Master of the End Times - Chapter 417

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Chapter 417: 417

Chapter 417: War Against the Grans

Qin Feng might have been the first to act but the others quickly followed suit .

The short distance could be reached within a few tens of minutes, to begin with . The latecomers even began to fire from five kilometers away . Qin Feng, who was still at the site, was naturally exposed to the barrage .

“Run!” Qin Feng shouted . Bai Li held Qin Feng’s hand and instantly teleported a thousand meters away .


A bomb exploded behind Qin Feng .

However, bombing the area was just a waste of energy now . The Grans had long deserted the camp!

Those bombs were no different from blind shots . They were just repeating Lei Ying’s mistake .

After all, not everyone was like Qin Feng .

They wanted Qin Feng’s credit without having Qin Feng’s dark ability and Bai Li’s spatial ability .

Hence, they had to reap what they sow .

At the time, Grans only had less than three thousand soldiers left . They fled in all directions so some were inevitably running toward Colony Three .

Roughly twenty Grans scrambled in a fluster as they could not tell where they were going in the dark . Then they saw the light coming off one of the muzzles .

“It’s them . They are the ones who attacked us!”

“We will kill them even if it costs us our lives!”


The Grans growled! They fanned their wings at maximum speed .

The aptitude users were running on a rather empty plain without a lot of shrubs to cover them .

The Grans plunged straight toward them without much of a hindrance .


The Grans fired bright lasers from their guns and the shot reached the running group within seconds .

It was a miniature version of the floating city’s laser gun but it fired at a faster rate .

C-tiers might be able to dodge it but it was too fast for a D-tier . One of the gunners could not react in time and got hit on the shoulder . In the next moment, his shoulder was no longer there . All that was left was a layer of skin .

“Argh!!” The gunner yelled in pain .

The shouting further aggravated the Grans . They fired even more rapidly .

Pew pew pew!

Another three D-tier aptitude users were instantly put down .

“Kill them all!” The Grans showed no mercy .

In less than five minutes, the small group of twenty D-tier aptitude users was instantly killed . The troop leader, who was a C-tier, also did not manage to escape .

“Kill them! They are weak . Only the bombs are scary!”

The Grans contacted their comrades and converged toward Colony Three .

Qin Feng immediately appeared beside the twenty-man team and triggered his ability undetected .

Three minutes later, the twenty Grans were killed too .

But Qin Feng’s night vision could see that more than a few hundred Grans were approaching in their direction fast .

“Retreat at once if you don’t want to die!”

Qin Feng sent the warming through his communicator .

Unfortunately, the others on the field refused to listen or maybe it was already too late for them to run .

Most groups had been cornered by the Grans .

“Hahaha! Kill them!”

“Kill them all!”

“Chase them! I am going to rip them apart!”

The aptitude users who rushed out from the colony finally grasped the still overwhelming number of Grans left . They were deeply frightened and regretted their recklessness .


“Get back!”

They used everything they had—weapons, skills, abilities—to keep themselves alive .

But in the end, they were unable to outrun the Grans .

The Grans flew and dived like an eagle aiming at the running humans on the ground . A Gran landed precisely on top of its target and its claws soon penetrated the prey’s head .


The aptitude user’s shriek then turned into silence as his head was being forcefully detached from his body .

The others dared not look back .

They had come unprepared and there was no way they could defeat a Gran . The Grans were all equivalent to a C-tier beast .

The Grans gathered once again . Even though their numbers had been halved, an army of around three thousand alien soldiers was still pretty daunting .

They tirelessly flapped their wings and killed whomever that crossed their paths onward to the human colony .

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The terrified users who ran back to Colony Three led the Grans straight back to their base .

This place was only half an hour away from the Grans’ temporary camps on the other side of the hill .

“So this is the city of the lowly species?”

“Such a primitive civilization!”

“They are extremely weak! Kill them all!”


The Grans were born violent . The urge to kill was boiling inside their blood now .

They were extremely furious after understanding that they had been fooled earlier .

In fact, the human race was extremely weak . Only one or two elites among them were trying to scare them away using the guerrilla tactic .

After exposing the true strength of the Human Alliance, the Grans felt that they had been humiliated multiple times in the past few days .

Such anger was followed by the desire to destroy everything on sight .

The Grans charged forward angrily .

Actually, the Human Alliance had already lost about three hundred aptitude users to the Grans outside the city . This caused some parts of the city to be void of defense now .

Qin Feng and Bai Li teleported back into a quiet alley .

It was a concealed passage at about fifty meters long . This was the place where they would have a final battle with the Grans later .


Everyone’s breath became heavier .

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Some watched toward the sky, while some looked down at their communicators .

On top of the certification hall, a man stepped out silently . It was Xu Qing . He stood there calmly and imposingly .

The Grans noticed Xu Qing and they dived toward him angrily . Any human was a pest in their eyes now and deserved the most brutal death .

Xu Qing jumped to the air and brought out his long sword .

The sword was at least two meters long and weighed heavily . He swung the sword and struck one of the Grans .

The Gran instantly split into half like Xu Qing was cutting tofu . The debilitated beast plunged straight to the ground .

Xu Qing moved in zig-zag and attacked frantically . Then, he made a half turn and slid his sword around 180 degrees . The inner force infused into the blade blasted off along with the blade motion .

In one shot, six Grans were cut into half at the waistline . They were no match to Xu Qing, who was a formidable B-tier user .

Wang Zhou and Guang Wei joined in on the battle as well .

Wang Zhou had chosen the tallest building inside Colony Three . He was tall and possessed two thick arms . Hanging on those muscular arms now were two half-a-meter long machine guns .

The guns had multiple muzzles that were shaped like a beehive . The guns were connected to a power tong on Wang Zhou’s back . He was a rare B-tier gunner .

Wang Zhou raised both of his arms . Soon, white-colored plasma bullets shot out toward the sky like fireworks . The Grans that he aimed at fell to the ground one after another .

On the other hand, a pair of ice blue gloves was seen on Guang Wei’s hand . Frosty wings appeared on his back as soon as he put on the gloves .

Guang Wei ascended to the sky and threw a punch with his right fist . A blast of ice exploded from his punch and spread out a few hundred meters .

Thirty Grans were instantly frozen by Guang Wei’s skill . He was seemingly unbeatable .