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Master of the End Times - Chapter 427

Published at 16th of November 2020 02:55:06 PM

Chapter 427: 427

Chapter 427: Guang Wei Ran Away

“Why should we? Let’s leave this place for good . There’s certainly some place out there that we truly belong to . ”

“That’s right . Who cares if Guang Wei is killed? If not because of our captain, Colony Three would have long been demolished by the Grans!”

“I wish him death!”

Inside Colony Three, Guang Wei remained alive despite being cursed by the Fengli troop .

Nevertheless, being the only B-tier aptitude user left, he naturally became the main target of the Grans .

There were about three hundred Grans that managed to get away before . After assembling with their main army, they immediately turned back to take revenge .

“Take him . He was the one who had killed a lot of our comrades!”

“That’s right! Kill!”

“Slaughter the entire town . We only need their resources . Kill every last one of them!”

The Grans were extremely cruel and they massacred through the colony mercilessly . The remaining people inside the colony were unable to resist the Grans’ ruthlessness .

Though Guang Wei could still fight, he was being heavily outnumbered and decided to retreat .

“Retreat immediately!” Guang Wei shouted .

“General, please bring me along! I beg you!” Li Zishan who had lost both of her legs screamed hysterically .

Guang Wei gave it a thought and grabbed her . He planned to use Li Zishan’s wind-type ability to make a run for it .

But a bright light burst out from the Floating City and took away Li Zishan’s head before she could react .

The powerful A-tier that Qin Feng knew in his past life had her life ended prematurely in this life .

Guang Wei loosened his grip out of shock and perspired uncontrollably .

Lei Ying was more decisive than Guang Wei at such a moment . He used a waymark to run into an unknown region he had previously taken control of .

Those who had waymarks with them had used them to flee the moment they saw the Floating City . Nobody cared about the reinforcement plea beeping loudly on their communicators . They were not going to sacrifice their lives for the Human Alliance . Staying alive was of utmost importance!

Guang Wei was unable to activate his spatial waymark as he was being constantly surrounded by multiple Grans . He could only keep on running in hopes of shaking off the pursuers .

Apparently, the Grans were determined to capture Guang Wei at all costs . They wanted to hang his head up in the floating city in memory of their fallen comrades .

Guang Wei could only do so much by himself . Against the Grans army, Guang Wei had no choice but to abandon the colony .

This meant that Guang Wei had just become a deserter .

Though it was unlikely that he would be punished given the perilous circumstances, he had nonetheless embarrassed himself big time for running away .

By that time, Qin Feng had long left Longchuan City .


In Shadong Town .

Two figures appeared abruptly near the high-class villa at the town center .

Those were none other than Qin Feng and Bai Li .

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Shadong Town had grown beyond recognition since the last time Qin Feng was still around . He expanded his consciousness and discovered a significant increase in the town population .

After one month, the plantation around the town was already approaching the harvest season .

At this rate, the town might not be able to export much of the food but at least it was self-sustainable .

Such a production scale probably would not draw Guang Wei’s attention . It was Lei Ying that Qin Feng was worried about .

However, as soon as Qin Feng was still alive, there was no way Lei Ying could lay a finger on this place .

Qin Feng notified Xue Xingfu about his return and not long after, the latter arrived at the villa to meet the two of them

“Phew, so you two are not hurt! Thank God!” Xue Xingfu was worried sick when he heard that Qin Feng was being chased by someone two tiers higher than him .

“Don’t worry . It’s no big deal!”

“By the way, here’s Bai Li’s communicator . ”

“It’s really inconvenient to not carry one . ” Bai Li thanked him and returned to her old cheerful self .

Qin Feng brushed her hair and said, “Let’s gather everyone at the Battlegod Tomb . I wish to see how everyone is doing . ”


Qin Feng stepped into the Battlegod Shrine . Everyone attended immediately after being informed by Xue Xingfu . This included Zhou Hao, Liu Xue, Wang Chen, and Han Nuan .

Fengli was no longer the small scale colony in the past .

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They might refer to him with different titles but their respect toward Qin Feng was all the same .

Among these men, most had reached E-tier . They were more than capable of managing Fengli by themselves .

After all, very few would dare to cause trouble when they knew who the boss was behind this colony .

Even if Qin Feng was not around, Fengli could still depend on Zhou Hao .

Though Qin Feng had not visited Fengli for months, he had been in constant contact with Zhou Hao and knew that his buddy had not been slacking . It was not difficult to tell that Zhou Hao had improved drastically .

“You are doing great . Keep it up . ” Qin Feng tapped Zhou Hao’s shoulder as a sign of encouragement .

“Haha . It’s all thanks to Queen Ant and the inner power that you shared with me . ” Zhou Hao winked .

Of course, he was referring to the Overcast Dragon . Not everyone in the colony was given the chance to practice this art .

“Well, I am rather impressed . ” Qin Feng was relieved after he studied the others .

Liu Xue and Wang Chen were E-tier now, too . The others might not have broken through yet but he could see that it was just a matter of time .

E-tier might be the lowest tier in Shadong Town but it was considered a top-class in Fengli, or even the entire Cheng Bei colony .

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The power that only belonged to the ruler in this area .

Zhou Hao was the best among them as he also owned the Golden Queen Ant . Such an improvement rate outclassed even some of the so-called prodigies .

“Boss, you are even stronger now . I can hardly tell the depth of your power,” Wang Chen was a gunslinger who excelled in probing an opponent’s power with his consciousness . However, no matter how far he went, he could not grasp Qin Feng’s true strength at all .

Wang Chen was a little upset . He actually wanted to go to Shadong Town with Qin Feng because he knew that was the only way to obtain more resources . Now that hope seemed more unlikely than ever .

“Let’s not talk about that . I called for you to discuss something very important . ”

Everyone stood straight and listened carefully .

Qin Feng told them about his plan and changes that might happen in the future, especially the looming threat that came from the Leitang Organization .

“If someone dares to challenge us, just contact me . Don’t hesitate . I have given my word, after all . ” Qin Feng did not plan to back down .

Lei Ying might try to probe here and there . He was not going to take action himself but would definitely send out a D-tier to do the dirty work . Qin Feng wanted to make sure his men were prepared for the imminent danger .

After that, Qin Feng took out another two items .

They were two giant eggs . The eggs are white and sparkling in gold radiance . Everyone could feel the warmth emitted from the eggs .

“These are, beast eggs?”

“What beast do they belong to? There are runes floating around it!”

“It’s light-type runes . ”