Master of the End Times - Chapter 409

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Chapter 409: 409

Chapter 409: D5 Tier

The silver cube shrunk again!

Thirty centimetres!

This was far beyond the range where the human body could reduce itself to!

The same went for Grans .


The one trapped inside the cube was crushed like a rotten tomato, exploding and turning into an unrecognizable mush .

Then the cube disappeared, leaving only a puddle of blood .

Of course, there was also the crystal core that was the equivalent of a C-tier beast king which Bai Li quickly took away .

All the Grans were shocked

“Deputy captain!”

“Ah! What’s going on?”

“The deputy captain is dead!”

The Grans were terrified .

Their strongest fighter had just died, causing their morale to plummet .

First, there was the unfortunate explosion of the Floating City, then there was the hundreds and thousands of people who died on this expedition, and now an ultra beast had randomly appeared and killed off their commanding officer .

Their battlelines collapsed .

Nobody was planning on trying to counterattack and Bai Li had an easier time fighting, absolutely crushing everything in her way .

The Grans had to retreat .

Qin Feng had been filming the entirety of this and was getting closer and closer to the battlefield . When he arrived at the area where the Grans stored their machinery, he swept up all of that high-tech machinery in one go!

They were not badly damaged, a little research could make terrifying machines that went beyond C-tier .

There were very few firearms above C-tier and it was difficult to raise consciousness to that level . Not to mention, even if the consciousness was stronger the power of the guns used would not have changed .

These things were going to give the Human Alliance new ideas in the future .

Of course, maybe the Floating City would be better . Qin Feng knew that in his past life there was only one person who controlled it and nobody else could lay a finger on it .

That being the case, he did not mind if he could come up with something new for himself, or if he were to sell it to the Human Alliance for a large sum of money!

Qin Feng scuttled through the Grans camp now that most of them had fled in a panic, killing off a few stragglers himself and at the same time collected the crystal cores scattered about on the ground .

These beings had wings, it was very hard to catch them once they started fleeing .

Bai Li shook her paws, there was not a hint of blood on them but the entire hilltop was stained red .

Then, she shook her tails and bolted off .

Qin Feng also turned off his recording by then .

The two then retreated from the battlefield .

Ten thousand meters away from the bloodbath, Qin Feng and Bai Li bunkered themselves up in a cave and began to count their spoils .

In addition to a bunch of machines that could not be used at the moment, they naturally had plenty of crystal cores obtained from the Grans .

Although the Grans came from a plane of existence where they were technologically advanced and utilized powerful spatial technology, they did not have spatial storage equipment . This meant that Qin Feng had lost a little bit of profit .

Despite this, he had close to three thousand energy crystal cores .

“Munch . Krik-krak!”

Bai Li crunched down onto the energy crystal core that once belonged to the C-tier king level Grans deputy officer she killed, gulping it down .

Then she took out a regular energy crystal core and gulped that down too .

“Ech . That tasted terrible and that did not give a lot of energy!”

“Then give me everything you don’t need!” Qin Feng said .

He originally thought that three thousand C-tier beast general crystal cores would be enough to supplement Bai Li’s growth but it did look like that was possible anymore!

If that were the case then the second priority was to improve his own strength .

After reaching D-tier, every step higher had become increasingly difficult .

When Bai Li took out the crystal cores, they looked like a mini-hill all piled up in front of him .

Then she took out the moon-tempered cress she collected when she killed the Ivory Crown Emperor . There were three left and she gave all of them to Qin Feng!

Qin Feng began by aiming at the energy crystal cores .

“Ability, absorb!”

The more powerful he was, the more terrifying his absorption ability became .

Energy crystal cores needed to be purified by machinery before they could be absorbed by those who wanted to use them, but Qin Feng did not need to go through that process .

Not only that, the overbearing power of his absorption ability could be seen with the naked eye!

A crystal core would lose its luster as energy was being drained from it . Cracks would begin to web over its surfaces, little fractures crawling all over it before it would collapse into powder .

The process was quick, in about a minute, a crystal core was broken down .

With more than three thousand crystal cores, in the matter of five hours all of them had been broken down and turned into dust .

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Qin Feng’s body became even stronger!

D5 tier!

He finally ranked up!

But it was not over yet as he picked up the moon-tempered cress .

The energy contained within this spirit herb could be converted into internal force!

Last time he took a bite out of one he could feel energy flowing into his dantian, condensing at the bottom of it . Now, all three were quickly eaten and absorbed .

Others might still need to cultivate after this but Qin Feng could directly use his absorption ability .

The energy of the moon-tempered cress flowed through his consciousness before settling inside his dantian after it was absorbed .

There were five more pools of internal force within him now .


He breathed out a gout of mist as he opened his mouth . It took much less time to absorb the moon-tempered cress compared to the crystal cores .

When he looked at the time he realized it was already noon .

“Bai Li, let’s go back!”

“Yes! I want a big piece of steak!”

“Gluttonous little cat!” Qin Feng smiled .

Bai Li pouted . “I’m not a cat, I’m a fox!”

“Hahaha! Alright, gluttonous little fox!”

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“Don’t make it sound weird!”

The two began to banter as Bai Li opened up a spatial passage back to Longchuan’s Colony Three .

After more than ten hours, the entire place looked empty . Walking through the streets told people just how desolate the place seemed, but had the feeling that they were being watched from all directions .

These were aptitude users waiting for ambush .

But as a battle had not begun, they were not at the height of their vigilance .

That and they did not consider Qin Feng’s D-tier rank to be much!


After all, most of these people were close to, or were, C-tier .

For the past day, they had been getting impatient . When the crisis had not hit the ceiling, it was the waiting that was the most painful .

“Is that Qin Feng? The guy who confronted Lei Ying!”

“Only D-tier? No certification?”

“No . Only just D-tier, probably D4 or D5, but some people say that he’s got some kind of Hero Class strength!”

The Hero Class was the equivalent of king level .

During his teenage years, there was not anything beyond that classification .

The ones watching and discussing about him held less contempt in their eyes, looking at him with more solemnity .

No matter where you were, the strong were respected . Especially in a world where the strong had a future had an unlimited possibility to develop even further .

The Pride Son of Heaven could be Qin Feng’s nickname, based on how young he looked .

He did not care much about what people thought of him, taking out the Silver Bolt and driving off toward the Aptitude User’s Hall .