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Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Break A Leg

Chen Ming was weeping so inconsolably so much so the patrol team eventually decided that he couldn’t have been a viable suspect but a regular teenager . Compared to him, Qin Feng, who had managed to kill ten armed men was the abnormal one!

Cheng Ming, who had just blatantly lied to the patrol team was still on edge; he kept having this feeling as if something was going to happen . Unfortunately, as he was worried about what the future would bring, he did not know was that danger was just around the corner!

He entered an alley, lost in thoughts, considering any possible problems that might arise and how to overcome each and every one of them . His brain whirred about all kinds of scenarios, making sure to be thorough in case of any slip-up .

Suddenly, everything went dark!

It was pitch black . It was the kind of darkness that displayed the complete absence of light . It was so disorientating to the point his five senses seemed to have disappeared .

Out of nowhere, he felt a stabbing pain shooting up his body! Overwhelmed by the sudden shock, he lost his balance and fell to the ground .

“AHHHHHH!” Chen Ming screamed so loud he lost his voice .

“Ahhh! My leg! Who is it? Who?!” he wheezed .

His pats were hanging limply from his thigh! The lower half of his leg was gone, nowhere to be seen .

… . .

Around the corner of the alley, Qin Feng flicked his rune weapon and slid it into his sheath .

As for that severed leg, Qin Feng had already burned it to ash with burning flames created by his ability .

“Chen Ming! I want you to suffer!!!” he muttered . Somehow, hearing Chen Ming’s helpless cries of pain pacified his anger .

In the previous life, although Chen Ming was unaware of Qin Feng’s kidnap, Qin Feng would forever remember his betrayal . Even then, it never crossed Qin Feng’s mind that Chen Ming would be so perverse as to involve and endanger their classmates .

Qin Feng knew that the Black Spider group had nothing to do with this organization . He was now an A-tier elite, and it was easy for him to look for information about that lab in Chengbei Colony . Alas, after some time, he managed to find nothing .

This organization was mysterious, as it was extremely powerful .

Qin Feng decided to let Chen Ming live, to let him struggle for the rest of his life, and experience real despair!

“You should go through the pain that Yang Qian had to suffer . If anything ever happens to the others… hmph!!!” Qin Feng hissed and shook his head as he stormed away .

Not only did he use his saber just now, but he also used a dark rune, which, unlike the Night Shade, was used solely against enemies . The released special ability would then envelope the enemy in pure, solid darkness .

For the past few days in the wilderness, Qin Feng tried to look up information of dark ability users on the internet but only found scare bits which amounted to nothing . However, he subsequently thought of a solution, which was to search for dark creatures .

In this world, there were only two sides: light and darkness . Dark creatures caused disasters . A good example was the large number of ultra-beasts . One of them was called the Nightsky Giant Beast . Darkness would follow it wherever it went, enveloping its surroundings in a darkness so deep, not a single hint of light was left . This would cause anybody in the vicinity to lose all their senses .

Naturally, Qin Feng could not possess such a terrifying special ability . But if this ability could be reduced in size, shrunken, then perhaps Qin Feng might just be able to use it .

Even though Qin Feng could not shift all 100 million runes, which made up the foundation, it would be sufficient if he could relocate just 1/10,000 . That was precisely how the miniature version of a Darkness Dome was created!

“This special ability is overpowered . If there are no special abilities to repel it, the enemy would surely fall, and I can kill him as I please!” The thought of easy victories got Qin Feng really excited .

That underground laboratory in the outskirts of Chengbei, the matter that had lingered in his mind after his rebirth .

He had vowed to exact revenge!

“I should go back to absorb inner force first!” he thought to himself .

Qin Feng quickly hurried back to the hotel in his hovercar .

Then, he sat in a meditative position and triggered his special ability .


This time around, Qing Feng killed a total of twenty men . Among them, five were gunners . They were all strong but, unfortunately, nowhere near as good as Qin Feng when it came to close combat, especially not when he held the rune weapon!

The other seven were Ancient Warriors who actually turned out to be at full strength . The most powerful among them was at G8-tier!

Despite all that, Qin Feng absorbed all their combat values .

A total of forty-seven strands of inner force threads were wandering inside Qin Feng’s Dantian, a chaotic mess capable of massive destruction . He could feel pain whenever his veins were expanded from absorbing the stream of inner force .

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Qin Feng clenched his jaw, persisting on despite the pain .

Gradually, that pain turned into an itch that made him want to scratch at it badly . Then, very quickly after that, a stream of warmth passed through his body! His meridian was expanded once again! The next time, whether cultivating martial arts or releasing inner force, his speed and strength would significantly improve .

At the same time, a surge of energy entered his body . His physical being was evolving again!


Although merely a small improvement, it was still considered extremely fast .

To go from a newly-awakened to G7-tier in a month was unprecedented . No one had ever done it before . After that, his forty-seven inner-force threads returned and formed thirteen thick and robust silk threads .

“That’s a total of eighteen inner-force silk threads . Perhaps it’s because I have absorption ability, that my Dantian and meridian had been modified and it can now house all eighteen strands . In essence, I don’t even have to level up to an F-tier Ancient Warrior!”

An Ancient Warriors’ evolution was determined by inner-force cultivation and body strengthening .

Due to Qin Feng being able to absorb others’ inner force, and at the same time, strengthen his physique by absorbing from dead ultra-beasts, he was able to improve faster than most people in a concise amount of time .

Right now, his inner force was twice that of a G9-tier ancient warrior’s .

As for his special ability, Qin Feng could now confidently challenge an F-tier ability user .

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As a result, it made him more courageous and sure-footed .

“I don’t think that this underground laboratory built right under Chengbei colony’s nose would have an E-tier ability user . In fact…” Qin Feng looked at Xiaobai .

When the Hell Stone created a spatial rift, the strength that Xiaobai displayed after evolution was awe-inspiring . It indicated that it was ready to slaughter his enemies at that time!

With Xiaobai’s ability, they had nothing to be afraid of . They could leave whenever they liked .

Until today, Qin Feng had never seen an ability user catch up to an ultra-beast with spatial ability .

“Let’s go!”

… . .

It was late at night and the Chengbei colony’s gates were closed . Qin Feng did not mind it at all, though . He was clad in black from head to toe, and with his dark ability and Xiaobai’s cooperation, they able to leave the colony quickly and without any trouble .

When they were sure that the guards on the watchtower would not spot them, Qin Feng took out the hovercar from Xiaobai’s space and swiftly left .

“Xiaobai, the time for revenge has come!” The expression on Qin Feng’s face was murderous .

Xiaobai seemed to understand him; a tinge of redness appeared in its dark eyes .