Master of the End Times - Chapter 430

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Chapter 430: 430

Chapter 430: My Girlfriend Will Be Furious

Two of the remaining ones immediately browsed through the details, the more they studied into it, the more they were amazed .

It was stated that Qin Feng not only had his capabilities, also, he had accumulated an enormous amount of wealth .

The battle at Longchuan Colony Three had allowed him to rake in a whopping 5 trillion!

Of course, it had all been sealed now!

If any of the members from the Human Alliance were able to take down Qin Feng, they would be able to get their five percent share of funds from Qin Feng’s personal terminal .

It would be equivalent to a trillion .

Even if the funds were excluded, for such a wealthy person, how resourceful could the spatial rune equipment collection be?

The temptation was irresistible!

All three of them were consumed by greed and their eyes twinkled in rapaciously .

They looked toward each other and turned off the page on the communicator to contact the others that were in the city .

Most of them who were watching the city entrance were influenced by multiple parties, the situation within the City of Death was indeed complicated!

Three of them did not know that someone else had already made their move as soon as Qin Feng entered into the city!

To them, Qin Feng was like a well-fed sheep waiting to be slaughtered!


Qin Feng and Bai Li strolled casually into a shadowy alley .

They went through four different alleys, and all of a sudden, the little boy ran away quickly and disappeared from a junction .

Qin Feng remained calm and did not intend to chase and follow, and Bai Li looked around curiously .

Then, several aptitude users appeared from the high walls of the houses that were aligned along both sides of the alley!

All of them had hidden their presence by using conscious energy from the gunners .

Qin Feng sneered and lifted the edge of his lips .

Did they really think their trick would work?

Right after the little boy appeared, Qin Feng already knew that it was a hoax .

Initially, Qin Feng did not want to entertain any of it, however, on a second thought, it was a better option to clean up those that came to seek their own death, then, he would be able to avoid the overpriced hotel charges and also find himself a spot to stay!

With that in mind, Qin Feng allowed himself to be guided by the little boy, and Qin Feng was not disappointed at all by the outcome .

All of a sudden, tens of aptitude users stormed into the surroundings and filled the narrow alley with horrifying internal strength .


Qin Feng’s internal shield expanded instantly, he wrapped his left arm around Bai Li’s waist and held her closer to him, and they were shrouded within the internal shield .

Internal strength exploded from every weaponry in the surroundings and blasted onto Qin Feng’s internal shield .

Boom boom boom boom!

Deafening bombings echoed around the area .

Qin Feng’s internal shield remained unaffected by attacks from at least seven ancient warriors!

Qin Feng raised his right arm, and his internal strength spiraled like a whirlpool .

“Asteroid Assimilation!”

All of them were merely D-tier aptitude users, and Qin Feng’s internal strength was fifty times more than theirs, hence, even without any mistakes from them, Qin Feng was able to directly strike his explosive attack .

The seven ancient warriors instantly felt a giant suction force that forcefully pulled them toward Qin Feng .

Also, there was an unknown source of energy that was draining their internal strength and drawing them toward Qin Feng!

Their internal shield was plunging at a visible speed .

“How is this happening?!”

All of the ancient warriors were horrified .

As soon as their internal shields had been depleted, they were forcefully dragged and slammed onto Qin Feng’s internal shield .

Then, they were horrified by another flow of energy that forced them into the reversal meridian, their internal strength was flowing backward!


One of them trembled and instructed the other three people that had yet to strike their attacks .

Two of them were gunners, accompanied by another ability user!

“Fire Beam!”

The ability user was also a powerful D-tier, the fire beam that was blasted out from his arm was about the size of a wrist, it hit onto Qin Feng’s internal shield .

It caused an instant explosion that wounded two other ancient warriors that were beside the shield .

However, the attack was necessary to get them out of the dire situation .

Before he could launch the second attack, Qin Feng had also raised his hand .

Qin Feng was not even equipped with any fire ability rune equipment .

“Fire Beam!”

It was the same fire beam .

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However, three separated beams were being blasted out and directed toward the ability user and the two other gunners that had taken out their guns .

The fire beam was being channeled out like a pillar of light, and it was about the size of a human face .

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The fire beams had instantly hit the targets, and all three of them were being tossed away!


The ability user was tossed the furthest, he travelled for about thirty meters before crashing onto a wall, his entire body was charred black .

Meanwhile, two of the gunners already had no signs of life .

As soon as all three of them were taken care of, Qin Feng revoked his conscious energy and initiated his internal strength .

“Asteroid Assimilation!”

The internal strength absorption went rampant and all seven of the ancient warriors were instantly drained out to be dried corpses!

There was not any bit of internal strength left behind, every energy and internal strength from their veins were completely merged into Qin Feng’s body .

Within the blink of an eye, Qin Feng had accumulated fifteen uncondensed pockets of internal energy within his body .

Without any doubt, Qin Feng immediately activated his internal strength .

“Repulsive force!”

The suction force repulsed and instantly repelled all seven ancient warriors in an opposite direction, they were all tossed out with their dantian being destroyed and veins being shattered into pieces .

The outcome was the death of all seven of them .

Qin Feng raised his hand again and sent out a formation of fiery red runes that flew toward the dead bodies .

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All nine dead bodies were diminished into ashes .

Qin Feng casually lifted his hand and all of the remaining spatial rune equipment were gathered and was soon in Qin Feng’s possession .

Qin Feng loosened his grip on Bai Li’s waist and walked steadily toward the ability user while flames were being activated on another hand .

The ability user was shocked and immediately stood up .

“Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!”

Qin Feng let out a cold sneer, “What now, not pretending to be dead anymore?”

The ability user intended to fool Qin Feng by faking his death, however, he soon realized that it was not a viable move as Qin Feng would still come close to collect his spatial rune equipment .

Hence, it was impossible for the ability user to escape from Qin Feng .

However, he would already be dead if Qin Feng had the intention to kill him, right?

“Don’t kill me, I can serve you in every way, how about that? From now on, I will be at your service!”

Qin Feng’s expression showed that he was disgusted by the cowardly behavior .

However, it was not his first time killing, and it was common for him to see such a behavior!

Only those who had thought that they were invincible would seek for their own death!

It was at that moment; Qin Feng was alerted by a hoarse voice from behind .

“Hand out the spatial rune equipment, or else, she will not live!”

Qin Feng turned around and saw a filthy and emaciated man, he was holding a dagger against Bai Li’s neck .

Furthermore, he looked similar to the little boy that he had followed earlier, their worn-out clothes were also the same, however, it seemed to fit better now!

“Bone shrinking? Youth reversal? Quite impressive, however…” Qin Feng smirked, “You do not want to stain my girlfriend’s clothes, she will be furious!”