Master of the End Times - Chapter 403

Published at 6th of November 2020 02:50:13 PM

Chapter 403

Chapter 403: The Destructive Army of Grans

“Qin Feng, if you spend your energy on working rather than talking, perhaps the beast emperor would already be dead by now!”

“Bai Li!” Qin Feng growled .

Bai Li immediately understood what Qin Feng wanted . She jumped forward like a flash and punched at the D-tier beast emperor’s body without reserve using her outrageous physical strength .


Instantly, the beast was sent flying a few hundred meters backward .

Bai Li chased up and gave it another punch before it landed .


Another few hundred meters .

In the blink of an eye, Bai Li had gone far together with the beast emperor’s body . Others quickly followed behind her . This included Lei Ying and his small group .

Who would not want to get the raw beast materials?

Qin Feng’s main purpose was to chase them all out from this very spot .

The supernova rift on top of them was the biggest threat .

The Floating City descended rapidly . Its size, which was equivalent to the area of a small colony, was something to behold .

With the city getting closer to the land, numerous figures were seen flying out from the floating isle .

Grans were born with wings .

They possessed expandable bones and grew wings with it . The protruding bones covered only by the skin was a rather peculiar sight .

Though they did resemble humans in terms of appearance, their eyes were more bloated like a ping-pong ball .

If they appeared before the apocalypse, then Grans would definitely be mistaken as aliens for their eerie outlook .

But now humans knew that Grans were just another intelligent species coming from an unknown dimension .

This species was much stronger than humans in the current state .

They communicated using unrecognizable syllables and came right after the running humans .

Apparently, their first target on this planet would be another intelligent species . Humans served as good candidates to be enslaved .

At least three troops of Grans dived down toward the humans . Each troop was formed by about ten soldiers estimated to be at least C-tier .

“Ah! Beasts!”


“They are coming after us!”

The Gunners had not retreated from their spot from the battle earlier and became the first targets of the Grans .

A D-tier aptitude user had his neck grabbed by one of the Grans . The monster tried to lift him up but the aptitude user resisted frantically . The decomposition blaster in the user’s hand fired a destructive flare toward the Gran .


A force shield wrapped around the Gran promptly to protect it from the blast . The monster was aggravated seeing that the lowly human dared to assault it .


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The neck of the D-tier gunner was snapped and broken by the Gran .

Human life was indeed fragile . The D-tier gunner was killed just like that .

The other gunners were furious when they saw what happened to their comrades . But their anger was soon drowned by fear . They were afraid of the brutality of the more superior life form .

They tried to run, but none was able to escape from being slain mercilessly .

The five fallen gunners were Gao Yukang’s trusted underlings .

Gao Yukang’s group was made up of about twenty members . All of them were elites under the Human Alliance .

Gao Yukang was infuriated to see five of his men falling this easily in the unknown enemies’ hands .


“Governor, calm down . Bring your men and flee at once . Do you wish to sacrifice the rest of your troop as well?” Qin Feng once again tried to talk some sense into Gao Yukang . He infused his voice with great internal force and the resonance was deafening .

Gao Yukang’s eyes were tinged with redness but his glare remained . He gritted and shouted, “Retreat!”

The remaining survivors were all ancient warriors and they ran away at full speed .

“Calling Longchuan city! Calling Longchuan city! A supernova rift has been spotted . Danger level A-tier . Lockdown the town immediately . Lock it down!” Gao Yukang bellowed toward his communicator .

Everyone on the scene was scrambling for their lives . They could not care less about the beasts that they might disturb inside the Longchuan mountains .

Bai Li was sprinting too . She finished off the beast emperor and threw it inside her spatial storage .

But nobody cared about the beast emperor now .

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However, no matter how fast they ran, humans were unable to outpace the flying Grans .

The Grans flew over and grabbed on another D-tier ancient warrior .

Crack! Crack!

All the limbs of the ancient warrior were debilitated and he was thrown into the bush . If he were still alive, then he would be brought back as a slave . If he did not survive, then he was just an insignificant prey in a hunting game for the Grans .

The Grans leashed out a creepy laugh . To them, all this chasing and killing of inferior species was just a form of entertainment .

“Scums!” Gao Yukang was further angered by what he witnessed .

This was when one of the Grans dived and tried to seize an aptitude user near Gao Yukang .

Gao Yukang could no longer tolerate and unleashed a heavy attack .


His enormous inner power was channeled through the weapon in his hand and promptly shattered the force shield covering the Grans .

“Die!” Gao Yukang yelled and wanted to kill the monster .

Other Grans sensed the danger befalling their comrade and turned aggressive . They simultaneously dived toward Gao Yukang .

Dark Shroud!

A terrifying dark mist arose out of thin air and instantly shrouded a large area .

Everything became invisible inside the darkness . The mist also robbed away the perceptual ability of all living things engulfed by it .

Qin Feng was the only one able to see in the dark . He also insulated Gao Yukang from the dark runes within the mist .

“Governor, let’s go!”

Qin Feng appeared in front of Gao Yukang and grabbed his arm . He forcefully dragged Gao Yukang away from the battlefield .

Gao Yukang wished to fight the Grans and tried hard to free himself from Qin Feng’s grip . To his surprise, Qin Feng’s strength was too strong for him .

Two of them ran out from the mist but not long later, the Grans once again caught up to them .

Not only that but more Grans were seen flying out from the Floating City at the back . Those who looked back saw nothing but despair .

“Quick, run into the Frosty Peak!” Gao Yukang shouted .

Frosty Peak was one of the unknown dimensions under the jurisdiction of Niumeng City . The place was ravaged by icy winds all year but served as an ideal location for consciousness training .

Gao Yukang’s men had the waymark for this place . They only needed some basic tools to construct the portal .

“Boss, we won’t make it!” Zheng Qian panicked .

“Besides, if they can create such a huge rift, then they must be more advanced than us in terms of spatial technology! We can’t outrun them!”

“I don’t want to die! Run! I don’t want to die!”

They had maximized their speed by pushing their qinggong to the limit but were still unable to shake off the Grans behind them .

One after another, the D-tier aptitude users were captured . They were simply not quick enough .

In contrast, Lei Ying and his group had outrun them by a margin . Since Gao Yukang would also stop frequently to rescue his comrades, he had indirectly helped Lei Ying to slow down the Grans’ pursuit .