Master of the End Times - Chapter 428

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Chapter 428: 428

Chapter 428: The City of Death

Qin Feng nodded . “It belongs to the Golden-scaled Python King . I obtained it during the hunt on the old beast emperor at Tangshan Ridge . ”

The eggs were placed in Bai Li’s storage all this while and were nurtured with various nourishing ingredients . Now, the eggs were ready to hatch .

“I have decided to give these two eggs to Xue Xingfu and Wang Chen . You two are the future cores of Fengli and Shadong, respectively . It’s of our best interest if the two of you gain some power boost . ”

Judging by the money that Xue Xingfu and Wang Chen could earn monthly, it was not difficult to rear the python to at least E-tier . Whether they could upgrade the monster to D-tier relied on their individual effort .

Qin Feng had confidence in Xue Xingfu’s future . He always had that talent .

On the other hand, Wang Chen’s fate was overturned by Qin Feng . If not because of him, Wang Chen might still be living inside the poor Han Town .

Now, Qin Feng had absolute control over their future .

“Haha! Thanks!” Xue Xingfu laughed and picked one of the eggs .

Wang Chen was surprised . He did not expect Qin Feng to have such high confidence in him . He felt threatened when Han Nuan was first recruited by Qin Feng .

Qin Feng then told Zhou Hao about Fengli’s Mercenary Troop . Zhou Hao understood the situation and was unwilling to take command over those D-tier members .

Qin Feng had not been involved in the management of Fengli and Shadong colonies, to begin with . So there was not much to speak about . There was a high level of mutual trust and respect between Qin Feng and his subordinates .

As for the mercenaries, they were all considered elites and would have no problem surviving . Qin Feng could still bring benefit to them now but if he did not return for an extended period, the troop would probably be dissolved by then .

But Qin Feng did not really care . The title Mercenary Lord was awarded to him because of his personal supremacy and not because he was the captain of the troop . He could always recruit another group of soldiers with his reputation .

Qin Feng ended the meeting once he got his message through . He departed the second day after some rest .

Since Bai Li’s spatial ability had been exposed, Qin Feng no longer planned to keep it as a secret . He searched for the waymark of their next destination and openly asked Bai Li to create a spatial tunnel .

They walked into it and immediately arrived at a vastly different location .

A giant canyon came into Qin Feng’s sight . The rift of the canyon extended into the horizon and its depth was immeasurable by the eyes . There were dark clouds floating above the canyon, which painted the entire area with a grey shade .

It was odd to see a canyon out in this plain so it was obviously not a natural phenomenon . Legend said that there was once an A-tier beast emperor who died here that had stomped the earth into half, hence forming the canyon .

The place where the City of Death was situated somehow did look like the edge of a giant foot .

Bai Li grabbed onto Qin Feng and they landed near the cliff of the canyon .

Around the giant foot, the grey mist was the most concentrated . The mist was highly corrosive and would paralyze any creature that inhaled it . Hence, they had to approach the City of Death cautiously .

“This way!”

Qin Feng brought out the fiery peacock feathers and descended into the canyon while holding Bai Li’s waist .

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The canyon was at least three hundred meters deep . The atmosphere got more humid the further they went . Mosses grew wildly inside the canyon and there was not any sense of warmth down the canyon despite the summer season .

Due to the thick poisonous mist in the air, there was only one way in and one way out from the City of Death .

Other than that, anyone who wished to enter would be charged an exorbitant fee per entry at the gate .

Hence, this place was the ideal refuge for deserters, criminals, or wanted persons running away from the Human Alliance .

Qin Feng led Bai Li and soon arrived at a wall that barred the canyon . It somehow looked more like a building rather than a gate .

A giant stove could be seen on top of the building . The grey mist at the surface was actually being released continuously from the stove .

There were numerous small windows lined across the building . Numerous guns were pointed out from the windows and Qin Feng could feel that he was being targeted by more than ten consciousness as soon as he had stepped out from the dark .

More and more consciousness began to turn onto him .

Qin Feng was not daunted and maintained his pace . The entrance could only fit two car lanes and there was a small access point at the side .

Four people were smoking and playing cards at the front door . They seemed to be enjoying the little game .

Qin Feng scanned them calmly and found that they were all D-tiers . He also sensed the presence of C-tiers inside the building .

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Simply put, they were guards hired to watch the gate . Those who came here unprepared would be instantly KO-ed at the first stage .

“A newbie!”

The few D-tier aptitude users who were playing cards peeked at Qin Feng and Bai Li intriguingly .

They looked past Qin Feng and set their eyes on Bai Li .

Qin Feng said to them, “I am going in . ” He took out a bag containing 20 power credits and directly threw it onto the table .

They knew how many credits were in there through conscious energy .

“Well, you seem to know the rules around here . But I have never seen your face around here . This must be your first time? You even have a badge from the Human Alliance . Are you here looking for grim reapers?”

They measured Qin Feng maliciously and hoped Qin Feng would admit that he was indeed a member of the Human Alliance . That way, they could kill him straight out .

Of course, they planned to do it anyway even if he did not .

Qin Feng laughed it off . “I am wearing the batch to scare off nuisance . ”

Hearing that, one of the D-tier stared at Qin Feng and threatened him . “I am calling your bluff . Who are you trying to scare? Hundreds of people like you die in this city every day!”

“I wonder, are you one of them today?” Qin Feng sneered .

The D-tier was clearly offended . “F*ck you!” He was a D3-tier ancient warrior standing at 180 cm and probably weighed around 300 pounds . He was strong and his fist struck at full force with infused inner power .

That was a decent punch . He did not hold anything back in the first strike .

As a D3-tier ancient warrior, he probably possessed three clusters of liquefied inner force . He had used two full clusters on Qin Feng . That was about two times the maximum force a D1-tier ancient warrior could muster .

Qin Feng’s badge was not even at D1-tier so the man reckoned Qin Feng must have been promoted only recently .

Thus, the ancient warrior had great confidence . He wanted to teach the arrogant newcomer a lesson .

If Qin Feng could not sustain his attack, then the pretty lady by his side would be theirs!

Qin Feng was exasperated when he saw that the D3-tier ancient warrior had fixed his eyes on Bai Li while attacking him . He did not hold back either and unleashed his inner force .