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Master of the End Times - Chapter 402

Published at 4th of November 2020 03:10:05 AM

Chapter 402: 402

Chapter 402: Ecliptic Rift

This was when another figure came into Lei Ying’s sight .

Tall build, handsome feature, and the vibe that did not belong to someone this young .

“Qin Feng!”

Lei Ying felt that someone had just punched him in the gut . His worst fear was proven right . It was indeed Qin Feng that had passed by them earlier . More shockingly, he had reached half-a-day earlier than they did .

Lei Ying had not been this annoyed and infuriated for a very long time .

Qin Feng grinned and greeted him, “What a coincidence, President Lei . ”

The corner of Lei Ying’s eye twitched out of anger .

‘Coincidence my ass . ’

The others, on the contrary, were delighted to see Qin Feng here .

“Well, well, this saves us the trouble of looking for him,” Han Chengming infused internal force into his voice so that the others could hear him .

“So this is Qin Feng . Great! Instead of making Gao Yukang our enemy, let’s just kill Qin Feng . The others would not be able to stop us,” Liu Yi said in response .

Wang Jian said nothing but he had locked on Qin Feng as well . He was ready to launch an attack anytime .

Liu Bei was the only one who said, “Kill them both!” He came from the Dark Coalition and was a vicious man . He had nothing to lose so he had no restraint . Liu Bei could not care less about what others thought . He would do this his way .

“Gao Yukang, give up on the beast emperor!” Han Chengming was the first to shout at them . He covered himself with a shield made with his internal force and dashed toward Gao Yukang .

Nonetheless, his true target was Qin Feng . The same went for Liu Yi and Wang Jian .

Lei Ying was sullen but his urge to kill surpassed any other mood he had right now . He ordered, “Do it!”

‘Qin Feng must die!’

But Lei Ying had a hunch . They might not be able to kill him today .

After Lei Ying’s order, the four C-tier ancient warriors demonstrated their qinggong and charged toward Qin Feng simultaneously .

This was when a body appeared in front of Qin Feng .

It was Bai Li!


Bai Li lashed out the silver whip in her hand toward the four assaulters .

A blinding silver light immediately covered a hundred-meter radius .

Spatial rifts then emerged spontaneously like a monster maw trying to rip the flesh off its targets .

“Be careful, it’s spatial ability!”

Lei Ying instantly alerted the others .

Your enemy was sometimes the one that knew you best .

Due to the previous defeat, Lei Ying went back and did his research, especially on Bai Li . This was the person that had caused him to lose an arm . Even though he managed to restore his arm with rare herbs, it was not accomplished without paying a great price .

So it was only logical that he had paid extra attention to such powerful foes .

However, he still knew only a little about Bai Li’s ability and thought it all came from the silver whip in her hand . That was why Lei Ying was coveting the powerful weapon .

The other four persons were shocked when they heard Lei Ying’s warning and reflexively released their inner strength to repel the approaching spatial runes .

Though they managed to fend off the rift, it cost them a lot of energy . Besides, since they needed to watch their steps, the assaulters slowed down considerably .

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Bai Li was not going to let such an opportunity slip .

Spatial Rift!

Bai Li unleashed more of her ability .

Simultaneously, Qin Feng also raised his hand and a dark light promptly emerged .

Dark Laser!

The four rays traveled in a straight line and hit the four of them, respectively .

Suddenly, as if their inner powers were being eroded and had disappeared bit by bit .

“It’s Dark Ability!” Lei Ying warned again .

Lei Li might be dead but Lei Ying had experienced the same horror of Dark Ability before .

Now, Qin Feng could release the power simply by raising his hand . Such a drastic improvement in a short span was baffling .

Qin Feng was truly an unpredictable person .

The two sides got tangled in a chaotic battle . Qin Feng, Bai Li, and Zheng Qian from Gao Yukang’s party against Lei Ying’s five-man group . The latter did not gain the upper hand even with the number advantage .

Gao Yukang’s fight was not over either . He was going to deal the final blow to the heavily injured beast emperor .

All of a sudden, everyone’s communicator began to vibrate violently accompanied by a piercing alarm .

Buzz! A supernova rift is going to appear!

Buzz! Please retreat to safety! Please retreat to safety!

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Buzz! Danger level A! Danger level A! Retreat at once!

They were all stunned by the prompt notification .

Later, the entire place was darkened . Something had appeared above them and blocked off the light .

They looked up and saw that a large dark circle had shaded the sun .


“It’s a spatial tunnel!”

It was not a rift but a f*cking passageway large enough to cover the sun .

The scenario highly resembled a solar eclipse .

Afterward, something unbeknown to them came out from the other side of the colossal spatial tunnel .

It looked like a reverse cone .

“What’s that?” Everyone was baffled .

Qin Feng was the only one who trembled in fear . He knew everything about the big events that had taken place in his past life .

In this year, the powerful Grans had arrived at Earth through the spatial rift . About ten thousand of them came with their floating castle .

The almighty Grans effortlessly demolished Longchuan with better soldiers and more advanced technologies .

The Human Alliance’s fortresses were brought down one after another . Longchuan that was developing well before was wiped off the map overnight . Along with its downfall, few hundreds of C-tiers paid their lives protecting Longchuan . They had also lost two B-tiers in the process .

One of them was none other than Gao Yukang .

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Because of this memory, Qin Feng vowed to help Gao Yukang to escape his fate when he came to Longchuan .

Unfortunately, the incident had occurred prematurely .

Qin Feng somehow knew this was coming . Bai Li’s excessive use of her spatial ability must have sped up the whole process .

But Qin Feng would not reveal this and he would not be sorry for it .

Right now, there was only one thing to be done .


“Bai Li, we need to flee . Now!” Qin Feng shouted instantaneously . Bai Li was still busy fighting Han Chengming but left the battle graciously without much trouble after she heard Qin Feng .

“Governor, time to run!” Qin Feng shouted to Gao Yukang .

However, Gao Yukang only hastened his attacks on the monster .

“You guys leave first . I will catch up later . ” Gao Yukang was still obsessed with the beast emperor . He was not going to let the beast emperor slide after the hard fought battle .

This beast emperor was the very reason they were here now . Gao Yukang refused to give up on the money that was already halfway into his pocket .

Thinking of this, Gao Yukang’s hands moved even faster than before .

“We are not leaving too!” Gao Yukang’s underlings said, “With our help, we can finish this off quicker!”

“Very well, move your ass then, boys!”

Qin Feng’s face could not be any redder . “For f*ck’s sake! Do you all have a death wish!?”