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Master of the End Times - Chapter 440

Published at 23rd of November 2020 03:00:05 AM

Chapter 440: 440

Chapter 440: Offending Everyone

Jin Fei had already put blind faith onto Qin Feng . At this time, there were ability users who wanted to kill the two and take their treasures away . Jin Fei thought that his tragic existence of nineteen years would end just like that .

If he was not strong enough, he could not protect his own loot .

If he were strong, he could be like Qin Feng, the power to take on even the gods!

Qin Feng’s body was surrounded by a layer of fire before it was spread out .

In an instant, the water dragon was repelled and turned into a thick cloud of mist, quickly dissipating .

He raised a hand toward Zhao Miao’s direction and directed a palm at him .

“Dragon Slam!”


A D-tier emperor level internal force, an explosive energy that erupted from the body, was something that these people could not defend against!

Before, Qin Feng did not want to pay attention to him but now he was not going to show mercy .


He instantly killed Zhao Miao and took another step forward .

More than a dozen people started to charge at him .

“Asteroid Assimilation!”

Internal force billowed wildly as he regained his strength .

All of his attackers were slain again!

Their surroundings were drenched in blood . Qin Feng’s cold face, devoid of mercy, was the last thing that his attackers saw on this bloody battlefield .

Death! Death! Death!

When he moved forward again, everyone who attacked him was sent fatally crashing into the ground .

It was then that people realized how terrifying Qin Feng was and fear gripped their hearts .

“Run! Run away!”

There were some that did not want to get attacked by Qin Feng!

Qin Feng let out a chilling laugh . “Do you really think I’ll let you go?”

These people wanted to escape but Qin Feng did not allow it!

He raised his hand and his consciousness burst out .

“Hell Magma!”


The floor turned into lava in the blink of an eye, wrapping around hundreds of people that were standing on it .


They could not fly in the destructive storm . When they stepped into Qin Feng’s magma, they could only use their internal force and runes to resist it, but soon found out that his magma was much worse than the storm around them!

These people began struggling in the magma . In just a few seconds, they fell into it!


A large number of treasures fell into Qin Feng’s hands . Not only that, this time, he had killed hundreds of people .

He moved forward again .

5th level!

The exit was not too far away now .

Qin Feng continued to go up and reached the edge of the first floor .


Qin Feng pulled out the silk of the Steel-limbed Broodmother Queen and enveloped Jin Fei in internal force before suddenly pushing him!

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Jin Fei was not sure if that was fear or excitement that he let out along the way, but his legs were weak . With such a push, Qin Feng directly pushed him upward and only after two steps he rolled onto the ground and returned to the audience’s position .

That meant that he was safe .

Not only that, Bai Li won her bet .

Four hundred times the amount .

4 trillion!

The black-robed men were staring at Jin Fei, wishing to kill him .

Bai Li moved forward, there was a faint silver light surrounding her that seemed to isolate the surrounding air . Jin Fei originally felt a huge force envelop him, but now there was nothing left .

Bai Li stood beside him, defending Jin Fei .

When Jin Fei saw Bai Li, he immediately knew that she was the one who dragged him forward just now, but he did not dare say a word and tried to make himself as invisible as possible, following behind her .

‘I’m just not sure if she’s as strong as that sir just now . ’

He soon realized that Qin Feng had not come out yet .

Not only did Qin Feng not climb up, he also walked two steps away from the 1st level . The wind around him was still there but it was not very strong and he suddenly stopped moving!

Behind him, a pair of flaming blue peacock wings appeared .

He began to float, the steps under his feet rotated but he remained in his position .

The onlookers had no idea what Qin Feng was doing .

But they were about to very soon!

“Look! Hu Yuan managed to make it to the 25th level and is coming back! The bet’s went up 30 times, Boss Ren’s made a fortune and he’s made Hu Yuan 100 billion!”

Hu Yuan was strong, a D-tier aptitude user . Somewhere along the lines of a D5-tier .

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He immediately began to pull back the moment he stepped onto the 25th level, it was a pity that all of the treasures were taken by Qin Feng .

That was why he did not stop and returned up the way he came . As the steps rotated, he kept changing positions and would soon reach the entrance .

That was where Qin Feng was floating .

Hu Yuan suddenly realized what was going on, but unfortunately it was too late .


Qin Feng raised a hand and sent out a Firebeam .

Hu Yuan was not like Qin Feng, he had to prepare elixirs and other rare materials before he could go to the tower . He only descended 25th floors, which almost had him reach the limit of his abilities and exhausted most of his internal force .

Qin Feng immediately pierced through Hu Yuan’s internal force with his attack and he died in the blink of an eye under the combined force of the Firebeam and the destructive storm .

In the area where the audience was, voices of the crowd abruptly stopped and Boss Ren, the man brought up before, had a pale face .

Originally, he was going to get 3 trillion but that had been ruined .

He could not believe this .

“Who the hell is this person? How dare he not hold me with regard . I’m going to tear him into pieces!”

Boss Ren was naturally furious .

Qin Feng did not care, still floating in place .

Half an hour passed by in the blink of an eye, there were four hundred fifty people to begin with, two hundred were slain in the midst of fighting over treasures and slip ups and Qin Feng killed up to one hundred people .

There were still more than one hundred people in the Secret Tower of Death . These were all D-tiers, and had already completed their goals . They were not planning on continuing and were starting to turn back!

But now they were faced with another problem .

Qin Feng .

He blocked the area closest to the entrance .

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Hu Yuan died just now . They could not imagine what would happen to them if they approached .

As such, everyone gradually gathered together but there was not much time left for them!

If they were to consume too much of their internal force or consciousness, they were going to die if they stayed there!

“Screw it, we charge . I don’t believe he’s going to kill all of us!”

“Don’t be arrogant, boy! We’re all working for C-tier big bosses, if you kill us, you’ll regret it!”

“Outta the way!”

Everyone stared at Qin Feng in anger .

Qin Feng did not care .

“Today, I’m not letting anyone pass!” He laughed frostily .

“Everyone . Group up and waste him!”

All of them charged toward him, but their fate was no different from those who tried to stop him before .

The entire army ended up getting decimated!

Qin Feng was not letting anyone go!

Although it was said that the Secret Tower of Death would probably kill all ten out of ten people who entered it, it had never been as tragic as today . Those who did not dare fight Qin Feng eventually died of energy exhaustion .

Now, there were only two surviving people in the tower!

Qin Feng and Jin Fei .


Qin Feng hopped out of the tower and arrived in a safe place .

At this time, all the C-tiers were glaring at Qin Feng!

The first time in the Secret Tower of Death and he had managed to offend every bigwig present!