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Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Raiding the Laboratory

There was a complete stillness under the dark sky, and a lone combat vehicle hovered above the reed marshes .

The car was covered in beast repellant powder, the one that frogmen and ultra-beasts were repulsed by, allowing Qin Feng to conduct his operation without disturbance .

Soon, two people appeared on the river bank .

“Chirp! Chirp! Chirp!” Xiaobai called out before a silver light appeared .

It was a space rune!


In a blink of an eye, Qin Feng and Xiaobai disappeared .

The next moment, the putrid smell of blood and rot overpowered their senses . They had reappeared in the sewer pipe, and they did not have to swim!

Such was the power of Xiaobai’s space ability .

Qin Feng put on a gas mask, and Xiaobai jumped onto Qin Feng’s shoulder .


Xiaobai exerted his strength again and the both of them reappeared in a place above the spot where they first met, the indoor area of the garbage disposal zone .

It was already midnight, but a few people were still watching over the place . When Qin Feng suddenly appeared, the startled worker instinctively pulled out his weapon .


A bright silver flash struck his throat before he could react .

As silent as a pin drop, his head was separated from his body, sliding off without a sound!

Qin Feng took a good look across the room . In his previous life, when he was here, he was unconscious the whole time and had no idea what the underground organization looked like . Then, when he was finally strong enough and came back, the entire place was already in ruins .

He could see now that it was a deserted underground factory that had been recently renovated . It was a lot cleaner and more organized compared to previously . Stacked in crates were a massive supply of medical equipment . Qin Feng pushed open a door and could not help but gape at what lay before him!

It was a storage room .

Lined to the ceiling were cages filled with liquid supplements and tranquilizers in glass bottles, with some containing various types of ultra-beasts . There were even humans among them .

But those people had already become specimens . Qin Feng could sense that the person he was looking at had been long dead . The only thing preserving him was the formalin he was doused in . An ultra-beasts’ ability core as big as an egg was planted on the man’s forehead, looking as if he had a third eye on him!

“Gah!!! Disgusting!”

Qin Feng clenched his jaws at the ungodly abomination .

He looked around at the ultra-beasts around him . They came in different shapes and sizes but it was apparent that these creatures had been put through unspeakable torture . He decided that none of them would be useful to him, realizing that he did not need any for the moment .

Quietly, Qin Feng slipped into the hallway . With his dark ability, no one could see him, and the surveillance camera could not capture any sign of him either . Qin Feng wafted along like an invisible spirit in the dead of the night .

As he walked, he suddenly heard the voices of two men . He froze in his steps, listening in .

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“Has all the information been collected?”

“Yes . I can’t believe we have to move so soon!”

“We have to bloody move, all right! those dumbasses got killed by an Ancient Warrior student who had only recently awakened!”

“That student really hasn’t awakened his abilities yet? If only it had, I’m sure he could make a really good subject for our experiments!”

“There’s nothing to discover about Ancient Warriors . They are not the ultimate stage in the evolution of human beings . Abilities are the mysteries that need solving! Our ability conversion technology will succeed soon! Time to go . We shouldn’t stay in this small place . ”

Evidently, these people were getting ready to leave!

Qin Feng was thrilled . He knew he came in the nick of time or he would have missed them again .

In his previous life, he came back too late for revenge . The whole place was in ruins, and he could tell that it was all a deliberate act!

The conversation between the two told Qin Feng that the experiment was successful in the previous life, and they had only left after a breakthrough . Now that Qin Feng disrupted their rhythm and killed their ability user, they were forced to abandon the place although the experiment wasn’t yet a success .

“Xiaobai!” Qin Feng called out .

Xiaobai immediately jumped into action! Qin Feng did not even have to say anything when a bright silver light enveloped them .

The space rune was activated!

The securely locked door of the laboratory was completely useless, as Qin Feng and Xiaobai reappeared behind it .

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“Unfortunately, you won’t be leaving!” Qin Feng sneered, pointing the Verdant Emperor Saber at the two men .

The men turned around to face Qin Feng . One of them was a forty-year-old in a white lab coat, every researcher’s signature costume . He was a bag of pale skin and bones, and dark bags under his eyes which gave off the look of a crazed scientist .

The other one was in his fifties with a big, round potbelly and an unsightly pugnacious beef-face . The suit that he was in looked really expensive . Only business executives in the colony could afford this class of garment .

Startled by the unwanted surprise, they both stared at Qin Feng, dumbfounded .

“Who are you? How the hell did you get in?” the scientist shouted .

“Me? Well, I am the student you were talking about . That one who killed your useless bunch of idiots!”


The moment they heard this, they realized that disaster was imminent! The businessman in the suit hurriedly reached for the gun strapped to his waist .

Again, before anyone could react, a blinding silver flash shone the area before the man’s arm fell to the ground with a thud!

“Arghhhhhh!” he screamed in agony at the sight of his own decapitated limb .

The man’s cries had alerted the guards outside the lab, but this didn’t bother Qin Feng too much .

The lab door was no ordinary door and could only be opened from the inside . It was going to take some time for whoever was on the other side to break in .

Instead, he started questioning the men . “Now, tell me! What is the purpose of all this? What organization do you belong to?”

With the Verdant Emperor Saber in hand raised and on the ready, Qin Feng pounced on the guy in the white coat who was now trembling in terror .

“We… we were just trying to complete a great experiment!”

“Great?” Qin Feng felt like laughing .

He failed to see any greatness in these repugnant trials . All he saw was these researchers’ debauched perverseness!

With a smirk, Qin Feng swung his Verdant Emperor Saber again and sliced off the researcher’s arm .

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” The man screamed as his face was completely drained of color . Then, when Qin Feng pointed the Verdant Emperor Saber directly at his throat, he fell silent and shook like a leaf . His fear was almost tangible in the air .

Qin Feng was wearing a gas mask, so the man was unable to see his face . In the researcher’s eyes, though, Qin Feng looked like a demon .

“I don’t know how great you guys are . But why do you want to hurt my classmate?” Qin Feng pressed . He was also asking this question for himself .

“I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you! Don’t kill me! Please!!!” With one limb missing and blood freely pumping out, the man sensed death looming above him .

Although he knew deep down that Qin Feng was not about to let him go, a part of him believed that if he told the truth, Qin Feng would spare him somehow . Even if he was going to kill him, at least it wouldn’t be now .

He just needed to stall for time so that when that person finally came, they would not have to die!