Master of the End Times - Chapter 420

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Chapter 420

Chapter 420: Horrifying Scores

Qin Feng ended his sentence with a face filled with mockery!

Lei Ying glared furiously at Qin Feng .

Qin Feng had pointed out Lei Ying’s old age .

Actually, it was possible for Qin Feng to get away with it, after all, geniuses would always be favored by the Human Alliance .

Furthermore, Bai Li’s attack did not strike her opponent .

At that moment, Guang Wei’s cold stare instantly shifted toward Qin Feng and Bai Li .

“Seventeen years old?” Guang Wei looked toward the D-tier badges on their chests, he frowned and asked, “Were you from any of the prestigious families? From the Dragon Capital?”

The Dragon Capital was a mythical center of Huaxia, and also a sacred place for aptitude users .

“How could that be possible, General Guang, you got me wrong; however, I do not have any other intentions, we were genuinely unaware of such rules!” Qin Feng maintained his calm and polite manner . However, he began to frown a little from within his heart .

He was bothered by the negative emotions that he had sensed from Guang Wei .

However, it was too mild, and Qin Feng was afraid to infringe the B-tier aptitude user with his conscious energy sensing .

“Hmm!” Guang Wei nodded as he swept his emotionless eyes across both of them, he answered, “Lei Ying’s team had suffered more severe losses, give this street to them, you may look around at other streets!”

Qin Feng’s calm expression did not falter as he looked toward Guang Wei .


Qin Feng did not object to that, and the Fengli Mercenary Troop did not voice themselves either . However, there were still some of them that could not hold it in but to express their dissatisfaction on their faces .

“Let’s move on!”

Qin Feng led the others and left, while Bai Li also starred emotionlessly at Lei Ying and Guang Wei before turning around .

Guang Wei stared at Bai Li’s hand, the spatial whip had caught his attention .

For the others, it was merely an insignificant post-battle incident . Despite the frustration, they soon shifted their attention toward the clean-up process and were no longer bothered by what happened .

However, they soon realized that only the cores of the Grans were left, and the majority of the spatial rune equipment had gone missing .

There were only one out of ten corpses that was left with equipment that was well hidden .

The lucky survivors were puzzled, could it be someone that had already been there to take away the spatial rune equipment?

Who could that be?

Everyone was suspicious as they looked around .

Of course, that only lasted for a short moment, some of the aptitude users had cleaned up the corpses of their dead comrades; as for those who had been annihilated entirely, it would require extra manpower from the Human Alliance .

Certainly, the primary focus now would be the post-battle military accomplishments .

Everyone had high anticipation toward the reward which would be in the form of tokens .

As the battle had come to an end, it was time for the final harvest .

As most of the aptitude user hall was destroyed, everyone had gathered around the central square . Undoubtedly, the three generals stood in the middle while surrounded by about fifty C-tier aptitude users, and also a thousand D-tiers, at the outer ring .

Of course, none of them moved forward .

“Beep beep beep, inspection completed, hunted kills 714!”

“Beep beep beep, inspection completed, hunted kills 752!”

“Beep beep beep, inspection completed, hunted kills 802!”

Everyone was struck dumb by the numbers of the three generals .

Of course, they did not care much about the reward as they were anticipating direct compensation from the Human Alliance .

Those would be B-tier equivalent resources .

Hence, three of them maintained their emotionless expression throughout the entire inspection and immediately returned to rest at the aptitude user hall as soon as the inspection had ended .

The battle was not over, after all, the remaining hundreds of Grans might return; for the sake of ending the battle sooner, as soon as they had had enough rest, the three generals might initiate another operation to wipe out the remaining Grans and put the battle to an end .

At that moment, Wang Zhou waved toward Qin Feng .

Qin Feng casually walked toward his direction and asked, “General Wang, do you need something?”

Wang Zhou nodded and answered, “I prefer not to owe anyone a favor, as I will need to take care of some other tasks later and not remain here, hence, is there anything that you wish to have now? If there is any, let me know . ”

Qin Feng had saved Wang Zhou’s life and he wished to return the favor to Qin Feng .

Any amount or items would be acceptable .

Certainly, it would be rude to have such a demand for others .

Qin Feng paused for a short moment and answered, “General Wang, if possible, I wish to enter into the higher management level of the Human Alliance earlier, also, to take up the governor role of the Four Cities of the North Sea!”

Qin feng raised his palm and showed him Gao Yukang’s badge .

“This is from Governor Gao Yukang, and he entrusted me with this responsibility before he died!”

Wang Zhou was shocked for a moment, he nodded and continued, “I will submit the request to the Human Alliance for you, with your current battle scores, I will utilize my Hero Class identity to grant you early access into the higher management level!”

“My gratitude to you General Wang!”

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“Hmm, if there is anything else, please contact me!”

Wang Zhou passed on the number of his communicator to Qin Feng .

Qin Feng noted it down, and Wang Zhou entered into the hover car and returned for a rest, he was exhausted from the battle that had lasted for an entire day . His main purpose for being there was only to bring peace to the public sentiment with his presence .

After all, the number of deaths was horrifying!

Xu Qing noticed that Wang Zhou had left, he came over and told Qin Feng, “You did well, hopefully you will be able to join the higher management level of the Human Alliance soon!”

“Hmm, certainly!”

Qin Feng nodded .

Then, Xu Qing also left, while Guang Wei had already left as soon as the inspection ended .

Everyone looked toward Qin Feng, they were proud of his recognition from two of the B-tier aptitude users .

Boundless prospects ahead!

Whereas some of the others viewed it differently, and they were filled with jealousy!

Of course, Lei Ying was one of them .

“Commander Qin, why don’t you go through the inspection first?”

One person suggested .

“That’s right, you first!”

“Yes, this time, you have contributed the most!”

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Everyone was eager to find out about Qin Feng’s scores .

Actually, there were tens of temporary counters built by the inspection department to ensure a swift inspection for everyone .

However, everyone would not want to miss the opportunity to witness the miraculous moment of Qin Feng’s inspection .

There would often be heroes and miracles that would emerge from every battle, and they would most probably achieve greater heights by obtaining a huge amount of wealth from the rewards .

“Hmm, I’ll go first then!”

Qin Feng stepped forward and submitted his recordings .

He had quite a lot of recordings .

“Beep beep beep, inspection completed, hunted kills 3419 . ”

Everyone was shocked with their eyes wide open by the scores .

It was utterly out of the ordinary!

However, some came to and noticed that Qin Feng was the first person to have released mass coverage attacks .

The scene recordings from the drones had proven that Qin Feng had secured a huge victory .

It was tenfold of the reward .

How could anyone not be jealous of such an accomplishment?!

A huge sum of funds was transferred into Qin Feng’s personal terminal account .

When combined with previously obtained funds, it was a total of four hundred and fifty billion!