Master of the End Times - Chapter 448

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Chapter 448

Chapter 448: A Reserved Seat For You

Certainly, Qin Feng was referring to the parts that were looted from the Floating City of the Grans at the Longchuan mountain ranges, there were definitely some broken parts, and even some fully functional parts that could still be put into use!

The reason behind Qin Feng’s intention to own the factory was to support research on those items .

The City of Death was filled with factories of all sorts, where the firearm factory was the most profitable one, and the most horrifying ones were those that involved special potions .

Human experiments were entirely ungoverned at the City of Death .

Most of the extremely effective strengthening potions that had major side effects were produced in the factory .

Although Qin Feng was within the Dark Coalition, unlike when he was in the Human Alliance, he did not bother to question the Z Organization and diverted his attention to such matters .

As soon as he took over the factory, he went all out on research on firearms, regardless of the horrifying outcomes and polluting effects that could cause massive mutations .

“As long as it is powerful enough, anything will do!”

“With these items that have such advanced technology, I would not tolerate inadequate results, or else, you will be recognized as trash and not deserve to live!”

“Increase the speed, no time shall be wasted!”

Qin Feng commanded to speed up the operation of the factory .

However, Qin Feng had no choice but to lower his expectations on the research work that would often be time consuming .

It had been a week, Qin Feng’s research was progressing smoothly, however, something bad had happened at Longchuan City .

Chen Xiang was connected to Qin Feng’s Bloodhunter communicator .

“Ten forts were destroyed at Longchuan, all males were killed, and females are being enslaved, they are absolutely a bunch of b*stards!” Chen Xiang was infuriated .

The Grans were too powerful .

Although the Grans were extremely ahead with their technological advancement, however, they were rather similar in terms of physical capabilities . All soldiers were capped at C-tier, they were only king-tier and emperor-tier, and none of them had any outstanding combat energy .

They shared similar reproductive patterns with the humans and they were able to reproduce quickly, however, although they seemed to be surviving well, the numbers of females were gradually decreasing, it was due to pollution, radiation, or perhaps natural selection!

Hence, the Grans were aiming to capture more females as their slaves .

Chen Xiang and the others were equally infuriated by the situation .

However, none of them could do anything, the Grans had already taken control of the outer part of Longchuan City!

The situation had coincidently matched with Qin Feng’s memory before his rebirth .

“Hmm, do not take the risk, and do not go back in there!” Qin Feng ordered .

Chen Xiang answered, “Of course not, I was just thinking if you were here, this wisdom tribe would not be so cocky!”

Qin Feng chuckled, “Even if I am there, there is no way that I could handle tens of thousands of the enemies!”

Although Bai Li might have the capability to do so, however, Qin Feng did not want to take the risk as the Floating City was too powerful .

It had even put Gao Yukang to an instant death; hence, Qin Feng would never consider putting Bai Li under the same situation .

“Furthermore, have faith in the human race, the Grans will not sustain for that long, and it will also be a prolonged battle for them!”

Due to the fortified defense of Longchuan City, the Grans were unable to instantly take down the city, hence, the battle would take at least a month, and only the A-tier aptitude users would be able to put an end to it .

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“Hmm, understood, the Human Alliance is sending out an A-tier aptitude user, according to sources, it might be the Flame Lord Cui Lian!”

Qin Feng nodded, indeed, before his rebirth, it was Cui Lian who had taken down the Grans and became the duke of the Floating City and travelled around the world .

“The situation will soon be safe, by then, all of you will have the option to return to Longchuan!”

Chen Xiang let out a bitter smile . “Long Chuan is too dangerous for us, and it would be a little taxing for us!”

“Which is why Zheng Qian needs your support, or perhaps, you can strive to become a C-tier!”

The Longchuan mountain ranges were filled with D-tier ultra beasts that were much more powerful than the humans, hence, it was crucial to have support from C-tier aptitude users to sustain within battles .

“I will work on it!”

“Hmm, great, that’s all for now, keep me informed on the latest news!”


Both of them ended the communication, and Qin Feng was left to his thoughts .

“The Floating City! Such a good thing to have!”

As Qin Feng went deeper into the research work of the firearms, the more he realized how great the Floating City that the Grans had was!

Unfortunately, with Qin Feng’s current capabilities, it would be impossible for him to have that .

While Qin Feng was deep in his thoughts, Jin Fei entered .

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“Boss, a black-robed man came with this written invitation, you are invited to participate in the Secret Tower of Death!” Jin Fei handed over the invitation to Qin Feng and continued, “There is also something else conveyed by the black-robed man!”

“Oh? What is it?”

“You have been allocated a seat within the tower! And you will get one percent share of the total profits from the casino!”

Qin Feng could not resist his urge to laugh .

Obviously, Qin Feng’s last outstanding performance had showcased his overwhelming capabilities!

Or else, the black-robed man would not be there to extend such an invitation .

The ultimate reason for allocating Qin Feng with this seat was to prevent him from partaking in it .

Qin Feng turned the invitation card around and noticed that it was indeed only a viewing invitation .

Hence, it was also a warning from the black-robed men .

“Boss, do you agree with this?”

“Certainly, I’m getting money without having to lift even a finger!” Qin Feng smiled and answered .

Jin Fei was relieved . “I was afraid that you might not be willing to forfeit the opportunity to gamble, and there might be another round! However, ehh, surprisingly, I am now a little unsatisfied!”

Jin Fei seemed to be puzzled .

He was raised in the City of Death, and he knew how complicated and dangerous it was to have ties with the influential parties within the city, anyone could easily lose their lives from it .

Qin Feng’s decision to give up such a great amount of profit had left Jin Fei in admiration .

Sometimes, Jin Fei had also wondered, if he were to be as capable as Qin Feng, would he still be restricted to play by the rules of the others?

However, Jin Fei would never understand that the purpose Qin Feng agreed to the term was to allow himself another chance in the tower, and have another opportunity for more rewards .

In the same afternoon, Qin Feng entered into the tower with the crowd, and every boss who met with him was on high alert, and they stared at him with restraining fear!

Qin Feng was a powerful opponent .

If Qin Feng were to join in, some of them might even choose to not send in any henchmen to avoid losses .

Furthermore, they were afraid of offending Qin Feng and ending up having a similar fate as the previous bosses .

Fortunately, as soon as Qin Feng entered, he seated on his assigned spot, surprisingly, he did not intend to join in .

The C-tier aptitude users seemed to be disturbed with mixed feelings, they felt relieved and puzzled at the same time .

On one hand, they were relieved that they did not have to lose any of their henchmen, on the other hand, they were puzzled by the D-tier that was enjoying the treatment of C-tier aptitude users .

The contest was much shorter than the previous one that Qin Feng had joined as most of the participants took in whatever they deemed valuable . It was a rather restrained and yet intense battle, and nobody was blocking the exit anymore, however, half of the total participants died!

Qin Feng was not bothered and did not place any bets, he immediately returned after it ended .

‘There is no need to join anymore, Bai Li can bring me here directly!’ Qin Feng had that in mind .

It was on the same night, Qin Feng and Bai Li appeared within the tower again!