Master of the End Times - Chapter 413

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Chapter 413

Chapter 413: Lei Ying Dices With Death

The trees were scorched and there was a massive crater in the ground with a tangle of broken limbs lying within .

While there was blood everywhere, Qin Feng’s consciousness detected that only two hundred Grans in the center had died .

The rest were lightly injured, nothing too serious, but their energy shield was broken .

From the darkness, Qin Feng reappeared in the shadow of a survivor and, using the Verdant Emperor Saber, he slashed in a blue arc that carved through a Gran’s chest .

The energy crystal core was instantly knocked out!

All signs of life disappeared!

Qin Feng attacked and carved his way forward all by himself, having moved a few hundred meters in order to reach the edge of the crater .

“Dark Shroud!”

In the blink of an eye, a large mass of dark runes enveloped the bottom of the pit and made it impossible to see .

In the darkness, Qin Feng mobilized his consciousness .


Qin Feng was not here to just kill people, he was here to take away their energy cores .


He was going to take what he saw!

He then rapidly began to retreat .

He left the Longchuan Mountains, arriving on the highway before pulling out the Silver Bolt .

When he returned to Colony Three, all the aptitude users in the watchtowers looked at each other with confusion . They saw Qin Feng return yesterday, but they did not know how Qin Feng got out .

What was more, the current Qin Feng was no longer a previously known D-tier aptitude user!

A lone wolf, hunting down countless enemies stronger than he was, such a record brought him a great amount of glory .

The guards opened the gates and watched him drive into the city .

By 6’o o’clock in the morning, there was not a single soul to be seen in the Aptitude User’s Hall .

However, such places worked 24 hours a day and there was still staff on duty there!

“I’m here to submit my missions!” Qin Feng said .

The staff here worked in shifts, swapping out between three people . The one manning the registration was the same person that Qin Feng had met before .

He did not expect that he would be meeting the same person again immediately after he had just started his shift .

“Mr . Qin, could the mission you want to submit be related to the latest situation?”

This staff member recognized Qin Feng . Until now, Qin Feng had been going out on scouting missions to figure out the enemy’s situation .

“How about you have a look for yourself?” Qin Feng said in a gentle manner as he put up his combat video .

“Beep . The task has been completed . Sending reward . ”

In one night, Qin Feng had killed up to seven hundred enemies and the video once again attracted Xu Qing’s attention . Although he did not personally show up this time, 10 billion was transferred to Qin Feng anyway .

In comparison, the 532 billion that Qin Feng obtained from hunting was terrifying! That was more money than killing a beast emperor!

Qin Feng’s video was soon uploaded onto the battle net .

People began to come up with ideas after watching it . Maybe it was because of how easily Qin Feng fought that raised people’s morale, or that because they saw that firearms seemed to be very effective . This caused many gunners to pick up their gears and get ready to mobilize .

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There were only six thousand five hundred people left in the Grans’ army . If a bomb blew up two hundred, they could earn two hundred billion .

This kind of profit was something that could not be passed up .

Xu Qing watched Qin Feng’s video on the battle net and for a moment, he had a sense of admiration .

“Incredible . He inspired people to take action with his own methods!”

Qin Feng had suggested to him to go and set up an ambush ahead of time, but Xu Qing hesitated and had doubts . He thought the Grans would miss Colony Three, maybe go to other colonies or maybe settle in the mountains .

It was clear that this race of beings would not settle for the deep woods .

They were moving .

They were one day away from reaching Colony Three .

However, Qin Feng managed to slow them down .

After a night of combat, the Grans were exhausted, injured and more importantly, shaken .

Since they did not rest well, they decided to not advance and continued to rest at where they were . The conditions during the day were far better as they could see if there were any incoming missiles .

As such, they stopped moving .

As for Qin Feng, he collapsed onto his bed after a night of fighting .

What he did not know was that people had begun taking action as well .

That included Lei Ying .

Lei Ying, Han Chengming and the others, along with their subordinates of at least two hundred D-tier aptitude users, carrying two hundred billion worth of ammunition, marched into the Longchuan Mountains .

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However, they had one massive oversight .

Distance .

Qin Feng had Bai Li’s spatial manipulation, but Lei Ying and the rest did not .

After travelling for a long time, they still had not found any signs of the Grans .

The Grans were resting and healing themselves throughout the morning . By the afternoon they had all become fully rested and regained their powerful resilience and were full of energy again .

Then, they set out once more!

They still sent a small patrol forward, because of their unique flying ability their perception was far stronger than a human’s .

At three o’clock in the afternoon, a Gran hovered through the air and suddenly used its communicator to transmit a message .

“I’ve spotted the natives of this plane . All except for five adults have weak auras, but it could be defective hardware!”

The Grans considered those with C-tier capabilities as adults, anything lower were naturally considered less than nothing to them .

“Be cautious and stay hidden, perhaps the person from last night is here!”

“Let’s avoid them and stay together!”

“Don’t rush, no point dying alone . We will go together!’

Once the message was sent out, several more came in response and stealthily began to approach .

Countless of them gathered into a swarm .


The claws of a Gran jammed into the chest of a D-tier aptitude user .


The unsuspecting D-tier let out a scream before it was quickly cut short . His heart had been removed!

Fresh blood invigorated the Grans . They had been battered for two days and desperately needed a way to vent their frustration .

They came in like a pack of wolves upon a flock of sheep .

Not only that, there were too few sheep for this pack of wolves!

It was a complete massacre!


“Sir! Save me! Sir?!”


People screamed in misery but there was nothing they could do to fight off this feast of vengeance .

“Crashing Thunder!”

Lei Ying wanted to survive, no longer caring about those around him as he unleashed a powerful ability .

A true C-tier aptitude user was more powerful than some expensive artillery shell .

The sky darkened as storm clouds manifested overhead, rumbling before a resounding blast of thunder crashed down toward the ground .

It trembled even the soul .