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Master of the End Times - Chapter 432

Published at 19th of November 2020 03:25:05 AM

Chapter 432: 432

Chapter 432: Intimidate

The Verdant Emperor Saber had always been an intimidating and powerful weapon, it was made from countless numbers of materials combined using the Magical Tesseract .

Apart from the mighty internal strength that was being embedded into it, the saber itself was also extremely sharp .


A slash landed, and its internal strength collided and neutralized against Liu Dong’s internal shield .

However, Qin Feng’s Verdant Emperor Saber seemed like it was cutting into a fragile bean curd as it had directly cut through Liu Dong’s internal shield!

The exquisitely sharp blades of the saber had been embedded with energy that made it even more horrifying .

Liu Dong did not expect that at all; however, he was quick to react and moved away .

He sprinted backward at high speed and barely dodged the hit from the Verdant Emperor Saber .

His external combat fatigue instantly caught on fire and burnt into ashes, exposing his inner armor .

Golden glimmer!

Surprisingly, the inner armor was made from beast emperor materials .

How could Liu Dong afford such expensive materials?

Qin Feng was a little surprised, only after he had taken another closer look, he realized it was just D-tier beast emperor inner armor .

Despite the high defense capabilities of such inner armors, however, it might still not be able to withstand the attack from the Verdant Emperor Saber .

It was just unfortunate that the saber did not hit on its target earlier .


Qin Feng let out a cold sneer, all of a sudden, he got closer to Liu Dong .

“How could this be possible?!”

Liu Dong was surprised that the sly move had no effect on Qin Feng, however, he was clearly aware that he had failed to secure his victory like he always did!

“No way!”

Being an esteemed C-tier aptitude user himself, Liu Dong assumed that it was impossible for Qin Feng to win the battle .

He was enraged by the unfavorable outcome, and his weapon was drawn out .

Unexpectedly, it was an enlarged spiked bat .

It seemed to be a heavily-weighted bat; however, it could be maneuvered with ease and generate a shocking amount of energy output; it would only require one hit from it to tear down fleshes and skins .


Weapons from both sides collided into each other .

The next moment, Liu Dong was being tossed away .

Liu Dong could barely withstand the impact from the massive energy and hold on to his weapon .

He felt like he was being rammed on by a gigantic beast and not a human being .

Qin Feng took advantage of the victorious moment .

Liu Dong immediately noticed that it was another great opportunity to pull out a sly move, he waved his spiked bat again .

Boom boom!


Both of them were caught up in an intense battle .

All of the D-tier aptitude users that were in the surrounding had already escaped far away .

The main entrance was being crushed and destroyed, while giant dents were left all around the ground .

The combat energy output from the both of them were insane .

It was at that moment, both weapons collided into each other again, both of their internal shields had disappeared!

Right now!

Liu Dong saw the opportunity, he immediately pressed onto the handle of the spiked bat .

Spikes on the spiked bat immediately retracted inward, and green mist began to appear around the area!

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“Dirty ploy!”

Qin Feng mocked .

Would it not be embarrassing for a C-tier to still use these tricks?

Qin Feng’s internal shield did not rise up; however, he was immediately shrouded by a dash of flame that circled around him .

The flame had immediately burnt off the poisonous gas, and none of it was able to invade Qin Feng’s body .

Nonetheless, from the trick that Liu Dong had pulled off, he had also exposed his own fatal weakness .

Qin Feng immediately took another step forward and pressed his left palm onto Liu Dong’s stomach .

“Asteroid Assimilation!”

All of a sudden, a massive suction force was being channeled .

Liu Dong’s eyes were opened wide, he was shocked by the reversed flow of internal strength within his body, it was like water gushing out from a released water dam .

Within the blink of an eye, every bit of internal strength within his body was being sucked away by Qin Feng!


Liu Dong struggled with all he could, however, he was losing even more energy, finally, he lost grip of his spiked bat!

Qin Feng released his internal strength .



Liu Dong was like a piece of worn out cloth that fell instantly onto the ground .


If it were not because of Qin Feng’s intention of not drawing too much attention, it would not have taken such a long time to take Liu Dong down .

Despite such concerns, the sudden attack had left the C-tier no chance of escape, anyone could imagine how horrifying it was!

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Conscious energy that was spying from other villas in the surroundings had reduced by half .

Qin Feng shifted his attention toward other D-tiers .

“Boss, from now on, you are my boss!”

The ability user that led Qin Feng here earlier immediately yelled again .

However, Qin Feng raised his hand and let out another blast of fire beam!

The fire beam that was about half a meter in diameter had instantly gone through its target’s body .


The ability user fell onto the ground .

The remaining two ancient warriors were terrified, and they knew that it was useless for them to surrender and forfeit their lives, they immediately fell back and ran away!

Everyone was terrified and started running away!

Qin Feng did bother to stop them either!

Qin Feng slightly lifted his hand, hellfire appeared and burned all four corpses, while the remaining spatial rune equipment was casually tossed into the Battlegod Tomb .

The City of Death also had its place to take care of illegal items, however, the price for exchange was ridiculously high; therefore, Qin Feng did not have to do it the same way as others, he had his own method to outsource the items to other locations .

He was the one who had access to the secret territory, and it was accessible by using the Battlegod Token and not limited by any specific area of access in activating the spatial passage!

After taking care of the corpses at the entrance, Qin Feng and Bai Li went into the villa .

Everyone in the villa was horrified by the scene earlier, it had been years since battle had occurred at that place!

Most importantly, the intruder who initiated the battle had won .

“Master… from now on, you are the new owner of the place… how can I be at your service?”

A person walked out from a room; she was nearly scared to death .

She was an ordinary human .

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She was wearing a set of revealing maid attire, although she seemed to have been injected with awakening potion and her physical capabilities were enhanced, however, the weather condition at the City of Death was still too cold to be in such an attire .

Qin Feng swept across the villa with his conscious energy and noticed that the surroundings were crowded with more than ten people, and all of them were females .

All of them were previously Liu Dong’s slaves, and toys!

Qin Feng frowned .

“Bring me to the guest room, tidy it up, and remove everything that has already been used before!”

It was disgusting to just imagine what sort of activities Liu Dong had had at the place .

“Alright, understood!”

The woman immediately answered, fortunately, she could live on!

“Before I forget, everyone has to change to a proper attire!” Qin Feng ordered with his deep voice .

‘Stop being a bad influence to Bai Li!’


The woman immediately answered .

Qin Feng settled down at the villa .

It had a luxurious built, and it also came with a training room .

Without wasting any time, Qin Feng began his training in the room .

It had been a while since Qin Feng had been involved in such a massive massacre, his last encounter was at Shadong Town!

To be precise, it had been a while since he had killed someone with his Asteroid Assimilation skill!

Furthermore, he had killed more than ten ancient warriors within the day itself, and there were already thirty clusters of internal energy within his dantian, all of them from somebody else .


Qin Feng immediately started devouring, solidifying, and reversing the internal strength, and it soon became fifty-six clusters of internal energy!

It was a viable and exponential approach for Qin Feng to advance his ranking by just constantly seeking for kills, with his ancient warrior identity, he could easily achieve A-tier in less than half a year!

However, it was not what he wanted .