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Master of the End Times - Chapter 425

Published at 15th of November 2020 03:55:06 PM

Chapter 425: 425

Chapter 425: Qin Feng On The Run

“I hope you people wouldn’t step on my limits!”

Qin Feng let out a frosty laugh before disappearing entirely!

Guang Wei tried to give chase but his consciousness had its limits! He did not have SS-tier potential like Qin Feng did .

It was not like Qin Feng’s current power!

As such, Qin Feng and Bai Li escaped Guang Wei after a few spatial jumps .

However, Guang Wei had another way, which was to lock onto Qin Feng’s position via his communicator . After all, that communicator was issued by the Human Alliance!

Qin Feng would not have made such a simple mistake as to keep his communicator on, he had already taken his own and Bai Li’s communicators, and placed them into his spatial rune equipment .

Even if Guang Wei was a B-tier, he was not as strong as Li Zishan in terms of chasing and escaping .

That was why Li Zishan was summoned, because she was a wind ability user .

But now? Lei Ying had his arm damaged by Qin Feng again and the last injury required the use of a lot of healing elixirs but this time it had been chopped off .

Not to mention, Li Zishan lost both her legs!

“This Qin Feng really is a ruthless person!”

Although Guang Wei was an ice ability user, he could still feel a chill down his back!

He had chased after Qin Feng for ten kilometers but eventually lost his trail and had to return to Colony Three .

Lei Ying, holding his severed arm, greeted him and hurriedly asked, “General Guang, is it done?’

That just touched a tender spot*!

Guang Wei’s face was an ashy grey .

“Useless waste of space!”

After barking out that insult, he turned around and left!

When Lei Ying heard that, he immediately understood that Qin Feng was not dead!

He escaped?

Lei Ying suddenly recalled what Qin Feng had said before .

‘Whoever lays a hand on what’s mine will not see tomorrow’s dawn!’

What did Qin Feng mean by that?

Fengli Colony? Shadong Town, or the Fengli Mercenary Troop?

Perhaps it was the position of governor for the Four Cities on the North Sea?

From that moment, Lei Ying felt as if there was a blade hanging over his head and that blade just so happened to be Qin Feng’s Verdant Emperor Saber .

Would he have to give up the position of governor of the Four Cities just like that?

It was like a piece of meat served in front of him, he wanted to eat it but if he reached his neck out to take a bite it would get cut off .

Such a tantalizing feeling was simply unbearable .

What was more, it was not just the problem with the Four Cities anymore .

Now Qin Feng had become a huge threat . After shedding all of his pretenses, Lei Ying was not sure if Qin Feng would come after him or not .

“Assassin’s notice! The first to kill Qin Feng will receive 100 billion!”

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Lei Ying did not hesitate to spread this news onto the battle . net .

He then spent the rest of that night in the Aptitude User’s Hall, afraid that Qin Feng would return in the middle of the night to begin a massacre!


Qin Feng was planning on massacring everyone who crossed him that night but after entering the Longchuan Mountains, he encountered a terrible scene .

“What is that?” His pupils shrank at the sight .

He had already seen it clearly, but the more he looked the less he wanted to admit what he saw .

“A spatial passage!” Bai Li said, her voice serious .

The giant spatial passage could be seen clearly in the daylight, and a jagged, angular machinery could be seen within!

It was what the Floating City had become after it was destroyed .

Perhaps because of the previous tragic experience, the Grans did not dare enter the city!

As parts of the Floating City swirled within the spatial passage, the floating machinery and parts that densely packed the sky seemed to be slowly reforming into the Floating City’s shape!

Qin Feng’s face paled . He did not even have his communicator now, and he could not notify the Ability Alliance .

However, those countless amounts of Grans, the tragedy that occured before his rebirth . Was that going to happen again?

He suddenly sneered .

“Report or no, the time hasn’t come yet so I’ll report it when it happens! Let’s see if Guang Wei will survive this time!”

“So, we’re not going to care about it?” Bai Li asked .

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After one year, Bai Li had understood a lot about human society . Usually she knew what was good to eat and drink and what kind of clothes were fashionable during the season but when it came down to it, no one was more reliable than her .

And now, she was already aware of what was going on .

“What do you think?”

Bai Li raised a silver brow . “Let them fend for themselves!”

Qin Feng looked at the terrifying space in the distance and said, “You’re right, why should I care about them?”

Of course, some people naturally had to worry about it!

The Fengli Mercenary Troop’s people were panicking!

Qin Feng had lost communication with them and was now a wanted criminal . When the news reached them, they freaked out!

These people relied too much on Qin Feng!

All the wealth and status they had were given by Qin Feng . They could not imagine what would happen after this incident!

At this time, a thought came to Qin Feng and he pulled out a new communicator from his spatial rune equipment .

This communicator was the one that he used when he was disguised as Bloodhunter .

He originally thought that he would not ever need that communicator anymore, unexpectedly it was the best thing he had right now .

When he turned on the communicator, there was only Zhou Hao’s number in it .

Of course, he had added that from before .

Beep beep!

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After dialing the other’s number, Zhou Hao answered the call without a single moment of hesitation!

“Qin Feng? What the hell’s going on? Why are you wanted now?” Zhou Hao immediately asked .

“The whole thing’s a bit too complicated to explain . Tell the Fengli Mercenary Troop to withdraw from the colony and return to Longchuan City immediately!”

“Okay, I’ll do that right away!” Zhou Hao nodded .

Qin Feng hung up and called Xue Xingfu next .

Since Xue Xingfu was a businessman, he would answer any call even if it was an anonymous number . It was currently in the afternoon when he was called and he was looking through the latest report in Shadong Town with great satisfaction . The thought that a poor frontline town could reach the current situation it was in filled him with an infinite sense of accomplishment!

Of course, this was all thanks to Qin Feng . As without him, the town would not even be standing .

It was only when the news broke out on the battle . net that Xue Xingfu’s peaceful day came to a halt .

It was by luck that there was an anonymous call incoming and based on his intuition, it had to be from Qin Feng .

“Boss? Why did you suddenly change communication numbers?” He asked in shock .

“Come to the Battlegod’s Tomb, and buy a woman’s communicator that doesn’t require authentication beforehand for Bai Li! Our meeting will start at six o’clock in the evening today and I’ll notify you 10 minutes before the meeting!”

Xue Xingfu immediately nodded . “Roger that!”

Even if Qin Feng did not give any explanations, Xue Xingfu felt that so long as Qin Feng was alive there would be no problems!

The Fengli Mercenary Troop also received the news, they were very angry but they knew that they would not have any of their questions answered . What was more, they were not capable of taking out their frustration on Guang Wei either .

“There’s some internal conflict and they’re trying to knock down the captain!” Chen Xiang’s face was pale .

Zheng Qin was also very angry, but she had no choice but to follow Qin Feng’s orders and retreat to Longchuan City .

Translator’s Note 1: Directly translated from the Chinese meaning of “Something that shouldn’t be mentioned”