Master of the End Times - Chapter 446

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Chapter 446

Chapter 446: Factory Ownership

“Since Long San left behind such a huge asset, I am going to claim it . ” Qin Feng got up and got dressed in his battle suit . “Lead me to this factory of his . ”

“Ah! Sure!”

Jin Fei showed Qin Feng the destination on the map and they headed there in Qin Feng’s hover car .

The workers of the factory were in full panic mode . But since this firearm factory was one of the top three businesses under Long San, the place was still heavily guarded . After Long San was found missing, most of the D-tiers had gathered at the factory .

There were a total of thirteen men and none of them believed Long San had been assassinated .

But, most people actually believed the rumor .

Qin Feng was not the first to come to the factory . A group of people had actually “visited” the compound before him .

The news was leaked around 12 o’clock and most of the big guns got the update long before that . They had secretly carved up most of the resources that once belonged to Long San, and the firearm factory inevitably became everyone’s target thereafter .

Long San’s firearm business was not the most profitable one as it focused on high-end tech over applicability . The factory was built to serve his own purpose since Long San was a gunner . As such, he had hired thirty researchers to work for him in the factory .

Such a business did not earn as much as Han Wen’s arsenal . But Han Wen was not dead .

It was the last place that came to the big guns’ minds after they had swallowed up most of the other companies . They sent someone to take over the place and in the end, four people from different factions bumped into each other at the factory .

“This factory belongs to our boss from today onward!”

“First come first serve . Scram!”

“Kiss my as*”

“Get the hell out of here if you don’t want to die!”

Seeing that the situation had come to an impasse, they had no choice but to call for backup .

Soon, a few hundred D-tier aptitude users arrived at the factory . The thirteen D-tiers under Long San had decided to stay out of it and waited to join whichever faction that came out on top in the end .

As things escalated, eventually the C-tier bosses were forced to come out personally .

This was no longer about the business but the bosses’ personal ego .

“Since none of us are willing to give in, then there’s only one way left,” One of the C-tiers spoke .

The other C-tier sneered and said, “I am listening . ”

“Battle royal!”

“Alright then . ”

Each C-tier would pick a D-tier fighter to contest in the battle royal and the last man standing wins the factory for his or her boss .

Qin Feng’s hover car arrived at the scene when they had come to an agreement .

Jin Fei exited the car hastily and wanted to open Qin Feng’s car door for him . But Qin Feng was not a resident in this city and he could not care less about such unnecessary culture . He stepped out of the car before Jin Fei reached for the door handle .

Qin Feng scanned the crowd outside the factory . Jin Fei followed his sight and was frightened when he saw the four bosses .

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“Boss, they are obviously fighting for factory ownership . These four are some of the most dangerous gang bosses in this city,” Jin Fei introduced in a low voice .

The four C-tier aptitude users looked toward Qin Feng simultaneously .

They immediately recognized Qin Feng after yesterday’s incident at the Secret Tower of Death .

Though Qin Feng’s power was off the charts, he did not have a gang in the City of Death . Thus, he was unable to claim any property after assassinating ten bosses .

Nobody expected Qin Feng to appear at the factory .

Qin Feng walked over slowly and stopped about ten meters away from the bosses .

“So you guys have your eyes on this factory too?” Qin Feng asked coldly .

Those C-tiers’ expressions immediately changed .

One of them looked at Qin Feng in horror .

He was one of the men that sneaked outside Qin Feng’s villa yesterday night . He was the one who certified that the ten missing men were dead after visiting their houses .

Though there were no corpses to be found, they were certain Qin Feng was the culprit based on the dark rune remnants and faint inner strength trail left at the scene .

Now, the brutal killer had suddenly come out of nowhere .

The C-tier instinctively made the wisest choice out of fear . “Hmph, such a lousy place is not worth sacrificing my man’s life . I am out . Retreat!”

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His underlings looked at their boss puzzlingly at the sudden change in attitude but they went away with him without complaint . About thirty men left the factory after the C-tier opted out .

The other three C-tiers were shaken too . They were carefully weighing the cost and consequence in their minds .

Of course, not every one of them believed that Qin Feng was the murderer .

Besides, they were also very interested in Qin Feng’s wealth .

“So what if we do? Your name is Qin Feng, right? Don’t tell me you are thinking of taking over this factory as well?” One of the remaining C-tiers bawled .

According to Jin Fei earlier, the one who had spoken was called Chang Ming . He was a solid C-tier ancient warrior with great physical strength .

“Yes . I am interested in this factory . I would appreciate it if the three of you withdraw at once . ” Qin Feng answered .

“Who do you think we are? Some goons who will just give you the ownership after you blab some nonsense?” Chang Ming did not think much and blurted, “Take out 10 trillion and I may consider handing the factory to you . ”

Qin Feng could not hold back his laughter . “What kind of goon are you to make you think I would accept such a nonsensical offer?”

The others laughed too and Chang Ming was exasperated that Qin Feng ridiculed him with his own words .

“You are so dead!”

Qin Feng replied, “Those who said that yesterday is no longer in this world today . ”

The other two C-tiers were stunned by what he said .

Chang Ming, however, continued to mock Qin Feng, “Don’t be so full of yourself . I am not buying it . Let me call your bluff . ”

Since Qin Feng had proven that he was invincible among the D-tiers in the Secret Tower of Death, Chang Ming decided to challenge him personally .

He did not use any particular art but simply charged at Qin Feng bluntly with his internal power concentrated at the front of his palm .

The force of the palm was not only aimed at Qin Feng but encapsulated Jin Fei in it as well .

Qin Feng promptly made his move . He grabbed on Jin Fei and fell back speedily with Dragon Steps .


The ground instantly shattered upon impact .

Chang Ming was indeed a scary opponent .

The D-tier subordinates could clearly feel the pressure oozing out from Chang Ming . The two C-tiers were in awe too .

‘Chang Ming had once again improved!’ They wondered whether the fact that he could progress so quickly was because of his simple mind .

Chang Ming attacked again but Qin Feng moved a tad earlier this time .

“If you don’t believe me, then ask those men when you see them in hell!”

Qin Feng disappeared after he said that .

Dark Shadow!

In the next instance, he resurfaced right behind Chang Ming .