Master of the End Times - Chapter 416

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Chapter 416

Chapter 416: A Chance

The Grans had stopped for a breather . They were unaware that soldiers in the Longchuan camp had already set their sights on them .

Despite his stupidity, Lei Ying at least did return with useful information—The potential arrival of the Grans .

When Qin Feng saw that the Grans had stopped their march and begun to hunt for food, he murmured, “A chance!”

He figured that this might be a rare opening .

“Gunners, carry your most powerful ammunition and come with me . ”

Members of the Fengli Mercenary Troop were in high spirits hearing that .

Ten gunners and five ability users moved behind Qin Feng covered by the dark . Even the aptitude users inside the city had not noticed them owing to Qin Feng’s Dark Shroud .

Soon, they reached a highland that was about 5 km away from the Grans’ camp . This distance was the maximum range Qin Feng could use his dark ability to mask the flying bomb .

“Set up the launcher, fast!” Qin Feng controlled his voice with inner power so that it was only audible to his men .

The gunners took out their kits and swiftly assembled fifteen launchers in one row .

Qin Feng obviously thought that it was not enough so he ordered Bai Li to take out another twenty launchers . The ammunition of such launchers cost at least ten billion .

Of course, Qin Feng did not buy any of it . These weapons were found in the stash they had plundered from the Xue family .

Ever since he found success in using a launcher against the Grans, he had preinstalled all the launchers at hand and kept it in Bai Li’s space .

“Remember to immediately retreat into the spatial portal and go back to Colony Three after the bombing . Don’t linger around to disassemble the launchers . I will take care of them . ”


The other members nodded in silence .

Qin Feng made a final adjustment on the bombing angle, then unleashed his consciousness .


Everyone pressed on the trigger almost simultaneously .

Bomb! Bomb! Bomb! Bomb!

Thirty-five bombs were launched at once, which made a truly magnificent scene .

Qin Feng’s consciousness caught up to the bombs quickly and wrapped them with dark runes, which turned them invisible under the dark sky .


Inside Colony Three .

“It seems like the Grans are not going to attack today . ”

“This will be the last day of peace . I wonder whether we can live past tomorrow . ”

“Wait, listen . What’s this noise that the drones are picking up?”

“This is…”

Everyone who paid attention to the signal was stunned .

This was a familiar sound . The sound of bombs breaking through the airspace .

They then saw some shadows flash across the night sky . It was hard to have a clean look as Qin Feng’s consciousness and dark runes were barring the bombs from being seen or sensed .

Except for the sound, which could still travel as long as it was not in a vacuum .

However, the sound could only be caught from a near distance . It was already too late for the Grans when they heard it .

The onlookers inside the colony soon witnessed a horrifying scene .

Numerous shockwaves resulting from the blast covered an area of about a thousand meter wide .

Judging by the scale of the blast, it was easy to estimate that at least thirty bombs had been used .

“Who launched the attack?”

“Damn! Would the Grans survive such a gruesome attack?”

“This person… F*ck! Let’s move out . Let’s go now! It’s our chance!”

The aptitude users inside the colony finally realized that someone had grabbed the opportunity and moved ahead of them .

These aptitude users knew that bombs were the most effective strategy against the Grans but none of them made the call . They were still under shellshock after seeing how badly defeated Lei Ying was .

Hence, they subconsciously avoided confronting the Grans and bet their best hopes on the B-tier aptitude users .

But to everyone’s surprise, someone had taken the initiative .

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Besides, it was not even a probing attack but a full-scale bombing that was intended to wipe out the Grans .

At the same time, Bai Li had activated several spatial rune equipment to create a home passage near the highland .

The fifteen aptitude users were excited and hung around to view their masterpiece one last time . Never did they think that they would be part of such a heroic feat .

Of course, this was all thanks to Qin Feng’s decisiveness .

After all, though the launchers cost nothing, Qin Feng did still need to spend on the ammo . Such a destructive coverage bombardment was glorious .

Qin Feng’s mission did not end here after everyone else had retreated . He wanted to enter the camp and check the results with his own eyes .

Furthermore, he was determined to claim the Grans’ power cores .

“Come!” Bai Li dragged Qin Feng’s arm after the others had left .

In the next moment, Qin Feng and Bai Li had re-appeared nearly a thousand meters away after a silver flash .

A few jumps later, Qin Feng could feel the heat wave . The surroundings were burning as a result of the explosion .

The bombardments had taken out at least half of the Grans . This meant that they were now only left with three thousand soldiers, and these soldiers were all heavily injured .

“Die!” Qin Feng unsheathed his Verdant Emperor Saber and attacked mightily .

“Hell Magma!”

Magma erupted from the ground and swallowed those Grans that had lost their wings . The Grans shrieked in fear .

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“No, I don’t want to die!”


Unfortunately, no one could help them . This was because, for those that were still able to fly, they had nowhere to run either .

“Decaying Rain!”

A daunting dark cloud abruptly appeared in the sky . Dark rainwater fell from it and bathed the Grans . Their skins corroded instantly once they came into contact with the rain .

Qin Feng was like a moving disaster .

“Run! Quickly!”

The Grans were utterly defeated .

They abandoned their camp and fled in all directions .

Qin Feng chased them like a madman but was unable to pin down every last one of them .

In the end, he obtained roughly three hundred fifty new power cores in his spatial equipment . Qin Feng then proceeded to gather all the loot found inside the camp and on the dead Grans as well .

To his pleasant surprise, Qin Feng even found the spatial runes equipment the Grans had robbed from Lei Ying’s party earlier .

Then, he heard numerous piercing sounds approaching fast .

Qin Feng’s face changed . “These opportunistic bastards!”

It was obviously the friction of bombs grinding through the air .