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Master of the End Times - Chapter 418

Published at 12th of November 2020 02:45:08 AM

Chapter 418: 418

Chapter 418: Heavy Casualties

B-tier aptitude users were too powerful!

It might be a little exaggerated to assume that they could go against tens of thousands of enemies at one time, however, it would be a piece of cake for them to handle the enemies in hundreds .

Furthermore, the Grans were restricted and could only launch attacks from the sky .

It was impossible for them to cause any significant harm toward the B-tier aptitude users .

The Grans broke out in cold sweats again .

Their weapons were destroyed from the explosions earlier, hence, it was highly unlikely for them to kill all three of the B-tier aptitude users with their sharp claws .

“Steal, and take away the spatial stones from the weak!”

“Spread out, and avoid being forced to fight them!”

“Kill, and take down the others!”

The numbers of Grans had spiked .

A hundred of them remained around the three B-tier aptitude users, while the others had gone into the city .

One of them was walking on the streets when an unexpected rock fell from the sky and hit its body, and as soon as it managed to crawl back up, a group of ancient warriors that had come out of nowhere threw punches at him .

One of them was an ancient warrior that was fairly capable .

In the blink of an eye, the Gran was besieged to death by an inundation of ancient warriors .

However, within a short moment, tens of Grans had arrived at the scene, and every one of the aptitude users that had exposed themselves were being mercilessly slaughtered .

There were only three hundred C-tiers that had arrived at Colony Three, while the remaining five thousand D-tier aptitude users had failed the ambush at the outer city, and a thousand of them had been annihilated by retaliation .

Despite the efforts, the aptitude users were unable to pose any significant threat when they were facing against the Grans .

The only determining factor was Qin Feng’s presence at the scene!

Qin Feng was different from any other ordinary D-tier .

Tens of Grans glided across the sky at a low altitude, they were aiming to look for humans and kill them for their spatial rune equipment .

Qin Feng struck from the dark with his deadly attack .

“Dark Shroud!”

“Dark Ray!”

In the blink of an eye, the combat power of the Grans had almost been drained out .

Members of the Fengli Mercenary Troop launched their attacks from the dark .

The Grans were being slaughtered mercilessly like helpless sheep; they were instantly torn into pieces .

From Qin Feng’s past encounters with the Grans, none of the Grans had managed to capture him, and all of them were dead .

Hence, they had no idea that Qin Feng was the devil who had haunted them .

As they had sensed Qin Feng’s “weakness” and assumed that he was incapable of posing any significant threat, they Grans were rushing toward Qin Feng .

Furthermore, as the number of fallen aptitude users grew, the Grans had shifted their attention toward Qin Feng .

Also, some of the aptitude users who were escaping had flocked toward Qin Feng to seek assistance .

Surprisingly, Qin Feng’s team was growing bigger .

They were on par with the numbers of the Grans .

Battle cries echoed and channeled to the sky!

However, the majority of the people in Longchuan Colony Three were being evacuated .

Aptitude users were being torn apart from their chests, and skulls were being disintegrated .

The smell of fresh blood filled the entire area of the colony .

It was a brutal slaughter!

Beep beep beep beep!

Qin Feng was alerted by an urgent notification from his communicator .

“Commander, there is an order from the general, everyone shall retreat and take cover at a safe place!” Chen Xiang took a peek at his communicator .

It was a news announcement by Xu Qing .

The number of Grans was too overwhelming!

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Despite facing against bombings from Qin Feng, the damages had not stopped them from marching forward and continuing on with their attacks . However, the battle that had lasted for three hours resulted in a thousand lost lives for the Grans, and the majority of them were killed by the B-tier aptitude users!

Unfortunately, there were three thousand D-tier aptitude users that had been killed at the same time .

The numbers were terrifying .

If the battle were to go on for another hour, all of the D-tier aptitude users could even vanish completely!

It was indeed a disastrous impact toward the Human Alliance .


Qin Feng shouted .

The Fengli mercenaries were fully prepared for it, and they began to coordinate themselves for the retreat .

As for the wounded D-tiers that had lost their commanders, they also followed those that were from Fengli colony to fall back .

One of the Grans continued the pursuit and was instantly met by Qin Feng’s Fire Dragon Style .

“Do you think that you could still get away with that when I am here?”

The Gran was instantly shrouded by flames that swept across it and was tossed away .


Its body was engulfed in flames and it was thrown onto a tall building .

“Kill him!”

The Grans looked toward Qin Feng with their blood-red eyes, they were consumed by the anger that provoked them to tear Qin Feng into pieces .

However, there was no way that they could do that!

Although they might have stronger capabilities than Qin Feng, Qin Feng was equipped with dark abilities that could diminish their energy instantly, with that, they could be instantly killed by Qin Feng .


Qin Feng landed his final slash onto the Grans and went ahead to catch up with the team .

The Fengli mercenaries had gradually arrived at the entrance of an underground parking space .

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“Everyone get down there, identify our casualties! Take cover!” Qin Feng shouted .


The crowd answered unequivocally .

Every had immense trust toward Qin Feng and would not oppose any of his suggestions .

There were about two hundred people that were hiding at the safe defense base of the underground parking space .

Only Qin Feng took guard at the entrance of the parking space and took on every terrifying attack from the Grans .

“Hellfire Carpet!”

The entrance was instantly divided by flames, and the heightened flames had formed into a veil that restricted any form of penetration .

Qin Feng and Bai Li guarded the spot .

The numbers of corpses at the entrance of the parking space grew tremendously .

One, two… ten… a hundred corpses!

It was like an endless battle .

There were no longer any Grans that came into Qin Feng’s view .

Perhaps they were afraid!

“Dadada… sss…”

The loud noise from the guns nearby Qin Feng had stopped .

At that moment, the wild gun firings were no longer heard, and those that were left behind noticed that the noises from the battle had diminished!

The edge of the sky emerged in pale-white color .

Unknowingly, another four hours had gone by, and it was already past four o’ clock at dawn!

“Go away!”

An enraged roar was heard from a tall building that was far away, the loud and deafening roar was channeled along with conscious energy .

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Conscious energy impact wave!

It was Wang Zhou .

Wang Zhou had run out of ammo .

Furthermore, gunners would usually have lower physical energy!

Wang Zhou was the first who became exhausted by the hard-fought battle that lasted throughout the night .

At that moment, the Grans were enlightened by hope, they went wild and began to rush toward Wang Zhou .

There were fifty of them that were left around Wang Zhou!

Wang Zhou hopped from a tall building to another while continuing the attacks .

However, within the blink of an eye, Wang Zhou was being forced to a corner with nowhere to escape .

It was at that moment, scorching flames descended from the sky .

“Fire Dragon!”


A gigantic fire dragon ramped through the crowd and tossed the Grans away .

It was Qin Feng .

In contrast to everyone else, Qin Feng’s combat energy had not decreased at all .

It was because of his devouring ability that had constantly fueled himself by consuming from the dead enemies .

Qin Feng continued the battle and became more courageous .


Qin Feng beheaded a Gran with his Verdant Emperor Saber .

Dark rays exploded and several Grans were instantly paralyzed and fell onto the ground .

“Magma Burst!”

The Grans were instantly surrounded by scorching magma .

Qin Feng had only appeared for a minute, and he had already taken down seven enemies by just casting simple abilities and moves .