Master of the End Times - Chapter 443

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Chapter 443

Chapter 443: God Weapon’s Birth

Soon, some of the valuable things were taken away by Qin Feng but there were some things that were worthless to him that could not be scattered by the wind .

“Ability, absorb!”

His ability surged, and he found that he could not absorb any energy from these items either .

They really were worthless .

That was good, if these things were left behind then maybe people would not notice what could have gone missing .

Qin Feng stretched his consciousness to its maximum as he grasped onto everything useful within his range and in the blink of an eye, everything valuable had been taken!

At this time, even 70 clusters of internal force could not handle this destructive storm .

He had to retreat .

Even with the storm in the way, he still managed to cross that one hundred meters and make it back to the starting point .

He sat down cross-legged . His internal force consumption had been reduced and the storm here could not do much against his protection .

“Asteroid Assimilation!”

Qin Feng’s current meridians were very wide . Although he spent a short time cultivating his internal force, he could use his absorption ability to great effect in channeling internal force through his meridians!

At this time, his meridians were like wide water canals, allowing internal force to continuously flow and restore the energy missing in his dantian .

After running the process for five minutes, all 70 clusters of Qin Feng’s internal force were restored .

Moreover, he discovered that most of the contenders here were normal aptitude users . There were no gunners, few ability users and a whole load of ancient warriors . That was because the destructive storm here was beneficial in strengthening the sturdiness of one’s internal force protection .

But this effect was not useful for Qin Feng .

“Looks like the absorption ability is better than this storm!”

Qin Feng did not stop, and once he was recharged he immediately rushed back down .

Rinse and repeat, he collected all manner of items .

The value of these things were not very high but after the world ended, with the wilderness spreading all over the place, it was inconvenient to spread out goods .

Like how the tear flower, once placed in Shadong Town, fixed the issues in the North Sea Desert, whereas several years ago, Shadong Town was rebuilt four to five times and nobody wanted to deal with solving the issues .

For them, it was unrealistic .

Only Qin Feng could have done it .

Now, when he wanted something, he would have to go to the ends of the Earth in order to get it .

“Hoo!” Qin Feng returned again . At this point, there was nothing valuable left for him . Everything else was hard material that the wind was not able to destroy .

“Lets go Bai Li!”

“Okay, but I want that fruit!” Bai Li pointed at the Hongmeng fruit .


Qin Feng nodded, Bai Li was in the lead here . Whatever she wanted, he would not be stingy about it .

Back in the practice room, Qin Feng took out everything, including the Hongmeng fruit .

This fruit was very powerful, at least in A-tier . There was a moment where Qin Feng frowned when he inspected the fruit .

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The color seemed off .

“This fruit is poisonous?” He felt that this Hongmeng fruit was already dead, the insides were clouded with the dark air of death .

Bai Li inspected it as well and said, “I know, but the core is intact and can be eaten!”

The Hongmeng fruit was barely the size of a fist, but it could survive the destructive storm . In fact it was very hard .

It would take more than just violence to break it open but Bai Li was different .

With a flash of silver light, the Hongmeng fruit split open and revealed its rotting flesh and its core .

It looked like an almond and released a fresh fragrance once revealed . Qin Feng felt as if the surrounding air quality had improved .

“The seed of the Hongmeng fruit?”

“Yes! If you want it, you can plant it but it may not germinate . Inheritance memory tells me that it would take up to a hundred thousand years of cultivating it before a Hongmeng tree can bear fruit!” Bai Li said .

Qin Feng suppressed his laugh after seeing the craving expression on Bai Li’s face, she was almost drooling from the corner of her mouth!

“You eat it . It’s just a seed . Don’t talk about a hundred thousand years, I can’t even live up to ten thousand years!” He passed the seed over to Bai Li .

The level of the Hongmeng fruit was as high as S-tier, but now that its flesh was gone its value would have dropped by a lot . Qin Feng was not sure by how much though .

But it was still something good to have!

Bai Li chewed on it for a moment before swallowing and muttered, “You’ve already signed a contract with me, naturally our lives are shared . You can live as long as you want!”

Qin Feng was taken aback, then patted Bai Li’s head .

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“But we’re equals in this contract . If you want to leave, you can do it at any time!”

“What are you talking about? How could I leave?”

Bai Li stared at Qin Feng incredulously .

“Don’t tell me you have other pets and don’t want me anymore!’

“What, and what?” Qin Feng smiled helplessly, feeling the weight of the topic . Bai Li was getting stronger and stronger, while his speed of growth was not increasing . It was not that simple to achieve perfect progress .

He had also become more stressed out recently .

Not from strong enemies after his rebirth, but from Bai Li’s perfect bloodline .

“Alright, let’s see if there’s any more treasures to use!”

Qin Feng quickly changed the subject and picked up some of the objects he had obtained to inspect .

There were not many of them and a lot had lost their effects, they were not very big in volume either .

But these things were rare sights . Not even money would be enough to obtain them .

Qin Feng took out the Magical Tesseract .

Then, he put the Verdant Emperor Saber into it again .

The weapon was powerful, but as Qin Feng got stronger, the weapon would eventually reach its limitations .

“Sun steel!”

He put in a huge amount of ore, but it was not what he had obtained in the Secret Tower of Death . Instead, he had gotten this from trading with Lu Wanbao in Shadong Town .

The sun steel fell into the Tesseract and merged with the Verdant Emperor Saber . The lower level materials that were fused with the weapon were all expelled .

As it fused, the saber changed in the blink of an eye .

The feathers of the Blue Flame Peacock Emperor were not suitable for a sharp weapon like the saber and as the sun steel fused into the weapon, it changed from blue to a purplish tone!

Qin Feng continued to add in more materials .

Dawnstar, sharp iron, crystal-bond bone!

Most of the items obtained today were integrated into the weapon and the Verdant Emperor Saber constantly shifted .

Since there was not any material above C-tier, the strength of the Verdant Emperor Saber did not advance, so it was still a D-tier but it had far surpassed the power of the weapons made by D-tier beast emperor materials .

And gods were above emperors .

A God’s weapon!


The Verdant Emperor Saber trembled and no longer merged with anything . It seemed extremely sturdy and stable, and not only that it gleamed with a fuchsia light and exuded a dangerous aura .

Fortunately it was inside the Magical Tesseract, otherwise it would have been found out by countless people who would try to take it for themselves .

A beam of very condensed fuchsia light suddenly appeared!