Master of the End Times - Chapter 445

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Chapter 445

Chapter 445: Rumor

Their eyes met and they acknowledged each other silently .

But after waiting for five minutes, they grew impatient . This was because the people they were waiting for did not show up .

“Something is not right . Why is Cheng not here yet?”

“Ren is not here too . Isn’t he the one behind this operation?”

“Don’t tell me they are playing us . ”

“Get in touch with them . We better not do anything reckless before they get here . ”

Those that had success in the City of Death came through a mighty struggle to reach this position . They would not have survived to this day if they were not being extremely vigilant .

They reached for their communicators and called for their accomplices .

“Ringg! The communicator could not be reached at the moment!”

The aptitude user was stunned . The same happened to the other guy . Their expressions changed and they had a bad feeling .

One of them quickly tried to reach the others .

“Ringg! The communicator could not be reached at the moment!”


Master Cheng had actually recruited a total of seven aptitude users for this operation . They were aiming for Qin Feng’s possession and the loot would be diluted if there were too many people . They agreed to join because each of them was promised at least 6 trillion if the assassination were successful .

Some did not even get the offer .

Unexpectedly, none of the remaining five participants’ communicators were online .

“Something’s wrong . ” One of the aptitude users felt a chill down his spine . He could tell that some unforeseen mishap must have happened . “Forget this . Let’s retreat first . ” The guy suggested .

The other nodded in agreement . They did not return to their base immediately but went to Master Cheng and Master Ren’s places first .

Of course, they would not find anything there . These people had evaporated into thin air in one night .

Qin Feng slept soundly through the night .

In contrast to Qin Feng, Jin Fei had a rough night . He barely slept, being wary of the possibility that C-tier bosses might come for his life at any time .

The next morning, Qin Feng woke up and had the chef prepare a feast for them .

All the food ingredients Qin Feng provided were of emperor tier . The chef was especially cautious in handling the food material . The value of his life would not be enough to pay for these .

Liu Dong was obviously a hedonist . The chef was a top-class cook and the house was soon filled with the fragrance of delicious cuisine . Jin Fei salivated when he came down from his room . Even though he was an E-tier, he had never enjoyed such a luxurious meal .

“Come and join us . I have something to ask you . ” Qin Feng pointed at one of the seats .

“Thanks, Boss!” Jin Fei sat down obediently and began to eat carefully . He did not want to embarrass himself with improper table manners . But he quickly found that Qin Feng and Bai Li were rather carefree .

Seeing that, Jin Fei began to relax .

“Boss, what do you wish to know?”

Qin Feng asked, “Which manufacturer has the biggest firearms production in the City of Death? Or who is the most famous in this industry?”

Jin Fei was very familiar with such information and explained immediately, “There are numerous processing factories inside the city . They are mostly built on the cliff, which is why the sky of this city is always covered by poisonous mist . ”

“Among them, there are two most well-known firearm makers . One is known as Long San . He is a C2-tier and happens to be a gunner . He possesses D-tier firearm forging skills and emphasizes on producing high-class weapons . ”

“But Han Wen is the one making more money . He is a C5-tier ancient warrior with great influence in the city . He dominates almost up to 70% of the market . ”

Qin Feng nodded but suddenly thought of something .

‘What a coincidence!’

One of the aptitude users that Qin Feng had killed last night was C2-tier .

Of course, Qin Feng would not go and investigate his identity himself .

“Help me to check on this Long San later . ”

Jin Fei did not know what Qin Feng had in mind but he did not voice his doubt . He promised he would do it and walked out of Qin Feng’s villa right after breakfast . .

He purposely disguised himself as a filthy beggar . No one would recognize him as the teenager who walked alongside Qin Feng yesterday .

But if someone used consciousness to track him, he would have no way to hide .

Jin Fei went to the streets that he usually hung around and wanted to gather intel about Long San through some of his subordinates there .

Oddly, not many of Long San’s underlings were around today .

Not only that but people around the streets looked unusually jittery .

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“Have you heard? Ten C-tier aptitude users were killed last night . Besides, they were killed unnoticed in their own house . ”

“What? Are you sure? Who are the ones that were killed?”

“Master Ren, Master Cheng, and I heard Master Long was killed too . There was only a pile of ashes left and his gun was still fully loaded!”

“How is that possible? Master Long is very powerful!”

“Who knows? No one has said anything . Some of the loyal subordinates under these C-tier bosses disappeared yesterday too . They claimed that at least a hundred D-tiers were killed in those villas last night!”

“Who is the culprit?”

“Some say it’s a D-tier?”

“This is just getting wilder and wilder . Are you kidding with me?”

“No kidding man . Who in this city doesn’t know about this D-tier now? He killed Liu Dong as well as more than 400 aptitude users at the tower yesterday, which won him 4 trillion…”

Jin Fei was stunned after listening to the person’s babble .

‘Are they talking about Qin Feng?’

He was no longer in the mood to collect intel so he rushed back to the villa to look for Qin Feng .

Qin Feng was absorbing some of the items that he obtained from the Tower of Death yesterday . These were edible items and could not be used to construct runic equipment . Qin Feng would not put it into his mouth but directly digested it with his ability .


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He had plundered back a huge number of items . He was promoted once again after leaving Longchuan for less than a month .


“Phew!” Qin Feng breathed out in satisfaction . He would be in a much better position once he had pushed past C-tier .

Jin Fei came stumbling in through the front door .

“Boss! I got the news you wanted!”

Qin Feng walked out of the gym . Jin Fei felt that he was scarier than any D-tier he had met before as a strong aura still lingered around the newly-promoted Qin Feng .

He was way beyond those at the same tier as him .

“Speak . ”

“Gulp . ” Jin Fei initially believed that someone must have tried to frame Qin Feng . He was not so sure now . “Long San has disappeared . Someone said that he was killed and his body had been obliterated . Not only that but nine other C-tier aptitude users went MIA since last night too . It’s rumored that you are the culprit behind all these . ”

Qin Feng nodded . “I am . ”

Jin Fei was stunned .