Master of the End Times - Chapter 410

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Chapter 410

Chapter 410: General Xu Qing

By now the Aptitude User’s Hall was not as lively as before but countless monitoring systems had been activated, and Qin Feng sensed a powerful aura emanating from upstairs in the hall .


Xu Qing must have arrived!

Qin Feng walked toward the window .

“Submitting my missions!”

“Alright Sir, please transfer the proof of your task completion!”

Qin Feng tapped on his communicator and quickly transmitted the video .

“Beep, mission complete!”

“Beep, mission complete!”


One after another, tasks were shown up as completed .

The staff member’s eyes stretched as wide as humanly possible .

There were many aptitude users in Colony Three and quite a lot of them were C-tiers . Although Qin Feng, a D-tier, had done a few major things recently, his name was not very well known .

What was special was that none of the lower-tier aptitude users could contact Qin Feng whatsoever .

The staff member thought that Qin Feng had accepted other tasks from before and was only submitting them now, then he would leave the colony as soon as he had received his reward .

After all, a huge battle was about to happen here!

Who would have imagined that the missions Qin Feng was submitting would be the ones that were the most important, top priority ones .

“Sir, I can handle some of your submissions for now, but one task has a large amount of information that needs to be reviewed by someone with more advanced skills . Could you please just wait a moment?”


Qin Feng naturally agreed .

Soon, his communicator began to ring several times as notifications carrying his rewards from the Human Alliance came in .

For the task offering to kill the C-tier intelligent species, Qin Feng took advantage of the chaos and killed some so he was distributed 200 billion dollars .

Now, Qin Feng’s personal funds had reached more than a thousand billion!

Due to constant battling, Qin Feng had not even used his money and he did not need to supplement for himself for the time being . The stronger he got, so long as he was in the right circles, the more money he would gain .

He sat in the reception room of the hall . The place was very luxurious, after all it was a place for aptitude users .

A beautiful lady with a slender waist walked over . She wore a white blouse and a black skirt, her thighs were clad in black stockings . Her high heels clicked against the ground as she approached them .

“Sir, would you like a drink?”

“Water! And fruit juice, thank you!”

“Very well, Sir!”

The woman said with a sweet smile . Within a few minutes, she placed a glass of water and juice on the table .

“The juice is hers!” Qin Feng pointed to Bai Li’s direction .

The woman smiled and gently shifted the juice toward Bai Li who raised her head and looked up as the two directly stared down one another!

Qin Feng smiled faintly . “That’s all, you can go now!”

“Ah, alright, enjoy Sir!” The woman walked away in a daze, almost stumbling as she turned away .

Bai Li put a straw in her drink while watching the woman .

“What’s up with her? Looked like she had something on her mind!”

Qin Feng chuckled, “You’re too beautiful, must have scared her a little!”

Strong aptitude users could easily obtain whatever they wanted, be it status, money, power and beauties .

Some of these things Qin Feng had no need for, but they come up once in a while .

After his rebirth, there had not been anyone else that had caught his eye . When there was someone as beautiful as Bai Li, all the rest were eclipsed by her presence .

Just as Qin Feng and Bai Li were indulging in idle chatter, both of them felt an overwhelming aura wash over them .

They both looked toward the direction of the hall’s elevator .

As the doors slowly opened, Xu Qing appeared in Qin Feng’s line of sight .

A B-tier ancient warrior, soon-to-be A-tier, he was essentially the prince of the place!

Qin Feng stood up from his seat and Bai Li mimicked him, also standing up .

The two looked at Xu Qing as he approached them, step by step .

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Xu Qing reached out a hand, looking like he was offering a handshake to Qin Feng .

“We should have met before, aptitude user Qin Feng! They said that the younger generation will surpass us in time!”

“General Xu, you’re too kind!”

Qin Feng and Xu Qing shook hands .

“This is my girlfriend, Bai Li!”

Xu Qing nodded and stretched out his hand . Bai Li knew enough about human manners and accepted the hand, shaking it .

“Let’s sit here!”

Xu Qing waved his hand and only then did the three sit down .

“The information you’ve given us is very useful! On behalf of the Human Alliance, I’d like to thank you for your contribution, so today I’ll specially reward you with 10 billion dollars!”

“Well, thank you!”

10 billion was not much for Qin Feng, but based on the previous 10 million for a 10 minute video it was considered a lot .

Xu Qing knew that Qin Feng did not care for the money . With his capabilities, Qin Feng could get hundreds of billions of cash by going out there and killing those Grans .

“An ultra beast attacked their camp, which is good news for us!”

“Hm, a reduction in their numbers is always good news but there’s still too many of them!”

The remaining seven thousand Grans were still going to be a headache .

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Fortunately, Xu Qing was still here, which meant that the safety of Colony Three could be guaranteed!

“I’ve already sent a message to the Human Alliance and there will be two more B-tier aptitude users coming to support the effort,” Xu Qing said . “You’ve gone deep into enemy territory for a day, tell me what’s on your mind!”

The video and the known situation were naturally two different things .

Qin Feng recalled his experience and voiced his thoughts, “Gold can move people’s hearts . This race has evolved crystal cores, it could be used to attract more people to take risks!”

Xu Qing nodded, obviously thinking about getting some cores for himself!

“When I first went there, they’d already been planning to explore this direction . Although the ultra beast disrupted their plans, I don’t think that’s going to stop their pace of reaching Colony Three!”

Xu Qing frowned at the news .

“They have large numbers and no food . They were attacked by a C-tier beast emperor . Like scared birds, they’ll be looking for shelter which means they’ll definitely be heading toward the colony . I hope that the Human Alliance could set up an ambush in advance because fighting in the colony is too passive!”

And by then, the colony could be destroyed .

While it was not difficult to build a colony, nor was it expensive to outfit one, the destruction of Colony Three would directly affect the efforts of defending the Dragon City mountain range .

“Hmm, let me think about this!” Xu Qing nodded . “What you said is easier said than done . The number of C-tiers we have are only one-fiftieth of theirs, well now it should be one-thirtieth of theirs!”

Indeed, in the entire colony, there were only two hundred people who were C-tier aptitude users

There were a lot of others who were D-tier, up to almost a thousand who were all assisting the efforts of the C-tiers but when it came down to a battle like this, they were going to end up becoming cannon fodder .

After all, there were still too many Grans!