was furious after he learned that his targets had all moved back into the colony without harm .

He could not believe that he was going to go back empty-handed .

Qin Feng then remembered Gao Yukang’s missed call and proceeded to call him back .

Gao Yukang answered the call hastily but was first stunned by the surroundings where Qin Feng was at .

“You are back in the colony camp?”

The framework and construction in Qin Feng’s background were the ones that could only be found in a civilized colony .

“Yeap . We are back . ”

“I thought you were just having a battle near the big canyon? How did you make it back so quick?”

No matter how you see it, Qin Feng completed the task one day ahead of the projected time . ‘How did he manage to return to the colony this quick?’

“It’s a secret . ” Qin Feng smirked .

Gao Yukang was speechless . But he soon thought about something and laughed . “I heard that Lei Ying tried to corner you at the canyon after you killed the Ivory Crown Emperor . Now that you are back in the colony, I can imagine how distorted his face would be when he realized he has run into nothing . ”

Qin Feng frowned as he heard that . “Corner me? How many people did he bring?”

“Han Chengming, Liu Yi, Wang Jian, and someone from the Dark Coalition called Liu Bei . ”

Qin Feng was shocked to hear the last name . Liu Bei, as he recalled, was an A-tier ancient warrior of the Dark Coalition in the future .

Lei Ying was indeed trying to kill him at all costs .

Qin Feng grew gloomier . “Governor, stay alert . ”


“Do you think Lei Ying and his partners in crime would just turn back home happily after gaining nothing? You, of all people, should know that Lei Ying is not the type that would give up easily . ”


In the meantime, near the Longchuan mountains, Lei Ying and his co . were still half a day away from the big canyon . To their surprise, Qin Feng had already returned to the colony .


“This is a waste of time!”

“What sorcery did that brat used to reach the colony in such a short time?”

“What’s the use of dwelling on that now?”

They were all exasperated . Lei Ying’s mood was the worst among them .

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“I know that Gao Yukang has just departed . Since we are already here, why not ambush him instead?”

It was just a switch of the target from Qin Feng to Gao Yukang .

Han Chengming and Liu Yi hesitated . They might be confident in bullying a D-tier aptitude user but going up against Gao Yukang was not something they had signed up for .

Liu Bei, on the other hand, sneered and said, “It’s all the same to me . It would be too bad if my blade does not get to taste blood tonight . ”

Those who had hesitated earlier were stunned by such a notion and decided to acquiesce the operation .

At C-tier, even if Liu Bei was someone from the Dark Coalition, nobody would refuse to cooperate with such a reliable ally .

Liu Bei was a prodigy . It was also because of his talent that he behaved unscrupulously and violently . His infamous character had caused him to be exiled from colonies belonging to the Human Alliance .

Liu Bei studied and practiced the dark art . That made him look like he was seventeen years old while in fact, he was already twenty seven .

Reaching C-tier at the age of twenty seven meant that his talent was even higher than that of Gao Yukang’s .

“Let’s roll!” Lei Ying said in a deep voice . The others nodded and five of them changed their direction toward Gao Yukang .


Gao Yukang’s brows were deeply furrowed now .

He made fun of Lei Ying while completely forgetting about the possibility that he could very well be their next target . That was highly probable as Lei Ying held a grudge over him after Gao Yukang had publicly opposed him just recently .

“This toxic bastard!” Gao Yukang trembled in anger .

As suspected by the Leitang Organization, another member of Gao Yukang’s party had just attained C-tier status . Nonetheless, two C-tiers in his party would still come up a little short as compared to the small group heading their way now .

Gao Yukang looked at Qin Feng on his communicator’s screen . “Qin Feng, if you could rush back to the colony in one and a half days, then I believe you can reach me in time too . If we need to clash with Lei Ying, then I will pay you 100 billion after this . If not, you will get the chance to hunt another beast emperor . We will split 4:6 . Deal?”

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This was a much better offer than the previous one .

“Deal!” Qin Feng agreed without much hesitation .

After working for three days straight, the Fengli mercenaries were exhausted . They stayed back to dissect the Ivory Crown Emperor and split the loot for sale . Qin Feng only brought Bai Li with him this time to the Longchuan mountains .

Longchuan was large but Qin Feng and Bai Li could move quickly through Bai Li’s spatial ability . They caught up to Lei Ying’s troop in less than a day .

Qin Feng scanned them from afar and roughly grasped the strength of the five-man troop .

Gao Yukang’s party had two C-tiers . Qin Feng and Bai Li were C-tiers, too . It might appear to be a four vs . five battle but Qin Feng was confident that his side would emerge victorious .

This was because Bai Li was no ordinary C-tier .

Qin Feng and Bai Li skipped ahead to rendezvous with Gao Yukang .

At the exact same moment, Lei Ying sensed something and raised his head toward the point where Qin Feng had just disappeared from .

“What? You sensed something?”

“I sensed a familiar force . But it disappeared too quickly for me to identify who that might be . ”

Every aptitude user’s consciousness was different but it was still hard to distinguish them with such a short contact .

Regardless, Lei Ying could not shake the bad feeling lingering in his mind .

Half a day later, Lei Ying and co . finally reached Gao Yukang’s party .

They heard the loud noise of battle as soon as they closed in .

The group was baffled at first but immediately realized what was happening .

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“Gao Yukang must have guessed our intention and decided to hunt down the beast preemptively . ”

“But we still made it on time!”

“Gao Yukang, you have Qin Feng to blame for your downfall!”

Lei Ying snickered and signaled to the others . Lightning began to cover his body .


He immediately burst into speed . The other four were ancient warriors and had learned qinggong . They stayed close behind Lei Ying .

The five-man group charged straight toward the battle .


Boom Boom Boom!

The beast emperor shrieked for one last time and the battle sound abruptly ended after that .

Lei Ying’s group reached the battlefield almost at the same time the beast had fallen .

The battle took place at a valley between two mountains . The entire place was stained with fresh blood .

A giant beast was seen lying at the center of the valley .

“Beast emperor!” Lei Ying was excited and prepared to lunge down .