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Master of the End Times - Chapter 423

Published at 15th of November 2020 03:55:10 PM

Chapter 423

Chapter 423: Reporting Qin Feng

This was just a guess but he thought that there was at least an 80% possibility that he was right!

He Liming looked at the information with surprise and did not bother to try and hide it .

“Indeed! It seems like you’re quite familiar with this person!”

Qin Feng said with a calm demeanor, “I’m very familiar with him and he lost more than half his people during a mission against the invaders of Longchuan! A C-tier aptitude user who went with him on the mission died because of his poor decision-making skills!”

He spoke with tactful euphemism, also revealing that Lei Ying had abandoned his comrades .

This was not good for the reputation .

He Liming’s brows were furrowed . “Really?”

Fu Wenjue, who sat on the left, said, “These are just your own words, we will investigate the rest!”

Obviously, he also did not approve of Qin Feng becoming governor .

Out of the three people, there were two that were not optimistic about Qin Feng . Originally, the whole process of making a person governor would have some problems, but now it has become very problematic!

Not only that, Guang Wei suddenly held up an additional piece of information in his hand and said, “After these missions, I’ve also received a piece of new information . Someone’s reported your offenses, Qin Feng!”

Qin Feng was taken aback .

Guang Wei continued, “First of all, this informant initially suspected that this massive spatial passage had occured because of your girlfriend’s weapon causing space-time fluctuations that formed a crack and sent out our world’s space-time beacon!”

Qin Feng’s face suddenly fell . He did not deny that, but he did not admit it either .

The Grans had been studying Earth’s space-time beacon for a while, even without Bai Li, the event would have still happened in ten days . It only ended up happening ahead of schedule .

It was obviously unreliable to use this as a report .

Qin Feng replied coldly, “Skepticism and guesswork! Where’s the evidence?”

Guang Wei said, “This report was based on suspicion, and there is another point . Your previous misleading reports . On the first time one C-tier aptitude user and one hundred D-tiers died, the second time it caused the deaths of three C-tiers and more than five hundred D-tiers! What’s more, launching the battle ahead of time while the aptitude users were still disorganized and caused a high number of deaths . Close to one hundred C-tier aptitude users have died and more than three thousand D-tier aptitude users were killed . These deaths are heavy losses for the Human Alliance . ”

Qin Feng let out a frustrated chuckle, “General Guang, I’m guessing your informant is also Lei Ying?”

Rage flickered in his eyes, but his tone was mocking .

“First off, he’s an idiot who thinks he can do what I can do, and he tried to take advantage of the situation . Instead of gaining any advantage, he went ahead and delivered a genocide buffet right up to the invaders . Then he abandoned his teammates and is blaming everything on me!”

“Second of all, you were at Longchuan’s Colony Three . You’ve experienced this personally! I wiped out three thousand of those Grans in one go and if you didn’t have that precious opportunity then the ones attacking the colony wouldn’t be that three thousand but double the amount! Do you think you could have held on then?”

“Wind it back a thousand steps, if they weren’t so self-righteous, going about things their own way then maybe that Wisdom Tribe would have been scared away by my gunfire!”

“But what then? A great combat opportunity, yet these people went ahead to die and revealed that we’re just bluffing at the beginning! These are intelligent creatures, not mindless beasts!”

After hearing his words, He Liming understood what was going on and felt embarrassed for Guang Wei after hearing his report!

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Guang Wei on the other hand did not show any embarrassment . He maintained a straight face and said, “No matter what you say, you’re still responsible for this matter!”

Qin Feng sneered, “There’s nothing wrong with the crimes you want to add . What responsibility should I bear? Why should I even bear the brunt?”

“Of course you have to be responsible! For the future safety of the Human Alliance, it’s best if you hand that spatial whip your girlfriend Bai Li has to us . Not only that, you’ll have to compensate up to 5 trillion to compensate for the Human Alliance’s heavy losses!”

Qin Feng was in disbelief!

“I’m sorry but I can’t agree to those two terms!” He said coldly, with a chilling murderous intent in his eyes .

He always understood that a common man’s crime was to carry jade . *

But that was before, when he was weak .

This year, he had not been too outstanding and his strength had been steadily increasing into incredible levels, but he had not participated in any sensational event .

Now, his strength had almost reached the minimum requirement for joining the Human Alliance but it turned out that someone was trying to sabotage him .

Bai Li’s spatial whip naturally could not be handed over .

The spatial whip was not some S-rank super artifact but it was meshed well with Bai Li’s spatial manipulation so it would allow her to be at her strongest potential .

If this were taken away, would that mean she had to diminish herself again?

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As for 5 trillion, Qin Feng did not have that kind of money on his personal account right now .

What was more, why should he pay, just because Guang Wei said so?

Nobody could insult him or provoke him this much .

He was not going to give them anything, not even if he had something to give!

“Qin Feng, does this mean you’re betraying the Human Alliance?” Guang Wei bellowed .

Qin Feng replied in the same chilling tone, “Betray the Human Alliance? You’re the one pushing it, Guang Wei, you’re the one who’s trying to take advantage of me beyond what I can do!”

Guang Wei said with a serious tone, “Stop arguing Qin Feng and hand over the spatial whip and compensation, or else you’ll be marked as a wanted criminal of the Human Alliance!”

“Then put me on a wanted poster, try it!”

Qin Feng smiled fearlessly .

So what if it were a B-tier, give him time to climb up to the top and his retribution would be a hundred times worse than today’s!

By then, Guang Wei realized that Qin Feng had made up his mind, so he did not hesitate to take action .

In an instant, consciousness burst out .

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The consciousness connector was originally controlled by the consciousness, which gave ability users a huge advantage . Here, together with gunners, they were stronger than ancient warriors .

Qin Feng’s consciousness was not as strong as Guang Wei’s, but his control over the consciousness connector was good enough!

In an instant, he reappeared at the edge of the review room .

Then, he began to slip through the wall .

“Guang Wei, I hope you don’t regret what happened today!” Qin Feng said before he completely phased through the wall, disappearing without a trace in an instant .

Guang Wei’s face was a cold mask, it was as if he was answering Qin Feng, but it seemed more like he was talking to himself .

“How could I regret this, it’s you who should feel regret because after today, there will be no chance for you to even feel regret!”

There was a murderous glint in Guang Wei’s eyes before he disappeared from the consciousness world of the Human Alliance .

He Liming sat in his chair, his face was that of suppressed rage .

“What the hell is going on? If word gets out about this scandal even the Dark Coalition would be laughing at us!”

He slammed his palm into the table, instantly scattering it into powdery fragments .

Soon, the table began to reform itself .

Translator’s Note: Translated from the Chinese saying that means: ‘So long as someone has wealth, power and so on, there would be people trying to persecute them’ .