Master of the End Times - Chapter 408

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Chapter 408

Chapter 408: Qin Feng’s Plan

The night wrapped itself around Qin Feng, concealing his presence entirely .

He was slightly weaker than a Gran and had to move about very carefully .

Since the fall of the Floating City had caused a huge inferno, the entire forest had been burnt bare . Now, there were Grans staying around, collecting what supplies remained after the explosion .

The materials used to build the Floating City was very strong, in the end, the explosion sent all of them flying everywhere . All that they needed to do was collect them and they would be ready for use after some repairs .

Now, they were flying around and looking for materials . A group of them flew toward Qin Feng’s direction .

Due to their fast flying speed, they communicated through fluctuating energy waves that were similar to consciousness usage .

This allowed Qin Feng to easily listen in on their transmissions .

“This incident was definitely the doings of those other intelligent species . So weak, yet they dare combat against us . ”

“Perhaps they may have the materials we require to repair the Floating City!”

“More importantly, they might have some materials for sustenance!”

“After the city was damaged, the nutrients we require to last a decade in this dimension have been lost!”

“Insolent pests . It’s all their doing . How many compatriots have we lost to them?”

“We should investigate, perhaps there might be things we could use . ”

The Grans’ attitude toward humanity was unfriendly due to the few humans who fought against them, and had made themselves a threat due to the massive amount of damage that they had caused .

Of course, when it came to confronting these kinds of beings, there was no such thing as ‘friendly interactions’!

Besides that, Qin Feng would definitely not allow them to approach Colony Three . Especially not now .

Not when there were still ten thousand people in the colony .

This group must be destroyed!

“Dark Shroud!”

A wave of terrifying runes enshrouded this group of Grans . The night was Qin Feng’s greatest weapon and the Grans had not noticed it as they flew forward, losing their usual sense of perception!

“Dark Ray!”

Ten bolts of darkness impacted their bodies . The powerful Dark ability corroded their forms and made their wings too weak to carry them through the air .


Ten Grans fell one after another, breaking tree branches along the way .

Qin Feng was already waiting for them below!

The Verdant Emperor Saber slammed into the neck of a falling Grans . The Grans tried to avoid it, letting out a frightful scream .

But it was too late!


Its oddly-shaped head fell to the ground, huge eyes unblinking as it coldly stared at the sky .

Qin Feng disappeared, vanishing like a ghost in the dark .

In the blink of an eye, all the ten Grans, an entire troop, were obliterated .

Qin Feng then used his consciousness to drag all their bodies into a single pile .

He tore open the chest of a Gran and saw a bright gemstone set in the center of its chest, connecting to it were the muscles of its body .

It looked like it had naturally formed inside it .

The energy crystal core of the Grans .

This race had a unique source of strength . As such, it had been like this since its birth, which explained why it could have an army of C-tiers .

He lifted his hand and set the bodies on fire . In the blink of an eye, the ugly forms burnt away and left behind clear pebble-sized crystalline gems .

Qin Feng picked up these ten gems and inspected them carefully . Even though the energy they gave him would not even make him reach the level of a C-tier beast general, it would still be half of one’s strength!

Human nature was a greedy and profit-driven one!

The rewards from the Human Alliance alone were obviously not good enough to attract people to make a move and try their best to eliminate the Grans, but these crystal cores would be Qin Feng’s bargaining chip to lure in other people to try .

He began to wander around some more . Isolated Grans troopers that were sent out to collect resources for the Floating City were all quietly taken down by Qin Feng, an assassin of the night!

“One hundred and fifty three!”

In an hour’s time in the Longchuan mountains, Qin Feng had gathered a lot .

However, something as good as this was bound to not last .

Soon, the Grans noticed that something weird was happening .

“Something is wrong . It has been a long time since Yun left for the resource gathering route!”

“Nothing should have happened, right?”

“Not possible . Communication is also not possible . ”

“I can’t contact Baen either!”

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“Maybe we should count our numbers and deal with this carefully . This place is more dangerous than we thought!”

At this time, the Grans began to withdraw their battle lines, retreating one after another . After an analysis of their losses, they learned that they had lost more than a hundred combatants!

Now, there was only one commander left, whose strength was the equivalent of a C-tier beast king . Its face was pale from the news, but it steeled itself with a fierce expression .

“First, establish a defensive fort . There is still some machinery that can be repurposed, and set up the energy cannons!”

Even though the Grans had C-tier strength, they did not feel safe .

Qin Feng had no chance of attacking now, but he naturally did not plan on letting them go!

“Bai Li, your turn!” Qin Feng said in a low voice .

“I’m not letting these bastards get away!”

Bai Li’s dark eyes blazed over with the glint of rage .

Although Gao Yukang’s relationship with Qin Feng’s was like that of a polite and mutual kinship, Gao Yukang had given Bai Li food before and to her that was a truly sincere gesture .

Bai Li was very sensitive and Gao Yukang was considered as a member of her circle of friends!

In the end, this was her friend’s eternal resting place .

What better way to calm oneself than personally taking revenge?

Her body rapidly shrank, jumping out of her clothes before beginning to rapidly grow in size .

In the blink of an eye, Bai Li had revealed her C-tier beast emperor level’s true strength .

Standing at the height of fifteen meters tall, fur shining like stars under the moonlight . Behind her were five tails that swished through the air, causing ripples as if they could tear through the fabric of space itself .

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She bolted forward .

Qin Feng raised his communicator and pointed to the place where the Grans were setting up their defenses .

“Let the Human Alliance think that these guys had accidentally provoked a C-tier ultra behemoth!”

Bai Li’s form was massive, but she was as flexible and agile as ever . There was no need to hide her strength as she crashed directly into the Grans defense camp .

A few of them did not even get the chance to react as they were instantly crushed to death under her paws .


The Grans began to panic .

When she swept one of her long tails, she instantly sent dozens of them flying through the air . Not only that, those who were knocked into the air were sliced apart by the countless mini spatial rifts!

“Kill it!”

“Hurry up and kill it!’

“Out of the way! Let me handle this!”

The C-tier king level commander rushed forward, its body surging with power as it charged at Bai Li .

Bai Li had contempt in her eyes, the fury of an emperor had been ignited!


She let out a roar and in an instant a silver light appeared around the commander, trapping him in a box . Not only that, the box began to quickly shrink .

Two meters, one meter . The Gran struggled but it could only curl up into a ball as its wings were crushed and twisted .