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Master of the End Times - Chapter 421

Published at 15th of November 2020 03:55:12 PM

Chapter 421

Chapter 421: Consciousness Connector

Even a B-tier aptitude user would have been jealous of those kinds of numbers!

Fortunately, the three B-tiers had all left, otherwise Qin Feng’s record would have just been a slap to the face!

“Alright everyone, I’ll be leaving now!” Qin Feng said .

The crowd automatically parted for Qin Feng to pass . A D-tier that could remain calm and collected under the gaze of multiple C-tiers . Needless to say, he had a very strong mentality .

Of course, they could not have known that Qin Feng had gone through rebirth!

The Fengli Mercenary Troop followed him back to the battlefield . Although the ground was littered with bodies, there were always some residents’ homes on the streets that could provide them with some shelter .

Life on the front was not going to be as luxurious and peaceful as the rear colonies, but nobody was going to complain .

After all, their spirits were too high .

They did not need to individually verify their videos, after all, there were other kinds of monitoring equipment already watching them and after a team was formed, their performance was measured as a whole .

The person who contributed the most was Qin Feng .

“Everyone gets 30 billion per person, 10 billion in addition for firearm subsidies and the deputy head gets 50 billion . Does anyone have any objections to that?” Qin Feng asked .

How could they have any objections when they could not help but get excited!

Thirty billion after one night of battling was enough .

What was more, this was not just simply said by Qin Feng . The mercenary troop itself relied on Qin Feng as the mainstay . He got seven tenths of the spoils while they got three tenths, not only that he had even put out an additional 200 billion!

The money was gradually transferred to each of them and those in the group all had smiles on their faces, anticipating the moment they got to announce just how much they had gained so the whole world would know about their wealth .

After all, an ordinary D-tier could only accumulate ten billion after several decades .


Three days later in Longchuan Colony Three, things seemed to have calmed down with the Grans being nowhere in sight . The three B-tiers set out in search of them but came up with no signs whatsoever .

Since there were no longer that many Grans, the Human Alliance’s top resource could not be wasted here so Xu Qing and Wang Zhou were transferred away . The only one who stayed was Guang Wei .

Qin Feng knew about this, and received Wang Zhou’s message .

“The news about you asking to be governor has already been sent up the ladder, but for the time being you’ll be acting governor . The title will only become official when you reach C-tier . ”

“Thank you, General!”

“You’re welcome . Oh, by the way, someone will be coming over tonight with a consciousness connector to teach you how to use it . The Human Alliance’s inner network has a lot of treasures that you’re not aware about . Take care of it, you’re being allowed in at a very early stage!”

“Right, I understand!”

“Alright then, I’m off now!”

Wang Zhou and Qin Feng both ended their calls .

That night, just as expected, someone entered the hotel that Qin Feng was located in . She was a beautiful D-tier aptitude user with long hair .

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The group of D-tiers that had been in the colony for more than half a month turned their attention to her .

“Excuse me, is Qin Feng here? I’m Li Zishan, a special agent from the Human Alliance and I’m supposed to hand over a consciousness connector to him!”

She took out her credentials and showed it to everyone, indicating that she had no ill will .

Even if she had malicious intent, the Fengli Mercenary Troop would think that she would not be able to harm Qin Feng anyway .

“Right, right . This way please!”

One of them led her to Qin Feng’s room .

Before she even knocked on the door, he already detected the presence of two aptitude users with his consciousness .

When Bai Li opened the door, the aptitude user quickly said, “Miss Bai, this woman here is an aptitude user from the Human Alliance . Said she was going to give the boss a consciousness connector!”

With this item, Qin Feng was not any different from a C-tier!

“Then come in! My husband’s been expecting you!” Bai Li said .

Li Zishan looked at Bai Li and there was a look of surprise on her face, her brows involuntarily furrowed .

“Welp . I’m going away now!” said the person who guided Li Zhishan there .

Bai Li ignored him and made the gesture of inviting the special agent inside .

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When she walked in, she saw that Qin Feng was already sitting in the living room . She smiled and offered a hand .

“Hello! I’m Li Zishan!”

“Hello! Qin Feng . ”

“Naturally . I already know who you are . Your combat prowess is astounding and I can’t believe you’re only a D-tier!” She said with a manner of frankness .

Qin Feng only smiled, he was not humbled and did not want to waste the agent’s time .

“So, where’s the consciousness connector?”

Li Zishan’s face had an expression of embarrassment for a brief moment but she quickly regained composure and said with a serious face, “Leader Qin, because of orders from above, I’ve specifically come to give you this connector . I’ll teach you the basics on how to use it . Of course, so long as your consciousness is strong enough, it should be easy!”

Then she took out a pair of silver spectacles .

These spectacles were also rune equipment, C-tier king level in fact . Very rare .

This was something that C-tier users would commonly have after achieving that rank .

It was convenient for many users and allowed discrete communication thanks to how inconspicuous it looked .

He put the glasses on and focused his consciousness in the center of his forehead before linking with the consciousness connector .

In the next moment, his vision had become blurry and he felt as if he had arrived at an entirely different place .

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He did not panic though . After all, he had been here before, even if it had been a year since then .

What he saw was a massive and bright building, reaching into the skies with massive words written at the top .

The Human Alliance Huaxia District!

Straight and wide streets . The people hurrying about it were all C-tiers, not only that, they seemed to reappear and disappear in an instant .

When he looked at himself, he was shocked to see the scars on his arms .

He had been reborn, but he subconsciously chose his original appearance after using the consciousness connector .

This time, he was at the full height of 192cm, had a well built body, sharp features and a glint of madness and cruelty in his eyes, but that was overshadowed by the look of perseverance his face gave off .

He was familiar with this kind of aura, and outside he looked more like a twenty seven or twenty eight year old .

He focused on his consciousness for a moment and his features became a little more handsome . His skin was not as tan as before and his hair even grew slightly longer . Although he was tall, he looked like a teenager .

Now he looked like he was only about seventeen or eighteen .

Then, a person suddenly appeared in front of Qin Feng . It was Li Zishan .