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Master of the End Times - Chapter 444

Published at 25th of November 2020 02:55:05 AM

Chapter 444: 444

Chapter 444: Qin Feng Struck First

“It’s done!” Qin Feng could hardly hold back his excitement .

He had just constructed a weapon that he would never even dream of owning in his past life .

This would not be made possible if he did not have Magical Tesseract and the massive loot he pulled out from the storm .

Qin Feng infused his consciousness into the Tesseract and took control of the Verdant Emperor Saber . The radiating purple radiance shrunk gradually and finally disappeared from the saber’s surface .

He then drew the saber out from the Magical Tesseract using his consciousness .

Since the new Verdant Emperor Saber was constructed out from the Tesseract, there was not any sign of human modification on it . The usual glow or the gold color of king-tier runic equipment could not be found on the newly forged weapon .

Instead, the saber became broader and longer, and the blue flame pattern on it was now replaced by a fuchsia glimmer .

Qin Feng fed the saber with his inner power, which caused it to burn brightly .

Other than flame, Qin Feng could also see a layer of beam emanating from the saber .

He swung it and the fuchsia beam from the saber instantly destroyed one of the Trial Stones in Liu Dong’s villa . The stone was used to test inner power and was known for its sturdiness .

It was smashed with a single strike from the saber .

“Great stuff!” Qin Feng held the saber and could not wait to test it in a real battle .

“I can sense that you are thirsty for blood!” Qin Feng’s bloodlust was overflowing too .

Qin Feng knew that what Jin Fei said today had certain truths in it . The amount of loot he plundered from this city today was equivalent to the reward of participating in a lethal war in the outside world .

Every C-tier aptitude user in this city would not sit well with him after what happened . Naturally, Qin Feng viewed them as dangerous enemies as well .

The one who strikes first would have the upper hand in this situation . Moreover, the best method to develop quickly is through Asteroid Assimilation .

Qin Feng could not just go and randomly kill people in the territories of the Human Alliance . However, there was no such constraint in the Dark Coalition territories .


“Bai Li, stay here . If anyone is here for trouble, just kill them . ”

“Okay!” Bai Li answered and yawned . The energy from the Hongmeng fruit was very satisfying and made Bai Li a little drowsy . Still, a few C-tiers would not trouble Bai Li even when she was in such a condition .

Qin Feng camouflaged himself in dark runes and disappeared into the night .

The City of Death was only of moderate size . Though there were a lot of villa residences scattered around the city, it was all within the touch of Qin Feng’s consciousness . After all, his consciousness was of emperor level . Qin Feng expanded his consciousness and quickly found his first target—Master Cheng who sent people to provoke them yesterday .

At the Secret Tower of Death, Master Cheng sent five people up to the arena in an attempt to kill Qin Feng . In the end, they all perished in Qin Feng’s hand .

Master Cheng definitely took it personally . He was probably the one who wanted to kill Qin Feng the most in this city .

In fact, he had plotted to assault Qin Feng with others this very same day and they had decided to execute it at 1 am .

Right now, Master Cheng was training in the gym of his own villa .

Qin Feng’s prowess made him feel threatened and it brought him out of his slack .

Master Cheng’s place was the nearest to Qin Feng’s villa . There were a few guards at the door . To Qin Feng, these people were nothing but pools of internal force waiting to be harvested .

Dark Shadow!

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In the blink of an eye, Qin Feng transformed into a silhouette and appeared behind one of the D-tier ancient warriors .

The person did not realize the approaching danger and did not have his internal force shield around him .

Qin Feng did not even need to infuse the Verdant Emperor Saber with his internal power . He killed the ancient warrior with brute force .


In just a single pop, a D-tier with the position being hailed by many was put down just like that .

Asteroid Assimilation!

The internal energy of the D-tier was immediately transferred into Qin Feng’s dantian .

Dark Erosion!

Qin Feng used the dark ability and eroded the ancient warrior’s corpse into a puddle of water that evaporated quickly .

Qin Feng collected the spatial rune ring and walked forward .

Master Cheng was much stronger than Liu Dong . He had at least more than thirty underlings . But he lost five men at the tower while some were sent out to run errands . That left only ten patrols to guard the villa at the moment .

Of course, only nine remained now .

Qin Feng made little noise and exterminated all the remaining guards in less than ten minutes .

Inside the villa, the ordinary slaves did not realize Qin Feng’s arrival at all .

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He moved inside the villa unnoticed and stood in front of the gym, where Master Cheng was at .

Dark ability spread from him and drowsed Master Cheng inside the gym .

Qin Feng promptly broke into the room and struck straight at Master Cheng .

Master Cheng came to his senses and subconsciously burst forth with internal power . An internal force shield quickly wrapped around his body .


The solid internal force shield of the C-tier fighter was shattered easily by Qin Feng’s Verdant Emperor Saber .

“You!!” Master Cheng was baffled to find Qin Feng in his house .

After all, he had planned to ambush Qin Feng with other C-tiers later in the night . Little did he know that Qin Feng had planned to do exactly the same thing .

“Surprise?” Qin Feng smirked but did not stop his attack .

A purple ray exploded from the Verdant Emperor Saber .


The purple ray instantly perforated Master Cheng’s heart .

If Master Cheng had Qin Feng’s physique, then the ray probably would only bruise his skin . Unfortunately for him, he did not have that level and endurance and was thus penetrated .

This showcased the obscurity of the newly forged saber .

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Qin Feng took a step forward and pressed his hand on Master Cheng’s dantian .

“Asteroid Assimilation!”

His inner strength flew rapidly into Qin Feng’s body .

Master Cheng was a C2-tier ancient warrior so he had two large pools of internal power in his dantian . These pools turned into at least twenty clusters and fully filled Qin Feng’s dantian .


Master Cheng’s body dropped to the ground .

Qin Feng flicked his finger and Hellfire immediately ignited on the body and burned his body away .

Again, he picked up the spatial equipment but did not immediately leave the scene . Instead, he got into his meditation posture .


Qin Feng circulated the newly acquired internal power through his meridian and recycled it back into his dantian . After several cycles, his internal strength was vastly improved . He left the villa in satisfaction after digesting the internal power .

The next target, he reckoned, should be Master Ren . His hatred toward Qin Feng probably came second after Master Cheng because Qin Feng had also killed his underling today and denied him the 1 trillion .

In the dark, Qin Feng infiltrated Master Ren’s house in the same way and finished him off without much hindrance .

One after another C-tier badass in the City of Death was assassinated silently this night .

Qin Feng stopped his manhunt and returned to the villa after he had killed ten persons in quick succession .


Before dawn, two C-tier aptitude users concealed their aura and lurked in front of Qin Feng’s villa .