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Master of the End Times - Chapter 439

Published at 22nd of November 2020 02:45:09 PM

Chapter 439: 439

Chapter 439: Reaching the 30th Level

Qin Feng had someone with him, so he was not very fast . Other people did not have this burden and went forward with their fastest speed possible , their internal force shields were wildly flickering from their attempt .

After all, the destructive force past the 20th level was no longer just a strong gust of wind but a hurricane!

People with insufficient internal force would not be able to withstand it .

Qin Feng stepped onto the 21st level .

There was already someone waiting for him there and due to the difficulty of movement, they were ten meters apart .

A treasure suddenly appeared in front of them .

“Mine!” The other shouted as he rushed forward to try and pick it up . However, the destructive storm around them made it hard for him to move his legs forward, he could barely put his foot down!

As for Qin Feng, he just raised his hand and hooked the item out of the air and placed it into his spatial rune ring .

Because his internal force was still actively protecting him, he was unlike everyone else . He brought spatial rune equipment and did not look like he had a scratch on him .

The treasure disappeared in Qin Feng’s hand and the opposing D-tier almost popped a blood vessel from sheer rage .

“Just you wait kid, you’re dead!”

Qin Feng chuckled, “I’m dead? How about I kill you first!”

He did not hesitate and pulled out the Verdant Emperor Saber, and the blade of his weapon instantly expanded up to ten meters .

At this time, the people who had been watching the battle from outside widened their eyes when they saw Qin Feng make his move .

“Is he crazy? He’s still trying to fight?”

“If you don’t accumulate enough energy to come back would you still have the heart to do it? If he keeps fighting, he’ll definitely die!”

“That’s so naive!”

They were still watching Qin Feng because he was carrying an E-tier .

Jin Fei also wanted to remind Qin Feng but he was too fast!

The blade ignited before it pierced through the internal force of the ancient warrior .

If having it broken outside was considered bad, then losing protection in the tower was a very bad thing .

“Iron Form!”

The ancient warrior was shocked and immediately used his internal force, causing himself to glow with golden light .

His entire reserve was blown away with a single strike, as the destructive storm scoured his body, patches of red began to appear on exposed skin!

He turned and began to run .

Originally, he planned to reach the 25th floor but he did not expect to be forced to reveal the ace up his sleeve already!

However, Qin Feng did not intend on letting him go .

A D5-tier ancient warrior was at least 5 clusters of internal force!

“You want to run?”

In Qin Feng’s hands, a thick black smog was released .

“Dark Ray!”

The energy struck the ancient warrior and their new layer of protection was shattered as well .

In the blink of an eye, his body was shredded by the storm .

Qin Feng hurriedly walked forward and activated Asteroid Assimilation in order to gather the scattered internal force and integrate it into his own .

The other person quickly became a skeleton before that even disappeared and was broken down!

As he kept moving, he also managed to pick up four to five new treasures with his consciousness to add to his hoard .

“A good haul!”

Qin Feng nodded in satisfaction .

Jin Fei looked like he was about to cry .

“Boss, this isn’t how you’re supposed to act in the tower . If you keep going like this we’re going to die sooner or later . You must retain your internal force . If you really want to win the bet, we need to reach the 30th floor then come back . Going down is easy but getting back up is hard . There will be people trying to stop us at every turn and try to kill us . Now you’ve used up all of your internal force, what’s the point of fighting?”

“Heh . ” Qin Feng did not think it mattered . In fact, his current strength might be D-tier but he was not hindered by his environment . If people tried to fight him, he naturally would not run out of energy either .

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Since there were people already keeping their eyes on him, he assumed that they were going to have a go at him sooner or later .

“Bai Li, could we come back if this place closes?” Qin Feng immediately asked Bai Li .

“Of course!” Bai Li replied with clarity .

Other people used spatial teleportation . While space was stable around them, they would cause detectable spatial fluctuations . Bai Li’s control over space was very much different!

“That’s good!”

In that case, there was no need to trifle with other people!

Qin Feng sped up again .

It was only three hundred meters forward in order to reach the 30th floor, but it was difficult under the destructive storm around them as internal force was getting quickly consumed .

He had reached the 25th floor .

As he went further down, his face grew serious . His internal force was being quickly consumed, he had already lost one cluster of it!

The supplements he got from killing the others were starting to rapidly decrease as well .

But it was enough .

Qin Feng accelerated, his speed increasing even more!

26th level…

His internal force protection began to ripple .

27th level…

A C-tier beast emperor crystal core appeared and was pocketed by him .

28th level…

29th level…

Among the black-rboed men, some of their expressions fell .

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They snickered at Bai Li’s 10 billion bet before but now it seemed like it was going to be true!

Four hundred times the amount .

If Qin Feng actually came back with Jin Fei, they would have to pay 4 trillion!

That was terrifying . That was enough money to start a war .


Qin Feng landed on the 30th level!

Everyone kicked up an uproar .

“There! He’s there!”

“Damn, who bet 10 billion?”

“That woman, she was with number 177!”

Just as people were beginning to talk, Qin Feng was already making his way back up .

The wind swept over him, as if trying to drag him down .

Internal force was being quickly consumed, and in the blink of an eye . More than 40 internal force clusters had been consumed!

Fortunately he had absorbed internal force from before, at the moment his internal force had 20 clusters remaining .

That was enough to make it back!

Qin Feng rapidly began to ascend . The higher he got, the less energy he had to use .

After reaching the 20th floor, he ran into an ancient warrior!

He raised his hand without hesitation .

“Dark Shadow!”

The opponent’s internal force was suddenly corroded away . The moment their protection was shattered, Qin Feng was already in front of them, raising his hand to grab them .

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“Asteroid Assimilation!”

Internal force was quickly restored .

The opponent gasped as he was turned into an ordinary person in a moment’s notice before he died with his eyes still open .

The equipment he had on his person was also taken away by Qin Feng before moving forward .

The higher he got, the more people he had to face . They were being cautious as they were afraid of Qin Feng’s strength .

“Go at him together, he shouldn’t have much internal force left!”


“Kill him! He’s basically a walking treasure chest!”

Greed moved people’s hearts! A common man’s crime was to carry jade!

These people all came at once . This was the entirety of the 12th level .

One ability user was the first to attack .

“Water Dragon Technique!’

A wave of water washed toward them, the dragon that was produced by this ability user had the thickness of a water bucket . It was more than ten meters in length, blocking Qin Feng’s advance and retreat .

This dragon was tiny, no different from a snake!

“Boss, kill him, Zhao Miao attacked us last time!” Jin Fei cried out with excitement .

He did not even think about reaching the 30th level, he was over the moon . That was because Qin Feng had promised him 1% of the profit!

1% of 4 trillion was 40 billion!

He was going to be rich!