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Master of the End Times - Chapter 422

Published at 15th of November 2020 03:55:11 PM

Chapter 422

Chapter 422: Governor Review

“You seem to be quite comfortable here Captain Qin, please enter your information first!”

A form automatically appeared in front of him . It asked for nothing much except for where he was born, his birthday and his personal account number and so on .

All Qin Feng did was think and the form was filled instantly .

Li Zishan was slightly surprised . “It really looks like it’s not the first time you’ve used a consciousness connector!”

Qin Feng simply said, “Controlling consciousness isn’t so hard!”

“Haha, I forgot that Captain Qin is a dual-type ability user!”

There was a trance of coldness in Qin Feng’s eyes . “Miss Li, you seem to know a lot about me!”

Li Zishan’s smile faltered before she laughed again, “Of course, I have to verify your identity, don’t I?”

“I sure hope so!” Qin Feng mumbled . He had a feeling that things would not be going smoothly today .

“Captain Qin you can now apply to serve as the governor for the Four Cities of the North Sea and three B-tiers will be randomly selected to review you!”

He frowned . “General Wang Zhou has already said that I’m currently acting governor, why do I have to get reviewed again?”

Li Zishan gave him a small smile . “Captain Qin, General Wang does indeed have the right to make you acting governor but that position is only temporary . If someone applies to be governor it will be different . So now you have to compete with others!”

This was naturally different from what Qin Feng and Wang Zhou had discussed .

By now, Wang Zhou had left Colony Three, even if he tried to look for him it would not be helpful .

“Then, I’ll apply!” Qin Feng said coldly, even if he was competing with others, how could he be afraid?

Qin Feng’s consciousness moved and the battle net’s page appeared before him . Only now, there was another link available: The Human Alliance’s senior member management .

Qin Feng clicked on the link and quickly found the Four Cities of the North Sea . At this time, the position for governor was vacant but it looked like someone else was already applying for it in the application’s section .

His face fell, but quickly clicked to apply as well, bumping the numbers up to 2!

Afterward, Qin Feng waited patiently for a few minutes before he suddenly received a message in his mind .

[D tier aptitude user Qin Feng, the reviewers for your application regarding the governor position for the Four Cities of the North Sea are: Fu Wenjue, He Liming, Guang Wei!]

There was one person that he recognized . Moreover, he was the one who remained in Colony Three .

However, Guang Wei and Qin Feng did not have relations with one another .

[Choose to enter the review room immediately: 10, 9, 8, 7…]

Even if he did not choose, the moment the countdown finished Qin Feng’s consciousness would appear in the review room!


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Qin Feng’s vision blurred for a moment before appearing in a solemn looking room .

In front of him was a high platform with solid wooden tables and chairs that looked very sturdy and had a dark brown wooden color and texture .

Three judges were already sitting there .

Qin Feng, on the other hand, was standing .

This moment would be intimidating for any aptitude user .

More importantly, these three were all dressed in military uniform, the badges on their chests identified them as B-tiers and told them apart .

All of them were looking at Qin Feng’s information . However, not all of the information was what he filled in .

Information about him was being drawn from other places, all his tasks from the Aptitude User’s Hall or during his time while fighting in the front line were clearly presented . Even his hunting data from the Bounty Hunter Network .

“Just half a month after awakening, participated in a dark invasion event and took down an F-tier beast king? Then became the district chief of a small colony!”

“The mission to defend Han Town!”

“Commendation from the Zhongchen Group, dueled with the E-tier Wraith Devil?”

“Shadong Town’s combat reports . These look quite solid!”

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“The latest ones are from Longchuan . This record… more than 4,000 Wisdom Tribe creatures? These were all C-tiers?”

The expressions of these three people changed . In fact, even Guang Wei was astonished .

He had left after the audit was completed, not knowing that Qin Feng had killed so many as a whole .

Moreover, this task was clearly priced . Suffice to say, Qin Feng’s personal account had to have at least 4 trillion!

That was a number that would tempt even a B-tier .

Qin Feng was a terrifying person .

The first to speak was He Liming . He sat in the center and was the strongest of the three, being at B4-tier . After entering the consciousness connector, he was randomly placed in here .

He just happened to come across the record of this astounding youth who defied all the odds that was placed against him .

“Qin Feng, your record is incredible . With your current strength, you’d be strong enough to serve as the Four Cities’ governor!” He Liming looked at the other two when he was done talking and used his consciousness to ask, “What do you two think?”

Fu Wenjue did not think too much of it, but he quickly glanced down and smiled faintly . “Since there’s another applicant, let’s review the next one!”

He Liming frowned . “Is that necessary? This person’s record…”

He did not get to finish as he was interrupted by Guang Wei, who said in a chilly tone, “It must be reviewed, after all, the position of governor is serious business!”

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“Compared to Qin Feng’s prowess, the other’s one’s a little bit far off, especially their last mission’s record!” He Liming said .

Guang Wei stared at He Liming . “Strength isn’t everything . Sometimes a person’s actions are more worthy of our consideration . Such an important position should be given to someone that’s capable!”

He Liming frowned, suddenly realizing that today was not going to be as easy-going as he thought .

When he looked at the other’s information, he saw that they were only an ordinary C-tier and it was impossible to match their record with Qin Feng’s .

And some of the information, even when just briefly glanced over, had a very telling sign that they had probably been exaggerated . A person with this kind of record was not necessarily doing well!

However, reviewing was not a job done by one person and it seemed that Guang Wei was obviously biased toward this person .

Could it be a crony?

That thought made He Liming uneasy and he felt a little displeased but he suppressed those thoughts and said, “Shall we review the next one then?”

Suddenly, Qin Feng, who had been silent throughout this entire scene, abruptly spoke .

“Although strength doesn’t mean everything, I feel that having strength means more people can be protected . And in this apocalyptic world, isn’t it the strong that respects the strong? So why are we suddenly discussing actions, then I want to know, what has this person done to be commended? Let me guess, the person who’s competing with me for the Four Cities is called…”

Qin Feng’s gaze locked onto Guang Wei as he opened his mouth, saying two words .

“Lei Ying!”