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Master of the End Times - Chapter 429

Published at 17th of November 2020 03:00:05 PM

Chapter 429: 429

Chapter 429: Enter the City

Qin Feng instantly mustered ten clusters of liquefied internal power . His internal force was denser and the amount of one cluster was at least three to four times more than that of his opponent’s .

Cumulatively, the energy he unleashed was almost twenty times the power of the D-tier’s two clusters .

Their fists met and none of the two had activated their internal shields to protect themselves . The collision of the two internal forces created a loud buzz .

Soon, a visible ripple began to move toward the chubby ancient warrior .

The sleeve on the D-tier’s arm shattered instantly as their fist came together . The torn fabric was twirled by an unseen force and then scattered randomly into the air .

It was a phenomenon that would happen when someone’s internal strength was being ripped apart .

That was not the end of it .


Qin Feng’s internal power continued to push forward and forcefully flattened the D-tier’s originally plump fist .

Then, a series of cracking sounds suggested that the guard’s hand bone was fractured .

The thick arm of the D-tier subsequently exploded with blood and oil spurting out from the wrist all the way to the elbow, then from the upper arm, and finally the shoulder .

The internal force kept gushing in .


The influx of energy mutilated the D-tier’s organs and eventually destroyed the heart . The ancient warrior was sent flying backward and fell lifelessly onto the ground . He was just a pile of disgusting dead meat now .

His shirt was burst open and all the D-tier silver runic equipment underneath it was crushed .

The runic equipment made from king-tier beast skin could not protect the ancient warrior . His circulatory system was utterly devastated and he could not be more dead .

Qin Feng triggered Asteroid Assimilation and drew out the remaining liquefied power from him . The rest of the guards were startled as they looked at Qin Feng .

They did not expect Qin Feng to be this powerful . After all, Qin Feng looked extremely young .

“Wow . Impressive!” One of the three guards spoke in a weird tone but did not dare to make any move on Qin Feng .

The chubby ancient warrior Qin Feng had just killed was actually a unique fighter . He purposely developed his body that way through tailored parallel training . Nonetheless, he was killed by Qin Feng in a single punch .

Besides, they could sense it now . Though the badge on Qin Feng’s chest showed that he was a newly promoted D-tier aptitude user, he actually possessed the prowess of a D5-tier .

“Give us your name!” One of the D-tier guards knew the man in front of them was not your average Joe . They had quietly decided to let Qin Feng enter the city .

If Qin Feng were a member of the Human Alliance, then more gruesome challenges were waiting for him behind this wall .

“Qin Feng!”

The D-tier aptitude user quickly opened up the bounty hunter network . Qin Feng’a bounty was there on the homepage . He was listed just the day before .

“What did you do?

The reason on the net was definitely bullsh*t because it says “Wanted for hindering military affairs” .

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“Someone wants to frame me, that’s all,” Qin Feng answered emotionlessly .

The D-tier user understood immediately . Such a thing was not a rare occurrence in this world . At the same time, he also knew that Qin Feng came to this place just to seek temporary asylum . He would never truly become a member of the Dark Coalition .

A lot of people like him popped up in front of the gate every year . Not many were able to survive the brutal City of Death .

But Qin Feng did not look like the kind that would be put down easily .

“Off you go then . ” The D-tier aptitude user opened the passage door .

After seeing the guard’s action, those inside the building retracted their consciousness . Anyhow, Qin Feng could still feel the vision of some greedy men placed upon Bai Li .

A sense of cruelty flashed past Qin Feng’s eyes .

They went through the door and officially stepped into the City of Death .

The conditions there were awful . They could literally smell blood and rotten odor every now and then . Random people that looked numb walked past them like zombies . They stopped to collect trash and sometimes pillaged through the dead bodies at the corner of the street . They would throw their collection into the trolley and keep on walking, emotionlessly .

Qin Feng brushed past a janitor and saw three bodies in his trolley . The others did not react to it as this was probably an everyday scene in this hapless city .

A dirty kid aged around 5 years old suddenly ran out from the dark . He was extremely skinny and wore an oversize shirt . The kid had seen some undeserved hard life for his young age .

The kid’s eyes were beaming with expectation when he saw Qin Feng and Bai Li .

“Do you need a hotel room?” The kid asked .

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Qin Feng ignored him and pulled Bai Li away .

Seeing Qin Feng’s coldness, the kid did not give up and approached Bai Li . He pleaded sympathetically, “Let me be your guide! This must be your first time here in the City of Death . This is a dangerous place . Without a guide like me, you two might probably end up like them!”

His filthy finger pointed toward the dead bodies inside the trolley .

Qin Feng stopped abruptly .

“I don’t need a room but I do want a standalone place . Doesn’t matter whether it’s an apartment or villa,” Qin Feng requested .

A smile immediately broke out on the kid’s face . “Villa… I know a place but it might be a little pricey…” He extended his index finger and said, “1 power credit!”

It was equivalent to 10,000 in the outside world .

Communicator transactions were not widely used here . People here prefered to do business using power credits .

Qin Feng nodded and said, “Sure!”

“Come with me!”

The boy turned and beamed with jubilance . He did not expect that Qin Feng would be so easily deceived .

He waved at them and disappeared into an alley . “It’s easy to run into bad guys using the main road . I know a safer shortcut!”

The boy paced hurriedly . But to Qin Feng and Bai Li, it was just like taking a stroll so they followed him leisurely .

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At the same time, the three guards at the gate were dissatisfied with being unable to extort more power credits from the newcomer .

“Who is that? I can’t believe he finished off the fatty in one strike . ”

“Check him out . He must be some famous outlaw . ”

“Let’s check the Hitman Network!”

Three of them checked their communicator and paid no attention to the guard who just got killed .

The land of this city was all black because of bloodstains . They were immune to death, even if the guy was still playing cards and bullsh*tting with them just a moment ago .

Soon, they found what they were looking for .

“Damn, the price on his head is 1 trillion!”

“That much? Is he worth that much?”

They were moved by the huge bounty .

But one of them spoke dejectedly, “He is rated Hero Class . Not only that but he had also killed more than one C-tier before!”