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Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Chen Ming’s Acting

The truth was, the spatial stabilization device malfunction that happened a month ago was a human-made incident . It was in the act of demonstration, during the operation, that they noticed Chen Ming’s existence . He possessed a characteristic that the anti-human organization yearned very much – selfish and hypocritical .

So, in half a month, under the guise of a mercenary team to recruit Cheng Ming, they had successfully included him in an illegal operation where they took out a well-known unit in Chengbei .

Chen Ming, in fact, felt that they had done nothing wrong, believing instead that this was what it took to survive in the wild . An ending without laws or morals, where the fist was absolute . Not only that, but Chen Ming also believed those who had not yet awakened were insignificant and worthless souls .

Later on, the unit used commoners as bait to attract ultra-beasts to conduct a wide-area attack . Chen Ming, unsurprisingly, did not oppose it . He, in fact, the one who came up with the plan and even saw to its strict implementation, and he was very good at it .

He truly felt that he was doing well in the team, and was very proud of himself for the merits he received for his contribution . He cared little about his blood-stained hands and charred heart . As long as he succeeded, nothing else mattered .

This time was supposed to be the team’s last test, telling Chen Ming that an organization was paying big money to buy over ability users who had just awakened, about 30 million yuan all in all . If they succeeded, each member of the unit would get 3 million . Chen Ming would get 3million! It was a pie in the sky . He immediately reacted and found his target – Zhao Yuanyaun! All things considered, if he could have it his way, he would have preferred if they targeted Qin Feng or Zhou Hao .

To his dismay, however, all the members of the team died, and the person who killed them all was Qin Feng .

“Didn’t he say he wasn’t awakened? How did he suddenly know martial arts? And how did he get rune equipment? And it even had silver light! Shoot! If they managed to identify the attackers, would they link them to me?

Argh!!! Damn you, Qin Feng!”

God, he hated Qin Feng so much! This Qin Feng who was looking at him right now . Hated that frozen, billowing gaze that sent a chill down Chen Ming’s spine even though it was a warm summer .

Chen Ming was petrified right now . He could not shake off the strange feeling that Qin Feng knew something .

When the patrol team piled them up in the car, Chen Ming attempted to avoid Qin Feng’s stare .

Consequently, the patrol team questioned the students and took notes . In a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, the students finally calmed down, although mostly clueless about a lot of things .

In contrast, Qin Feng was calmer and more composed than most of his counterparts .

This was supposed to be an unfortunate tragedy involving innocent intermediate academy graduates . Things, however, had taken an unexpected turn when one of the students actually singlehandedly eradicated an anti-human group .

This whole thing was somewhat mystifying .

“Did you know that they were going to come?”

“No . ”

“Then why did you bring your weapon with you? You’re just a fresh graduate . How is it that you have a rune equipment?”

Qin Feng looked up and spotted the interviewer eyeing the rune equipment with a little too much interest .

He knew all too well why that was .

It was impossible that anyone wouldn’t be tempted when they see a piece of silver-light rune equipment! The interviewer was obviously trying to find a connection that would somehow implicate Qin Feng .

As a result, it would then be uncertain as to who was the rightful owner of the weapon .

Qin Feng glared at the man with stern composure . “I was one of the victims . Just because I killed the assailants, you want to conduct an investigation into me?”

The look Qin Feng gave the interviewer was murderous .

Whether in the previous or current life, Qin Feng had indeed killed quite several people . Right now, he looked most frightful in his blood-soaked clothes and frigid stare .

The patrol officer suddenly found himself diffident, quickly replying, “Don’t get me wrong . We just need to find some clues!” He feigned a cough and changed the topic . “Has any of you offended anyone recently?”

“I’m not sure…”

“Did the assailant say anything?”

“They said to take all the girls and kill the boys!”

The officer frowned as he took down Qin Feng’s statement . He already had a theory in mind – it was possibly a show of force .

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Qin Feng added, “But after that, they insisted on capturing one girl . She’s the only ability user in our group . I suspect they meant to do her no good!”

The patrol officer’s interest was piqued, but Qin Feng said no more . When asked if there was anything else, Qin Feng declined to comment .

In the end, they got no useful information from Qin Feng, but as it turned out, there were new developments in the case .

“These people might not be the Black Spiders . A few of them were fugitive criminals, and some of them had set up mercenary units in Chengbei . ”

“Mm, alright . I got it!”

Though the situation was getting worse, Qin Feng’s strength had prevented his friends from suffering more severe injuries .

“Alright . Thank you for your cooperation . If we have any progress in the case, I will contact you again!”


then, Qin Feng left with the rest of his classmates . Zhou Hao and Xiao Jing waited for him .

“Why did something like this happen?! Poor Yang Qian!” Xiao Jing gnashed her teeth . Yang Qian had just undergone a procedure, and Xiao Jing heard that she had lost a calf . Yang Qian was utterly devastated .

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Suddenly, Qin Feng stiffened .

“I have something to do . I need to go now!” Qin Feng said, leaving his friends behind .

“Ah, okay!” nodded Xiao Jing without raising any objections .

“Hey, lunatic! Don’t forget the registration for the advanced academy is in three days!”

Qin Feng waved, an indication that he already knew .

Since was covered in unsightly blood, he found a quiet corner where he slipped off the t-shirt and threw it into a bin . He then had Xiaobai take out his combat suit from his backpack .

After he changed into the less bloody set, Qin Feng returned to the patrol office, finding a place to hide . He waited quietly like a hunter stalking its prey . He did not have to wait long before someone walked out .

It was Chen Ming!

The patrol team was not incompetent . They had previously discovered that Chen Ming was connected to the assailants, but he had stellar acting skills . Having deliberated and assumed the worst-case scenario before his interview, he pretended to be shocked and distressed .

“No wonder they kept asking me if anyone I knew recently had their abilities awakened . I thought that the captain was looking to recruit ability users . You know, most of my classmates come from underprivileged families, so I kept asking around . If I had known, I wouldn’t have told them anything! I… I’m so sorry for what happened to them!”