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Master of the End Times - Chapter 434

Published at 20th of November 2020 03:35:06 AM

Chapter 434: 434

Chapter 434: Descending The Tower

After ordering the invitation and ticket on the network, a black-robed man showed up in Qin Feng’s villa in just mere minutes!

The others who were observing Qin Feng’s villa too had noticed the arrival of the black-robed man .

This black-robed man was an official agent from the authorities of the City of Death and also, naturally, an underling of the owner of the City of Death .

After Qin Feng made the payment, the man left the merchandise with him and left .

The black-robed men had a nickname—the “Death Messengers” .

Because out of ten people who received these invitations, usually nine of them would not make it back home after entering the raid .

Checking the invitation, Qin Feng saw that he was “Number 277” . This meant that up until minutes ago, there were already two hundred seventy seven people signing up .

It was not an impressive number . However, if all of them were D-tier aptitude users, this would mean a lot! With them, it would be enough to take on a massive ultra beast wave at Shadong Town!

And that was not all, by tomorrow morning, there would be even more people participating .

Qin Feng calmly put the items he purchased earlier away .


The next day, the sky in the City of Death was still very grey and dark . There was no way for them to see the sunlight, thus resulting in this gloomy atmosphere in the city . When Qin Feng arrived at his destination, he saw a group of people fuming with murderous intent there .

They were all emitting a surge of berserking scent . It felt as though if anyone were to light up a match in front of them, they would all explode in an instant!

And there were about two thousand of them at the scene .

Of course, not all of them were participants—in fact, most of them were spectators .

Standing in the middle of the crowd were two hundred C-tier aptitude users . As for the ones standing behind them, there were a whole mix of people; it was quite difficult to determine who were the participants in the crowd behind the C-tiers .

There were also the others who shied away from everyone, only daring to stay at the outer rims of the crowd . These seemed to be the ones who had no powerful dependents to rely on, thus taking cautious steps all the way was their way of life . Some of them were E-tier aptitude users .

Of course, they were not here to participate . It was most likely that they were here to gamble .

There were not many means for E-tiers to make a living . Heading out of the city alone would cost them 10 power credits, and they might not be able to even afford it .

Hence, to most people in the city, trades were usually done via barters . Most of the people in the city sold their bodies, or volunteered themselves as labor to exchange for some scraps of food . If not, all that was left for them to do was to try to kill bounties .

Besides, even if they wanted to leave the city, they would most likely be harassed by the guards—who were mostly D-tiers . If E-tiers insisted in disobeying them, the result would be them being slaughtered right away .

In other words, the city was a death trap for the weak, and there was no way out!

A moment later, the clock struck 12 noon . The black-robed men finally walked out of the building!

As usual, they stood there without saying anything . Even their presence was carefully hidden too .

They then took out dimensional devices from their pockets and started to set them up .

A few minutes later, a huge dimensional gate appeared before everyone’s eyes .

The C-tiers were quick to rush into the gate . In fact, some of them almost got into an unnecessary brawl for wanting to enter first .

Yet, rules did not matter to the Dark Coalition . They did not even care about their allies’ or foes’ strength . However, there was one thing that they cared about—pride . If a person gave another a dirty look, or grunted something unpleasant, a brawl would usually erupt in an instant!

Qin Feng and Bai Li stood behind the crowd, keeping a low profile .

This was not due to their presence being weaker than the others but it was because Qin Feng had released some dark runes, hiding his own presence .

Of course, the others would still be able to see him . However, they would not pay much attention to his existence .

To do this, it required him to put extra focus to hide his presence .

Therefore, Qin Feng had walked through the dimensional gate without conflicts .

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Then, his surroundings changed into a fully sealed Secret Territory .

There was a huge hole, thousands of meters in size, in front of Qin Feng .

Not only that, there were also fifty levels, each twenty meters in height . These levels were emitting some weird, robust aura that excited one if one were to get close .

There was nothing at the first ten levels . However when they descended to the 12th level, they saw some bones .

It was the bones of a Golden-scaled Python King!

This thing was so familiar to Qin Feng!

Not only that, there were also other stuff laying around .

The scales of Crimson Dragon!

Silver Feathers!

Purple Dusk Silk!

Pyro Dust!

The further they descended down, the rarer the materials they found along the way . At the 30th level, they found a red, crimson stone .

According to the data archive of the Human Alliance, this was the “Rejuvenating Stone” . The stone possessed potent red energy on it, ensuring that whoever that carried it would not die!

The item was a B-tier emperor class item . Of course, even the G-tier aptitude users could use it too .

The lower they went, the better the items they found .

Qin Feng even found a Dawnstar at the 35th level .

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This was such a good find!

And yet, the others did not seem to mind all that much . All they did was calmly scan their surroundings before putting on their participant badges .

Some C-tiers even took out tables and chairs from their pocket dimensions and sat on them .

“Hey, Master Li . Have you become a chicken after losing so much in the last round?”

“Master Qian, that’s a lot of people you’re bringing with you . Just how many levels are you descending today?”

“Hehe, Master Cheng . It seems that you’re gonna need to give it your all this time, huh?”

Various voices were vibrating in Qin Feng’s ears .

At this moment Qin Feng could feel a sharp murderous intent aiming at him .

Looking toward the direction where the murderous intent was coming from, Qin Feng could see a middle-aged C4-tier man grinning as he glared at him . His eyes were filled with murderous intent .

“There was a certain moron who forgot his place yesterday . We need to teach him a lesson!”

There were seven D-tier Aptitude Users standing around him . It was quite obvious that they too had brought their invitations .

These invitation cards were the same as the Human Alliance badges . The numbers that were on the cards could be seen clearly on their chests .

Qin Feng knew this was the “Master Cheng” that the dead twerp who intruded his villa worked for yesterday .

After giving him a brief, cold look, Qin Feng proceeded to ignore him!

It was at this moment, the black-robed men activated the intranet in the area . As soon as that happened, bets started to rain into the gambling pot .

It did not take long for Qin Feng to find himself on the list . After seeing the rate, he could not help but frown .

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He was a newcomer, thus he was placed quite low in the ranks .

Five ranks was a huge gap in the Secret Tower of Death .

If there were no bets in the four ranks before you, the one at the 5th rank would receive a betting odd .

Yet, Qin Feng did not have one!

Then, after a while, on the 10th level, Qin Feng got himself a 10:1 odd .

Only when he had reached the 10th level, one then could bet 10 power credit on him and win 1 power credit .

15 levels was 5:1 .

20 levels was 2:1 .

25 levels was 1:1 .

30 levels was 1:2 .

In other words, this would not make him much money .

Of course, if he could reach to 35 levels and above, he would have better odds . However, Qin Feng did not intend to do that .

The loot at the 35th level would probably be so valuable that even a B-tier would skip a beat when seeing it . Yet, those were not things Qin Feng wanted .

It was then, the sky of the Secret Tower of Death exploded in a burst of silver rays! A huge dimensional passage, one that was several hundred meters wide, appeared! Then, hundreds and thousands of garbage pieces were poured out of the dimensional passage, filling the lower part of the tower!