Master of the End Times - Chapter 447

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Chapter 447

Chapter 447: Intimidation

A fuchsia saber appeared in Qin Feng’s hand .

The next moment, fuchsia magma collided with Chang Ming’s internal force shield .


It was as easy as popping a bubble . Chang Ming’s shield burst instantly .

Chang Ming was shocked . He turned and barely evaded the incoming saber .

Qin Feng was relentless and attacked again . Chang Ming immediately took out a golden spear, indicating that it was a weapon imbued with beast emperor runes .

Furthermore, it was a legit C-tier weapon .

Chang Ming perfused the spear with his internal power and raised it to block Qin Feng’s attack . He had regained himself from the initial shock and intended to contest Qin Feng seriously .

If possible, he would like to end Qin Feng’s life here and now .

Qin Feng charged in and they were soon tangled up in a fierce battle .

The reason Qin Feng was able to kill ten people the night before was because he did so through a surprise attack .

Against Chang Ming, the opponent was prepared and defended frantically after witnessing Qin Feng’s ferocious attack .

The repercussions of their battle were suffocating and forced back the crowds .

Qin Feng still had a lot left in the tank, while Chang Ming’s internal force slowly collapsed impact after impact .


The two weapons came together time and again . All of a sudden, a terrifying radiance beamed out of Qin Feng’s Verdant Emperor Saber .

Burning Sword Glare!

Qin Feng had held back his power up till now . The blade in fuchsia glare slammed heavily on Chang Ming’s spear .

The spear melted at an observable speed and broke into half . That was the horrifying power of the Verdant Emperor Saber .

“Ah!!” Chang Ming shrieked and let go of his weapon . Both of his hands were burned by the heat from the sword glare . Dauntingly, both inflicted hands turned into bones instantly .

The bystanders were stupefied seeing the result .

Qin Feng seized the opportunity and continued to release his energy without hesitation .


The glare engulfed Chang Ming entirely .

“Ah!!!” Chang Ming tried to trigger his remaining internal force to resist the flame . But it was futile as his arms began to turn into bones as well .


Chang Ming stomped on the ground and fled backward .

An honorable C-tier was forced to run away from a battle . It was such a disgrace .

Anyhow, Chang Ming saved his life by doing so as Qin Feng did not plan to pursue and give him the final blow .

The crowd was silenced .

Qin Feng’s sight went through each of them .

Those aptitude users who worked for Chang Ming looked down in fright and stepped back sheepishly . When they saw that Qin Feng did not take any further action, they, too, bolted with their tail in between their legs .

Another thirty men were gone from the scene .

Now, sixty of them were left . Qin Feng turned to them .

“Master Yuan, I am not going to turn on you just because of one tiny factory . You are free to have it . ” One of the C-tiers threw the ball to Master Yuan and left hurriedly .

The last C-tier stood there, half angry, half nervous . His mind was racing to find a proper excuse .

Qin Feng’s sight fell on the last boss .

“Boss, this is Yuan Tian, a C5-tier ancient warrior…” Jin Fei did not continue as he realized it was no longer necessary . Unlike Chang Ming, C-tier bosses in this city often avoided getting involved in a battle .

Qin Feng nodded and said, “Master Yuan, I am really fond of this factory . I hope you don’t mind passing it to me . ”

Before Yuan Tian could say anything, one of his underlings rebuked, “Who do you think you are? How dare you speak to our boss like that?”

Though Qin Feng had defeated Chang Ming, Yuan Tian was at an entirely different level . They wished to teach Qin Feng a lesson seeing his arrogance .

More so, they were jealous of Qin Feng .

Yuan Tian snarled and slapped the ancient warrior who spoke senselessly . The poor guy was sent flying several meters back .

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“Brother Qin, I apologize for not educating my dog well . ” God knows how difficult it was for those words to come out from Master Yuan’s mouth .

However, the depth of Qin Feng’s strength was immeasurable . What happened today showed that Qin Feng was no easy opponent . No one in the City of Death would dare to mess with him from this point onward .

If Qin Feng wanted, he could have killed the eleventh C-tier in less than a day .

“We are leaving!” Yuan Tian did not wait for Qin Feng to reply and left with his men too .

The tense situation outside the factory a moment ago was promptly defused . Only Long San’s men were left there now . They looked at each other and wondered what would happen to them now .

“Those who wish to stay, I will give you what Long San had promised you before . But if you don’t want to work with me, you are free to go!” Qin Feng did not make it hard on them .

“Really? We are free to walk?” Though they worked for Long San, not all of them are loyal to him .

When one became stronger, naturally those on top would come and recruit them . If they refuse the offer while not having any backings, then it usually spelled doom for them .

It was just like how Master Cheng had recruited Qin Feng before . The only difference was that Qin Feng did not bow down to him, and Master Cheng was the one who paid with his life instead .

Thus, when Long San was killed, the first concern his underlings had was not to avenge him but to find a way to survive in this unforgiving city . They did not expect Qin Feng to be so lenient to them .

“I always mean what I say . Besides, I have no room for useless subordinates!” Qin Feng affirmed .

The D-tiers were clearly angered by Qin Feng’s remark but did not rebut him .

Though Qin Feng had defeated Chang Ming and probably was the culprit behind the ten assassinations yesterday, most of them were still unconvinced .

After all, Qin Feng was only a D-tier and they would not unwaveringly serve someone at the same tier as them, no matter how outrageously strong he was .

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Qin Feng understood this too . He might have made those D-tiers at Shadong his subordinates but it was only until a few major battles later that they became united and acknowledged Qin Feng . To earn these people’s trust simply by killing a few top guns was not going to cut it .

In the end, most of Long San’s men left and only two were willing to stay put .

One was a one-eyed gunner known by the nickname Eagle Blind . His real name was Guo Guan and was at least fifty five years old . He was a D-tier but had a weak physique . He probably experienced multiple major injuries during his youth .

The other one was Guo Guan’s nephew named Guo Song . He was a twenty-nine-year-old D-tier ancient warrior .

Two men were all Qin Feng needed .

“I will bear all the expenses of the factory . All you two need to do is to keep watch of the factory and prevent anyone from entering,” Qin Feng ordered solemnly .

Guo Guan frowned . He was clearly undeterred by Qin Feng’s imposing presence .

“You killed ten bosses yesterday, but this is the only property you came forth to claim . I bet you have something unique to research on?”

Qin Feng chastised, “Don’t poke on things when you are not supposed to . ”

Guo Guan laughed and said, “Well, I am just curious . After all, I do not work only as a guard here but I am also a recognized firearm engineer . ”

Qin Feng looked at him with great interest . He was surprised by the veteran’s tenacity .

‘He may be more useful to me than I thought . ’

Seeing his persistence, Qin Feng revealed to him . “Well . There’s indeed something I wish to reverse engineer . ”