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Master of the End Times - Chapter 431

Published at 18th of November 2020 03:05:06 PM

Chapter 431: 431

Chapter 431:

Kill and Occupy The Room

As soon as Qin Feng completed his sentence, a ray of silver light had already appeared on the neck of the emaciated man .

The light ray expanded like a wide, opened pitch-black mouth and instantly slit through his neck .

The ancient warrior with worn-out clothes was decapitated!

Bai Li used her conscious energy and repelled the person that was threatening her .

Then, Qin Feng looked back toward the ability user that was left without any support from others .


The ability user was terrified and forced himself to stay calm .

The situation that seemed to be favorable for a moment had turned to an unexpected outcome .

He was the only one that was still alive .

“I will spare your life!” Qin Feng spoke casually .

The ability user was stunned by the opportunity offered by Qin Feng and nodded continuously to agree .

“Hmm, I need a decent spot to rest, preferably no interference!” Qin Feng stated .

The ability user nodded again, however, he seemed to have something else tricky in mind .

“Boss, this way, please!”

The ability user covered his chest with his hand and took the lead .

Qin Feng and Bai Li followed; however, they were led to a proper main street where the ability user summoned a hover car .

Both of them got onto the car and it cruised within the City of Death .

Scenery of the surroundings flashed by on both sides of the car, and it was obvious that the people were living in a dire situation .

Ordinary humans also lived within the City of Death, a place that was crowded with slaves, and the presence of women would often be accompanied by the presence of newborns, though nine out of ten of the newborns would not survive the tough living condition . However, the remaining survivors would still contribute toward the population of the City of Death .

The entire place was drowned in dark energy .

As Qin Feng closed his eyes, he was surprised by dark runes in the surroundings that quickly merged into his conscious energy space .

It was unbelievable .

The injured ability user continued to lead the way, soon, they had passed by the slums and entered the city center of the City of Death .

There was still no sunlight available, however, plants still flourished and filled the area, while buildings around the area were more spacious, and it had allowed villas to be aligned in rows .

However, it was a place reserved for the enjoyment of the C-tier aptitude users .

The ability user drove to the entrance of a villa and stopped there .

There was no way for him to enter, as someone else had stopped him down at the entrance!

The ability user got down from the car with ease, then, he went wild and ran behind the guard of the entrance .

“Quick, alert boss, the situation is a little sticky!”

Of course, the ability user was very grateful that he was able to survive .

Meanwhile, Qin Feng and Bai Li had already gotten out from both sides of the car, also, another C-tier aptitude user was already at the entrance of the villa .

As soon as the aptitude user saw Qin Feng and Bai Li, greed and temptation instantly filled his mind .

The ability user was on top of the world in seeing that the C-tier had come out from the main entrance .

“Brother Dong, Brother Dong!”

Liu Dong was known as brother Dong within the City of Death, he was one of the leaders within the city that was dominated by multiple influential parties that had complicated ties between each other . He was also one of the thousand C-tiers in the city; as he was ranked lower within the C-tier hierarchy, his villa was also located at the outer parts of the city .

However, as long as he was a C-tier, he would be entitled to have a prestigious status!

The higher management level had already been alerted by Qin Feng and Bai Li’s presence; therefore, Liu Dong had also been tipped off too!

The only thing the city lacked was its low signal strength, and also the absence of unmanned aerial surveillance facilities within the base .

Such methods were not required to reduce crime rate!

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The reason was because everyone had the same intention to commit crime, and the city had no control or punishments for that .

Crimes for stealing, killing, there were too many of those!

Liu Dong did not think that the two victims would come to his place on their own .

“Truly unexpected, fortune has fallen on my lap!”

Liu Dong glanced toward Qin Feng and shifted his attention toward Bai Li, obviously, he was surprised by the gorgeous look .

“Hahahaha, kill this little kid, the girl shall remain, I have never seen such a beauty before!”

As soon as Liu Dong commanded, D-tier aptitude users from the surroundings took action .

The ability user was dumbstruck .

“Brother Dong, Eh, don’t…”

Unfortunately, nobody could hear the ability user as the surroundings were already filled with noises from the battle cries of the other aptitude users .


Liu Dong did not have many followers with him, and there were only twenty of them; with his presence at the scene, eight of his followers wanted to showcase their contribution by launching their attacks toward Qin Feng .

Qin Feng was only a D-tier; therefore, it was logical for them to think that they had the absolute advantage in killing Qin Feng .

Qin Feng did not spare any mercy either!


Both fists punched onto each other, Qin Feng’s internal strength surged insanely .

The internal strength of the aptitude user that went against Qin Feng was instantly suppressed, his internal shield was crushed and he was flung aside .

Another two ancient warriors came from both sides and surrounded Qin Feng .

“Dragon Slam!”

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Qin Feng clapped and channeled his internal strength into a dragon claw, a dragon roar echoed in the sky and both of the ancient warriors were instantly slammed onto the ground .

Crack! Crack!

The internal shields of both of the D2-tier ancient warriors were immediately destroyed .

Furthermore, they were badly injured by the dragon slam and they were vomiting blood .


Qin Feng raised his hand while internal strength gushed out immediately .

“Asteroid Assimilation!”

All of a sudden, both of the opponents were drawn up from the ground while Qin Feng pressed onto them at their stomachs, their internal strengths were flowing in reverse .

Both of them trembled while every pocket of internal strength were being sucked out from their bodies, and they were instantly trashed .

Qin Feng raised his hand again and repulsed, every internal organ of both of his opponents were shattered into pieces and as they fell onto the ground, ashes were scattered all around .

The remaining four aptitude users that were further away were struck dumb .

Needless to say, Liu Dong was also caught unaware .


He did not expect to lose two of his followers to Qin Feng at once!

It was an important day to have his followers risk their lives for him as he would be participating in the city’s Secret Tower of Death competition that was about to be held at night .

Now, two of them had died, and it would definitely reduce his capabilities .

Total b*stard!

It was Liu Dong’s turn to strike!

It only required one hit from Liu Dong to prove his capabilities .

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C1-tier .

Although he was not as strong as Lei Ying, his capabilities were still above average, however, when compared against Qin Feng, he was still one tier lower than him .

However, the first hit from Liu Dong was already a deadly move .

It was a highly destructive and sly move, aimed at Qin Feng with overflowing internal strength .

Qin Feng was definitely prepared to take on the sudden attack, he reacted by also raising his hand .

However, a black light suddenly reflected from Liu Dong’s fist .

It was a hidden needle, a dark rune equipment .

The pitch-black needle instantly pierced through Qin Feng’s internal shield .

Dark abilities were well-known for its cunning and sly approach, such dark rune equipment was frequently used by Liu Dong, however, Qin Feng was unfamiliar with Liu Dong’s approach and had not expected such a move from him .

Although it was unexpected, it was still possible for Qin Feng to dodge it .

However, Qin Feng did not wish to!


The dark rune needle penetrated into Qin Feng’s shoulder and black mist instantly exploded and was smeared onto his shoulder .

Liu Dong laughed in satisfaction .

The needle had always secured victory for Liu Dong .

However, Qin Feng reacted unexpectedly .

Qin Feng ignored the needle and continued summoning with his bare hands .

A lengthy saber appeared, covered with blue flames .

It was the Verdant Emperor Saber!