Master of the End Times - Chapter 433

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Chapter 433: 433

Chapter 433: Secret Tower of Death

Before reincarnating, Qin Feng’s A-tier was just the strength of a regular “powerful person” . If he did not have his Absorption ability, he might not have been able to obtain the title of “Mercenary Lord” .

Sure, A-tier was still quite a privileged title . But, there was still a huge difference between the A-tiers .

If he wanted to be an A-tier, Qin Feng would choose to be the God of the A-tiers .


Qin Feng blew out a breath of convoluted air, easing up his body .

His strength and skills had now been refined to a new level again!

After taking a short break, Qin Feng took out the Godwill Atlas and continued on training .

Other than engaging combat in the wilderness, Qin Feng had been using the rest of his time to train and hone his skills .

If he wanted to ascend to the top of the A-tiers, he must work harder—even harder than he did before he reincarnated .

However, he did not have long to continue training with the arts from the Godwill Atlas .

Qin Feng frowned as he sensed that someone had intruded into the villa .

Qin Feng had no underlings under his tutelage at the moment . Hence, no one was around to stop intruders from getting into his home . Not only that, his villa was not a fancy one—it was connected with the other villas, like a terraced town house . It had its own “garden” but it was more like a small lawn; its main entrance was still not fully repaired yet .

It was quite easy for anyone to walk straight into his home .

And that was not all . This intruder was actively releasing his aura and presence . It was almost like he was taunting him!

In the villa, other than Liu Dong’s slave, the other servants were scared shitless, breathing heavily as they shook in fear!

Frowning, Bai Li walked out from her room upstairs .

Qin Feng too stood up and opened his door, looking at the intruder .

It was an E-tier ancient warrior!

Qin Feng immediately released his own presence and aura, enveloping the ancient warrior .

His aura was so powerful and intimidating that the warrior felt as though the space and dimension around him were imploding .


In an instant, the ancient warrior threw up a mouthful of blood, indicating that his internal organs had suffered huge damage .


The E-tier ancient warrior was now kneeling on the floor . The powerful aura that he had emitted earlier was now gone!

“Leave us!” Bai Li scanned her surroundings as she ordered .

“Ye…Yes, ma’am!” the servants, who seemed to have received great pardon for their crimes of letting an intruder in, quickly ran into a small room in the villa and dared not to come out anymore!

Although their new owners seemed to not care for them, they did treat them well . At the very least, they did not torture them . Nonetheless, these owners were still too weak, as evidenced by this hostile man who came knocking on their doors when they had barely settled down .

Qin Feng sat on the sofa as he stared down at the E-tier ancient warrior, who was still kneeling on the floor .

“You… I am Master Cheng’s underling!” that E-tier ancient warrior said calmly .

Qin Feng smirked . “It doesn’t matter who your master is, you’re still an underling . If you’re weak, then you’ve got no place to be here . Do you have a death wish?”

The E-tier ancient warrior clenched his teeth . “If you want to kick a dog, you still gotta check who its master is . How dare you offend Master Cheng!”

Qin Feng scoffed, “Oh? So you’re acknowledging that you’re a dog, huh? This is the first time I’ve seen anyone admit his real identity!”

That ancient warrior’s face turned black in an instant . It was quite evident that he was pissed after hearing what Qin Feng said .

“Don’t get too cocky, Qin Feng . Don’t think that you own this place! You’re new here, so you better learn the rules here! City of Death isn’t the Human Alliance’s colonies!”

Qin Feng smirked again, “So what? Other than Secret Tower of Death, there’s nothing here all that different between here and the colonies . ”

The ancient warrior was stunned after hearing this .

“You knew!”

Qin Feng gave the ancient warrior a cold grin .

How would he not know? This Secret Tower of Death was the reason he came to the City of Death .

Of course, other than this, there was also another reason!

Seeing that Qin Feng’s aura was still enveloping him, the Ancient Warrior clenched his teeth and said, “Here, this is the invitation from Master Cheng . Tomorrow night, you must attend the expedition in the Secret Tower of Death . Or else, you better get ready to face a whole world of hurt!”

Qin Feng retorted coldly, “Invitation? Him? So, if I head to the tower, who am I representing? Him? So, if I were to gain anything from the expedition, he’ll get all the goodies?”

“Of course!”

“Is he retarded? I can murder the sh*t out of a C-tier at a whim . And he wants me to work for him? Who does he think he is? Does he think he is a B-tier aptitude user?”

There were only a handful of B-tier aptitude users in the City of Death . Yet, they all did not care to respond to this Master Cheng’s invitation .

Qin Feng had no idea who this Master Cheng was . And even if he knew who he was, there was no way he would work under another man .

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The Ancient Warrior gulped down a spit of blood in his mouth and continued saying, “That isn’t my problem . I’ve delivered the invitation for Master Cheng . If you’re unwilling to comply, I’ll have to deliver your refusal to him myself then . ”

And if Master Cheng knew that Qin Feng had denied his invitation, this Qin Feng would probably not live to see tomorrow’s sunrise .

“Oh, there’s no need . This isn’t a place that anyone can step in whenever they want without consequence . So, if you want to leave, you’re walking out a dead man . ”

“Master Cheng would make you pay!”

Staring at Qin Feng, the ancient warrior seemed to be displaying fear!

He realized that Qin Feng did not seem to be joking .

And he could not help but to feel some fleeting regrets too . He had been using Master Cheng as his shield for far too long, to the point where he had forgotten that this world was a dog-eat-dog world .

The other people had been speaking to him respectfully, not because of who he was but because he was Master Cheng’s underling . They did not fear him—they feared Master Cheng .

And if he was meeting a newcomer who did not care about this at all, he was nothing but a lowly E-tier ancient warrior .

“Oh, make me pay?” Qin Feng smirked, “If I let you go, he will still come f*ck with me anyway . We have started off on the wrong foot already and there’s nothing in it for me to fix this . So, there’s no point in letting you go . ”

After finishing his words, Qin Feng raised his hand and extended his internal force, which formed a pair of massive palms, straggling the ancient warrior .


Without any hesitation, Qin Feng snapped the ancient warrior’s neck and threw him out of the door . The corpse was thrown out all the way to the main road—any passerby could see the corpse just outside of his villa .

Having any person dead in the City of Death was just a day-to-day thing to most people here . It was the “City of Death” after all . However, it was quite uncommon for anyone to die in the villa area .

Word spread quickly and things quickly escalated .

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In just a few moments, the corpse was quickly carried away!

“Geez, that newcomer dared to offend Master Cheng!”

“Isn’t that Qin Feng still a D-tier aptitude user? How could he be so reckless?”

“Oooh, his bounty is now 100 billion! Now that’s a target!”

However, most people were just observing from afar .

Qin Feng had, after all, murdered Liu Dong just a while ago . This had made the others think twice before crossing him .

Qin Feng, on the other hand, was listening to the intranet in the City of Death . Being located underground, the City of Death not only could receive communication from other cities via network, it also had its own intra network .

This network was built by the real owner of the City of Death . One of its main purposes was to send out invitations to raid the Secret Tower of Death every week . Each invitation could be bought with 1,000 power credit . If one wanted to place a bet, they would also need to buy a spectator ticket .

This was about the same when Qin Feng was participating in the underground tournament in Chengbei . Or, the one at Chengyang Arena too .

Gambling always brought great fortune for the organizer, and occasionally the participants .

Qin Feng bought an invitation and a spectator ticket .

Bai Li was not allowed to join the raid .

The Secret Tower of Death was a Secret Territory . It would always be pressed by a powerful dimensional pressure and bound by some specific rules and laws . This would make the one entering it having to endure great pressure .

Especially to the C-tiers .

And Bai Li was a C-tier beast emperor . It would be unwise for her to go in .

But, if she stayed outside of the tower, she could still place a bet and gamble!