Master of the End Times - Chapter 415

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Chapter 415

Chapter 415: Stupidity

When Lei Ying heard Qin Feng’s name, he finally lost it like a startled cat .

“It’s all Qin Feng’s fault!”

Lei Ying had lost too much . He had invested hundreds of billions of ammunition and had more than twenty D-tier aptitude users sacrificed in the failed ambush . These were Leitang’s precious assets that he had accumulated painstakingly over the years .

The disastrous ambush pained him both mentally and financially . He had every reason to blame it on Qin Feng for the huge loss .

“If not because the brat had taken multiple actions and uploaded the video, I would not have been tempted to launch the ambush . It’s impossible to kill those beasts so easily . I am sure those videos were made-up hoaxes!”

Xu Qing did not even know what to say about Lei Ying anymore .

Qin Feng had actually suggested ambushing the Grans but definitely not in the same way Lei Ying had executed it . Lei Ying’s action was plain stupidity .

“You are lacking in both execution and brain cells . More pathetically, you don’t even have the gut to bear responsibility for your own failure…” Someone in the crowd spoke unhurriedly .

The crowd looked toward the direction of the voice . They subconsciously made way for the person, despite being C-tier aptitude users themselves .

The presence of Lei Ying only further underscored Qin Feng’s excellence as a tactician . The latter had earned his respect from the crowd .

Qin Feng held Bai Li’s hand and walked to the center of attention . He stood in front of Lei Ying and Xu Qing . His face carried a mocking smile . “Lei Ying, how old are you now? I would have thought that you are just a theorist in a university instead of a soldier in the frontline, judging by your naivety . ” Qin Feng’s words were full of sarcasm .

The crowds were amused and laughed boisterously .

If Lei Ying tried to push the blame to Qin Feng in front of Leitang’s men, then maybe his underlings would have echoed him .

But shifting the blame in the middle of the hall in front of a B-tier general was just a brainless act .

His arrogance had gotten the better of him . Lei Ying’s action only revealed how narrow-minded and self-centered a person he was in front of the crowd . Everyone in the crowd lost their respect toward him .

“Quiet!” Xu Qing bellowed . He had grown tired of Lei Ying’s clown act . Qin Feng appeared even more amiable in front of Lei Ying .

“Now is not the time to laugh . Don’t you guys understand what’s going to happen soon?”

The laughter slowly died down . The same horrible thought began to creep into everyone’s mind .

“Qin Feng, tell them what’s going to happen next!” Xu Qing asked .

Qin Feng did not shy away . “At first, the Grans would probably be too frightened to make another move after losing some of their soldiers in the past two days . Unexpectedly, one of our comrades, Lei Ying here, had generously given them a lifeline . With the encouraging battle outcome, the Grans’ spirit must have been revitalized . I bet they are already on their way toward the colony . ”

His words sent a dark cloud over everyone’s mind . The C-tier aptitude users in this hall were at the same level as Lei Ying and Wang Jian .

If Wang Jian could not survive against the Grans, then they probably would not stand a very high chance too .

If they wished to live, then the only way was to desert the colony .

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But deserting before an imminent war would leave a bad record in their profile . Worse still, they might be given a warning by the Human Alliance and have their certification revoked .

Qin Feng watched the crowd and continued, “Based on my prediction, the Grans will reach Colony Three quickest by 5 hours and not later than 7 hours . ”

Xu Qing nodded in agreement and ordered, “So stop standing here and prepare for battle!”

“Yes! General!”

The crowd left the hall in heavy footsteps .

Lei Ying, too, left grudgingly . He had come to the certification hall not to be mocked by the others . Instead, his plan was to inform Xu Qing about the movement of the Grans, hoping that he would be rewarded tens of billions for providing intel like Qin Feng .

All he got was being publicly shamed . Lei Ying was even holding a grudge over Xu Qing now .

But that was not his immediate concern at the moment . Lei Ying gathered his remaining troop and went back to his base . He needed to tend to his wound and set up a proper defense .

Two hours later, a spatial portal appeared on top of Longchuan Colony Three . Two figures flew out from it not long after .

Xu Qing, who was in the certification hall, opened his eyes sensing the arrival . He walked to the entrance to welcome the guests . The two hovering figures saw him and descended . They reached Xu Qing in the blink of an eye .

“Xu Qing!”

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“Wang Zhou, Guang Wei!”

They shook hands and greeted each other .

Those inside the colony knew that the Human Alliance had dispatched two B-tier aptitude users from other Longchuan fortresses to aid Colony Three’s defense .

After all, this was where an all-out war would most likely erupt .


Five hours later .

The Grans had flown non-stop . They had reached the edge of Longchuan Mountain and would see the colony if they continued to move forward .

But it was already eight in the evening . The sun had set by now even though it was summertime .

The Grans could not help but recalled the mysterious creature that had hunted them in the dark the night before .

That “thing” was probably the same species as those that had attacked them today . However, he was far more superior as compared to those weaklings this morning .

“We will rest for now and continue our march tomorrow during the day . ”

“Good idea!”

“Damn it . Let’s look for some food . I have not eaten for two days . ”

“Yea! We need to battle with a full stomach . Who knows the slaves here might be too primitive to have proper food in their base?”

The Grans set into motion quickly . Thanks to their otherworldly battle capacity, most beasts living in the Longchuan Mountains were being hunted down .

Food for six thousand and five hundred Grans was not a small amount . Besides, they craved more after battling on an empty stomach for two days . It was highly inconvenient for them after they had lost their nutrient solution supply .

The Grans stationed on a hill after the meal and set up their camp .

On the other side of the hill, inside Colony Three that the Grans had yet to discover, the scout at the border had detected the Grans that were 20 km away .

To the elites, such distance was just about ten minutes away . So this distance had long been included within the scouting perimeter of the Longchuan surveillance drones .

Everyone inside the colony got nervous .

They had seen the Grans and their activities through the communicator .

A new map then came up on the communicator displaying concentrated purple spots near the hill . The amount of detected movement reflected six thousand beasts swarming the hill . That was an absurd number .

Even with a few B-tier aptitude users in the colony, they still feel that Colony Three could be easily trampled over by the Grans in a few hours .

At this moment, the aptitude users based inside the colony felt utterly hopeless .