Master of the End Times - Chapter 406

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Chapter 406

Chapter 406: Joining Fengli

Qin Feng and the others had fought with them at the frontline, and if they were to launch a pursuit, Xu Qing highly doubted that a D-tier could survive it .

“Thank you, General!” Qin Feng was not bothered by the caller’s pessimism and cut off the communication immediately!

In a day, approximately twenty three hours, Qin Feng and the remaining members of Gao Yukang’s team were constantly on the move .

Finally, they had returned to Colony Three!

From there, they were allowed to travel back to Longchuan City by using the combat aircraft, at least they would be protected by B-tier aptitude users there .

However, Colony Three had been totally evacuated, and restrictions had also been imposed on the area!

Aptitude users who were C-tier and above would be automatically assigned into the combat forces, D-tier aptitude users were also allowed to participate and get their share of the high amount of rewards, however, it was all at their own risk .

Certainly, Qin Feng and Bai Li stayed back to participate in the battle .

At that moment, a group had gathered at the most luxurious hotel of Colony Three, they were all grouped up within a room!

It was Gao Yukang’s team!

There were only eleven of them left .

Zheng Qian maintained her stern face as she looked toward the eleven of them, and she continued saying, “All of you have heard the news, the Human Alliance is planning to impose restrictions, and they might even set up their defenses here to retaliate against the intellectual species, I have made up my mind to stay! What about all of you?!”

“Is this question still necessary? They killed our commander, and we must take revenge!”

“I want all of them to die here!”


There was not even a slight hesitation from all ten of them!

Zheng Qian felt comforted yet her despair deepened .

“I understand that it is crucial for all of us to get revenge for our commander!” Zheng Qian inhaled deeply and said, “However, the commander has just sacrificed himself, it would be a waste of his sacrifice if we were to just put our lives at risk without any careful considerations!”

The discussion instantly became one that was heavy .

A cold bucket of water seemed to have been poured over everyone as cold chills hit them deep inside .

After all, they knew that it would be impossible for them to get on revenge for the commander with their current capabilities!

The Grans were very powerful, and each of them had C-tier capabilities, those that had come were most probably an army force, they were capable of causing despair to the humans .

Zheng Qian managed to lead everyone to an escape earlier, now, the most brutal battle had commenced, and her capabilities had not provided the members with a sufficient sense of security .

After all, Zheng Qian was just recently promoted to C-tier, she was still lacking in her fundamental capabilities, and she was not even on par with Gao Yukang’s combat energy .

“Does this leave us with no choice but to leave? Our commander would not be able to rest in peace!” A person’s voice was heard, and it was filled with deep sorrow .

Zhen Xi remained silent as she gently caressed the rune spatial equipment in her hand .

Gao Yukang’s body was still kept within a temporary crystal coffin, and there was not even time for a proper cremation!

He was a C-tier, also a governor, he deserved a ceremonious funeral at the Four Cities of the North Sea, and not to be disrespected by a hurried and impromptu send off .

It would portray Gao Yukang as a defeated hound from a broken family, or a severely battered soldier that had lost his battle!

On the contrary, he was the most powerful and heroic figure that was being embedded within the hearts of Zheng Qian and the other members!

The others had noticed Zheng Qian’s unusual gestures and her determination that was being expressed from her eyes .

“Xi, just give your command, whatever it is, we will obey it!”

“That’s right, Zheng Qian, your call!”

Zheng Qian answered with a deep tone, “I am offering two choices to all of you!”

Everyone looked toward Zheng Qian .

“I have logged on to the commander’s personal terminal, there is about eight hundred billion worth of current assets, if combined with materials from the spatial rune equipment, there would be more than a trillion in total, and each of us could be distributed with a hundred billion!”


One of the D-tier aptitude users kicked and turned over a side table!

“Stop this nonsense, I will not choose this way!”

“Zheng Qian, stop it, and stop being such a namby-pamby, or else, risk losing us as brothers!”

“Are you planning to go your own way? Zheng Qian, how could you act like this?!”

“Stay calm, isn’t there a second option?!”

Some were enraged, some were still trying to pacify the situation, however, none of them had even thought about opting out and going for the money .

If Qin Feng had known, perhaps he would also be amazed and commend the incredible spirit of the team!

If only Gao Yukang had survived longer, he would eventually become a ruler that wwould be supported by many .

However, his fate was inescapable and irreversible .

His death was inevitable .

At that moment, Gao Yukang’s team calmed themselves down and waited for Zheng Qian’s answer .

“The second option would be us seeking for a new leader, the commander has passed on his own badge to Qin Feng, he is a capable person that could withstand a C-tier, he is truly a powerful figure!”

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Everyone was silent .

A powerful figure, however, he was still a D-tier!

They also knew that Qin Feng was a D4-tier!

However, being a rebellious D4, even those that were sent by Lei Ying could not get in his way .


An hour later, a knock came from Qin Feng’s room door .

Qin Feng swept his conscious energy across the area, and as expected, it was Zheng Qian and the others .

Qin Feng opened the door .

Zheng Qian and the others were shocked and hesitated as they looked toward Qin Feng .

They were wondering if they were in the right room .

Qin Feng was in his casual wear, short sleeves with long pants, and it was all in pale white colour, his casual look was like that of a highly-guarded wealthy person from the colonies .

An innocent youth that had never explored the wilderness or gone beyond the safety barriers .

“Come in!”

Qin Feng opened the door and invited them in .

“Who is it?” Bai Li poked her head out curiously, she was sporting a twinning ponytail, while she had on a dress that was similar to Qin Feng’s clothes, regardless of its fabric or its colour .

Surprisingly, it was a matching outfit .

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Zhen Xi felt relieved as soon as Bai Li appeared, she was assured that she had gotten the right person .

They were calmed down by Qin Feng and Bai Li’s presence, however, they were frowning as they hesitated on the decision that they had just made .

Both of them seemed to be too young and naive!

However, they recalled the scene from Qin Feng’s previous battle and brushed off the hesitations .

Everyone had witnessed Qin Feng’s brutality!

“Here for the beast emperor materials? Let’s sort it out later!” Qin Feng spoke .

“No, it’s not about that!” Zheng Qian immediately waved her hand and explained, “I would like to hear from you Qin Feng, are you planning to remain at Colony Three and join the resistance battle?”

“Of course!”

Zheng Qian exhaled and was relieved by Qin Feng’s answer, the others felt the same .

“Qin Feng, your mercenary troop is called the Fengli Mercenary Troop, right?!”

“Yes, why do you ask?” Qin Feng clearly knew that the request was about to come, however, he put it forth as a question and allowed Zheng Qian to elaborate!

Zheng Qian’s facial expression became serious .

“Well, Qin Feng, can we join the Fengli Mercenary Troop?”

Everyone then looked at Qin Feng!